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  1. SPYRAL - Deck Discussion

    Well most the ARG lists are extremely boring I was expecting a little bit more innovation lot, the deck is capable of a lot more than what they played there. Makes me wonder what events they're saving their secret spice for.
  2. SPYRAL - Deck Discussion

    Unreal. But to be expected I guess. How prevelent were hand traps did you notice? And did you notice more of them got into top cut playing with/without hand traps ect?
  3. SPYRAL - Deck Discussion

    Gj man sorry you didn't make it further. Yeah they're both good extenders how do you find ratios with them? I've been testing with 2:2 as they do similar things for the deck but you don't want doubles of either so it works out.
  4. SPYRAL - Deck Discussion

    Looking forward to seeing what was popular at the ARG this weekend. Have been testing multiple Dragon Ravine with Destrudo + Darkwurm as then Ravine + any monster becomes Ancient Fairy -> Resort. Ravine also helps accomodate for playing multiple MISSION spell/trap cards. An issue I've found with SPYRAL now is the chance that you don't open a way to get to Quik-Fix/Drone. In saying that when you can get to Quik-Fix you need Quik-Fix + extender to go off and when you have Drone you generally need Super Agent or another extender to do anything. Having Dragon Ravine + any monster allowing you to go into AFD for further access to SPYRAL Resort and therefore your combo via Quik-Fix/Drone. AFD helps as well because it lets you special a guy from hand to start the Double Helix play. Dragon Ravine discarding a SPYRAL when you open Big Red is also awesome. The other thing with Ravine is that it allows you to play more copies of MISSION cards without them being super bricky. They are still less than ideal to draw but being able to ditch them off Ravine helps a ton. I mention more MISSION cards as there's a lot of combos that involve 2 Master Plan -> Tomahawk and things like that, so have been testing out 2 Master Plan among other things.
  5. SPYRAL - Deck Discussion

    Lancea actually really good cause it stops Evenly Matched stops them comboing off too much main phase two cause the can't banish combo and wastes their MP1 + BP.
  6. SPYRAL - Deck Discussion

    Yes I know Set Rotation outs Evenly Matched but is that enough to feel safe in an event? Would be ideal to have an extra out to double chances of being able to respond to it.
  7. SPYRAL - Deck Discussion

    In response to the last part of my other post Evenly Matched for the most part solved going second but everybody knows that. So the next thing would be what counters get mained or sided for Evenly Matched cause it's such a powerful card and same as Exciton the advantage it generates is worth losing the battle phase.
  8. SPYRAL - Deck Discussion

    A couple things I've been wondering from testing; Gofu. Is it worth playing Gofu making it easy to setup the extra link board even though there's no Linkuriboh to make going straight into Firewall Dragon then triggering its summon from hand effect to go in. I haven't had too much time to test so as such haven't had an opportunity to practice playing out hands and different end boards ect and that makes it hard to know whether the card makes that big a difference. It's only really good when you brick with it cause you can go straight into Firewall with Gofu + any normal summon. The second thing thats come up a lot for me is the correct amount of Missions & Gears to play. The more SPYRAL MISSION - Rescue you play the more times you can summon Master Allan back for free and grab another Rescue to pitch for Quick Fix and keep going like that. The issue with so many engine cards plus so many other combo cards added in Set Rotation, Ravine + Destrudo, Gofu as well as hand traps the deck space becomes very tight and to accomodate everything comfortably pushes the main deck over 40 cards. You don't want to draw your Missions or Gears except Drone so going over 40 might not be the worst thing with all the search power. The third thing that I notice for the deck is board wipes + hand traps are very powerful vs this deck. Ghost Reaper on Double Helix can end the game right there as well 3 Evenly Matched being a thing means that dropping your whole deck on the board turn 1 can be a dangerous play unless we can consistently counter it. Things like Debunk are too slow to counter things turn 1. The last thing I wanna touch on is going second. Finding the correct lines of play to break their boards and deciding on things like hand traps + board wipes to break their board and establish your own board or just establish and outright kill them. Practice and time will tell but will be interesting to see YCS and Regional results from here. The deck pluses that hardout when it goes off to max (consistent) potential that it can be more than double the Luna Light Zoo combo in raw advantage. That being said it may be enough to make it the single best deck in TCG like it is in the OCG but only time can tell.
  9. Hedge Monarch.

    Have been testing a couple of changes with mained Zaborg. It forgoes Ghost Ogre and access to summonable Omega in the mirror but in return it lets you always be able to your monsters and tbh under theoretic gamestate you could continue looping your monsters forever.
  10. Hedge Monarch.

    As I said, just cut it. I'm just testing to see if it makes a difference or not.
  11. Hedge Monarch.

    Dragoness often comes up and would come up even more maining Zaborg. Tried TER in almost every build I've used Instant Fusion in. In this deck it literally is you pick 2/3 from TER/Dragoness/Norden, all fill their uses but for this particular build I feel like Dragoness and Norden are better. Won't mention individually that everything can be unbricked with Twin Twister and Durendal. Super Quantum Blue Layer - Teleport target. - Makes Grampulse a huge threat in the mirror. - Unbricked by Instant Fusion > Dragoness and Magnaliner, with Magnaliner being my go to XYZ as mentioned in OP. Also can use it with Brilliant but thats still essentially bricking. Speedroid Taketomborg - Free Grampulse which is good verse every and turns off Return on both players board. - Free Dante which has its niche as being able to unbrick hands which have Ehther but no way to put a spell in grave. - Instant Fusion > Dragoness unbricks it, Twin Twister unbricks it, summoning Zenmaioh unbricks it, summoning Gaia Dragon unbricks it. Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit - Card #41. You don't have to play it and it is said in the OP. Anyone questioning its place would simply cut it for a 40 card deck. - As also stated in the OP, the first reason I opted to include it as my 41st card was it slightly reducing the chance of bricking t1. The second reason is it helps you so much in the grind game. Monarchs issue has usually been getting out of the early game, thats not the issue anymore with an XYZ backed by Ehther or multiple XYZs being enough to hold off most players their first turn and finish them next turn. The issue is surviving the grindy resource-blowout game in the mirror. This is where being able to pull Ogre off of E-Tele or Norden is so good. Sticking Omega early puts you so far ahead in the resource game if they can't kill it, if they aren't playing Squires you can kill them in a turn or two just by snowball advantage. Alternatively, if they are you're probably gonna win anyway. Getting him out mid-late game in a much more simplified game state where players are running out of resources is pretty much guarenteeing victory as well. - Send off Brilliant Fusion when you draw it. - If you draw it, you can normal summon it or just use it to disrupt them and return it when you need it. Gem-Knight Garnet - Probably the card you don't wanna draw the most, you really just have to fix it with Durendal or play without using Brilliant by dumping it with Twister. - Seraphanites worth it imo. All of these situations are marginally reduced when you main Zaborg too as you can get the brick to grave with Twisters or whatever method and recycle them with Omega. Also really thinking about Battle Fader, would mostly be for the mirror but also has big applications vs Kozmo (more-so the Island build), BA, Pendulum and Mermail. You only need it vs good players though as it never really comes up verse bad players.
  12. Hedge Monarch.

    Some, really depends if going first or second cause Erebus isn't that important in the mirror tbh, you win more with Omega, Magnaliner, Grampulse w/ Blue Layer under etc, Volcaurus and Stormforth + Ehther. Thinking about trying to main Zaborg tbh as the mirror is so prevelant online and it actually inherently fixes another one of the issues the deck has going into the late game because having the ability to recycle Taketomborg for future Terrortop plays and absorbing Blue Layer to constantly kill Domain, Return, Brilliant, even Prime if they manage to have it up at that stage. Magnaliner of course kills any monster they can throw at you and once you drop Zaborg you functionally negate the threat posed by their extra deck, while you can recycle every relevent card for the mirror in your extra for the mirror with Omega or other means like Quantums, often in the mirror I'll side out Brilliant and/or Instant if know they're gonna side into dumb shit that can stop you resolving your own Zaborg to Omega back shit, though often I've found its correct to side our Brilliant & Instant so that it minimises the damage by their Zaborg and because it's more important you recycle your shit like Volcasaurus & Gaia t1 to recover and put the preassure on. Feel like 3 Veiler + 3 Breakthrough may become a thing a wee bit further down the track, as when a decks ceiling is this consistently high, saying Stormforth + Ehther counteracts any threat of Volcasaurus isn't true, because I can easily force it then punish them for it.
  13. Hedge Monarch.

    Due to personal commitments I haven't been able to play outside of the city I live except online this year as starting up a business is pretty demanding in the first bout and as such theres no reason for an average player to consider my deck or play better than their own closed-minded subpar techs and plays, I share as much of my theory as I can as long as it doesn't conflict with what anyone of my friends is planning on using at a big event. Congrats to Jared for winning UK Nats, now he's taking his deck in a different direction so this build and its theory may as well be public. Shout out for TS Fearless for using Thestalos again, puts in so much work. That out of the way, this is what I call 'Hedge Monarch'. For those that are unfamiliar with the term hedge I guess I could be describe it best with RoTA. In Shaddolls it can get Blazeman for Poly, bridging the gap between playing too many fusions but also means you have 11/40 chance to open atleast one Fusion, but won't keep drawing too many after, with Thrasher being an alternative as a searchable light. Or in Nekroz format with RoTA being Claus or Armageddon Knight which in turn provided a ritual spell, a Djinn Lock, a Djinn Lock out and a floodgate out. Versatile card. Enough of the history lesson and back fo the deck. I wanted to build it in such a way that every single non engine card in the deck formed a seamless bridge between the Monarch engine, the extra deck and to be as independant as possible. Every card in the deck basically interacts with every other card directly or indirectly. I had the following parameters for myself. - Be able to resolve 2 tribute summons without restricting the extra deck or play more than 1 bricky card to accomodate it. - Set-up a threatening board turn 1 without summoning a Monarch / reduce dependancy on power cards being played in a such a hit or miss manner, which in turn reduces the dependancy on shit like Tenacity needing a Monarch etc. - Find the build that doesn't sacrafice power & ceiling for consistency, but is still as consitent as possible. Not saying its perfect or 100% solved the format but its close imo. Monsters: 17 3x Speedroid Terrortop 3x Super Quantum Red Layer 3x Ehther the Heavenly Monarch 2x Erebus the Underworld Monarch 2x Kuraz the Light Monarch 1x Super Quantum Blue Layer 1x Speedroid Taketomborg 1x Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit 1x Gem-Knight Garnet Spells: 21 3x Pantheism of the Monarchs 3x Tenacity of the Monarchs 3x Return of the Monarchs 3x The Monarchs Stormforth 2x Instant Fusion 2x Brilliant Fusion 2x Emergency Teleport 2x Twin Twister 1x Domain of the True Monarch Traps: 3 3x The Prime Monarch Side Deck: 15 3x Maxx "C" 3x Effect Veiler 2x Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch 1x Mobius the Frost Monarch 1x Zaborg the Mega-Monarch 1x Twin Twister 3x Trap Stun 1x Escalation of the Monarchs Extra Deck: 15 2x Psy-Framelord Omega 2x Number 61: Volcasaurus 1x Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger 1x Artifact Durendal 1x Tiras, Keeper of Genesis 1x Wind-Up Zenmaioh 1x Super Quantal Mech Beast Magnaliner 1x Super Quantal Mech Beast Grampulse 1x Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss 1x Gem-Knight Seraphanite 1x Panzer Dragon 1x Elder Entity Norden 1x Dragoness the Wicked Knight Main deck/Extra deck stuff. First I'll cover the standard Monarch engine quickly. 3 Ehther 2 Erebus 2 Kuraz I feel like 5 big guys is ideal, 6 is too many as that contributes a lot to bricking. In this build summoning the Monarch isn't always the correct play, I look at it like Ehther is pretty much one of the best cards in the game rn. Too good not to run 3 under any circumstance. Erebus on the other hand is awesome because it clears so many threats that can't otherwise be cleared, but also it means you can clear shit without using Stormforth. I prefer to have Stormforth during their turn with Ehther in most cases so I can keep my extra deck accessable t1. Going first, your best play is to set-up a board of 1-2 XYZs with Ehther + Stormforth. Going second its drop some XYZs and sometimes you have to trig Return and summon Erebus to clear a threat and put extra s/t in grave for the follow up play. Also, having 1 for summoning and 1 for Twin Twister is usually good. On Kuraz, I don't believe 1 is anywhere near enough as sometimes you always want to have 1 in deck for Ehther and if you open your lone Kuraz you lower the impact of Ehther + Stormforth severely. You also do still need it to turn off Return at times. 3 Pantheism 3 Tenacity 3 Return 3 Stormforth 1 Domain Standard as fuck. Not too much to say except Stormforth shouldn't interfere with your needs to use extra deck if you mostly abuse it in their turn. Ofc its still bust to hit a tribute summoned guy in the mirror during your turn. Tenacity is fine with 7 names as theres very low odds you'll open Tenacity and not be able to unbrick it, I think the only combination is like the all s/t hands with no Pantheism, in which case the card would be brick anyway. Returns godlike as it lets you play less Monarchs more good cards but lets you play a crazy side game too. 3 Prime Basic as, 3 because it increases chances to be able to do shit. Common sitch g1 in the mirror that can get you quite far ahead is opening Pantheism + Prime and within a turn or two you have Prime(1) in grave, Prime(2) under a black card and Prime(3) recycling your shit. 2 Twin Twister 1 Ghost Ogre Need to put these by themselves as they aren't part of any engine but have high variance interaction with other cards. Ghost Ogre is the 41st card and can be summoned off of E-Tele or Instant > Norden. Can be dumped by Brilliant. Used to make Omega, which justifys the 2-ofs tbh. Twin Twister lets you trade dead cards for traps which is good investment tbh. Only need 2-3 live cards to do mass plays in this deck and going second you have 6, trading a brick and a blank for 2 backrow is good ygo. 3 Red Layer 1 Blue Layer 2 Teleport Red Layer and E-Tele combo with every hand to atleast make and xyz. Red Layer can be tribute fodder or a tribute monster (to trig Return), it can be xyz material or synchro material for Omega. 3 Terrortop 1 Taketomborg Provides, single tribute fodder, double tribute fodder or a rank 3 without using the normal summon. 1 Dante 1 Grampulse 1 Magnaliner Dante is cool in that it can get you a Monarch s/t to grave with it to you can Ehther + Stormforth on their turn. Grampulse is good going first as it takes the pressure off Kuraz to out Return and access the extra again. Going second is also good as it outs most threat traps and floods. Grampulse w/ Blue Layer under it is so good, in the mirror you can pop their Returns, Domains, Brilliants etc before they resolve. Magnaliner is so broken and probably my go to card in the early game. Also, when used in tandem with Red Layer and Blue Layer attached under it somewhat becomes like Cir + Dante under Beatrice when you vs BA. Which is why I've pted for the less is more approach in terms of ratios in this deck. Either you wanna see a card in every hand or you wanna see it as often as its uses go, with high variance cards like E Tele, Twister, Brilliant, Instant etc all carry associated bricking factors either for niche use or OPT restrictions. I do believe that one card should be played at 3 before another card is played to a degree, but cards like Brilliant, Tele, Instant etc that are included to provide tribute fodder but also fill other gaps in the deck and therefore work in a manner that doesn't compromise consistency but increase it. This is theory is disragarded for Monarch s/t as they are strictly 3, 1 or 0, but not restricted to the Monarchs you play ie Ehther is a 3-of, Erebus is a 2-of as more than 5 big guys you experience rapidly increasing diminishing returns from resolving them, especially since the primary function of the deck isn't just to drop Monarchs but set-up strong boards and OTK's, which solves a lot of threats, with Erebus really just being used to clear floaters and helmets. Of course you still can play it the normal way it just would never get used more than twice. Also works with siding ratios. 2 Kuraz cause you need one for the first Ehther and if you draw your lone copy you reduce the ceiling but 3 sucks. Also good to turn off Return. 2 Instant 2 Brilliant 1 Garnet 1 Seraphanite 1 Panzer 1 Norden 1 Dragoness So this I know is a questionable line-up without any Edea + Eidos / Lazuli + Witch/Knight to get the extra boost of power that puts you so far ahead at the sake of consistency. This is because by cutting all the dependant bullshit down to the absolute minimum you increase consistency massively. Brilliant & Instant can both provide a rank 5 material which automatically makes them good. Instant Fusion can also provides a Rank 3 material and is cool to follow up Terrortop as fodder then hold the Taketomborg later. Unbricks drawing Taketomborg by itself. Norden gets you 2 materials for a tribute summon and let's you get Ghost Ogre. Brilliant on the other hand lets you resolve 2 tribute summons in one turn which is retarded as fuck, but only needed sometimes in the mirror as a consistency thing due to how the mirror is played assuming correct play by both players. Remember here, this isn't about how individually good Brilliant Fusion is with or without Edea and Eidos or Lazuli and Vanilla, but the fact that it provides a level 5 for a rank 5 or tribute summon, with the addition of it substaintially raising your ceiling. Instant Fusion is the same, but alt purpose can be rank 3 or Norden stuff. 2 Omega 2 No. 61 1 Gaia 1 Durendal 1 Tiras 1 Zenmaioh The rest of the extra deck cards all have good purpose. Omega & No. 61 are for the mirror, I like Volcasaurus as its such a bomb card. You can literally win the mirror without tribute summoning because of Volc. Especially in time. Omega has two purposes, one being dodging Stormforth & recycling your own banished s/t in the mirror, letting you get away without playing Edea to wreck your consistency. The other is Zaborg wars, Omega lets you recycle your grave, be it main or extra. Tiras & Zenmaioh are for Demise decks mostly, but obviously have potential to come up vs any deck. Last but not least is Durendal, which is actually a pretty niche card as you very rarely brick, but can still open Garnet on ocassion. Brilliant gets sided out a lot going second so you don't usually have to Durendal into backrow. 3 Veiler 2 Thestalos 1 Mega-Zaborg 1 Escalation Mirror is super simple postboard. Going first take out their extra deck and stop their other shit with Veiler. Going first, rape their extra and wreck their hand with Thestalos. 3 Trap Stun 1 Twin Twister 1 Mobius the Frost Monarch Generic backrow hate for backrow decks. Then 3 Maxx "C" for because its Maxx "C". If there is questions or queries hit me up, may add more later.
  14. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    Mithra is somewhat good going first in the mirror for when you can trig Return, add Thestalos, summon it over whatever you used to trig Return and add Ehther. Outside of that you never really use it to full advantage except turn 1 game 1 to go something like Red Layer / Kuraz with Return add Mobius/Zaborg/Erebus/Ehther depending on the situation then slam the best card on the board, benefit being Ehther/Erebus/Zaborg only require single tributes. On the other hand, without Mithra you're free to set-up a nut board t1 with an unrestricted extra deck. Going second you can solve most gamestates with XYZs or Mobius if you play it, while putting yourself in a position to shut down their next play and kill them or even kill them t1 if you get a nut hand. The problem of needing to resolve 2 tribute summons in any given turn is alleviated because of how easy you can trig Return with Red Layer/Kuraz and add Ehther. If you can out Return (inherent with Kuraz) then you can get your Ehther to hand and make an XYZ play. I'd almost say its better to make XYZ plays than do Monarch shit t1 as you can usually either trigger Return or have Ehther. There are some plays that are a lot more broken with the second summon, but you need the extra deck to make it good. On that point we can potentially look at diluting the consistency slighly (so high already now) to play a small Brilliant engine, 2-3 Brilliant, 0-1 Edea, 1 Garnet. If you look at Brilliant as an extender and play something like 2 Tele, 2 Brilliant, 2 IF, 2 Twister for you variance cards, you'd have a strong deck and still high consistency. Can play either 1 Edea or 1 Mithra, or 1 and 1 incase you open Edea. Playing the both would make mean if you open Brilliant before Panth and have to use it as an opener you just dump Mithra, being able to bring it back later with IF > Norden > Mithra to get off a double tribute summon without having to resolve Brilliant again, which after like turn 2-3 usually will end the game. Also will note could tech 1 GOSR in the main or side to access Omega, though its a lot more consistent now because you can tutor it with E-Tele or Brilliant dump and can be fetched later with Norden. Playing both gives you access to rank 4s as well, though it will rarely be turn 1 so theres not a lot of high impact shit, then as the game progresses IF will have uses for other shit. Zaborg wars will be a thing now, though not super sure how long they'll last due to popularity of Veiler in the mirror and that if people pursue this route they will eventually realise that if you can't Veiler them, counter-dropping your own Zaborg sending your Omegas to the grave to recover your key cards from your extra deck, while they are left with basically no extra deck. If you go second and just side out Brilliant & Instant for 3 Veiler + 1 Mega-Zaborg, you then have your 3-5 irrelevant Fusions, 2-3 Omega (return themselves and 2-3 other cards) the Quantal XYZs which you can recycle via Quantum monsters, and then a couple other utility rank 5s left in gy, usually just shit Tiras, Zenmaioh, shit you don't need. Mass post sorry.
  15. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    There's only one big issue I have with Mithra and thats locking you out of the extra. Turn 1 using Mithra to bridge through Return + 1-tribute guy to get into the big guy resolving turn 1. After that it doesn't really matter as you'll be out of the early game and have access to more cards than you need. Resolving Return after summoning a big guy is good, but usually puts you so far ahead they can't recover. Like once you resolving Return to get Ehther and have that set-up, it usually just goes Ehther > Erebus > Ehther > Erebus > Ehther > Erebus if the game goes that long. And if it does, having Omegas in gy someone means you have a better long game, but ive very rarely had it come to that as once you resolving Ehther, if you have something like Magnaliner already established they should struggle to win. If not, well you drop Erebus and keep going. Also in the mirror, stop them resolving Return they burn themselves out of being able to stick any relevant monster on the board. Imo the extra deck is for closing game or to answer a threat that would stop you being able to play. A lot of wins in the mirror is simply you forcing Ehther + Stormforth then OTKing with Volc through Ehther. If anything it would be better to drop Mithra than cut essential cards to add more. Point is this where people brick wall their progress, saying stuff like "lets add more Mithra and IF to get the double summon eff off more in the mirror." That means you're justifying playing more Mithra and IF simply to abuse an interaction thats only game breaking turn 1, at the cost of better cards. Instant Fusion is a card that is relatively low impact as an extender by itself, but unbricks basically every brick sitch except all s/t hands with no Pantheism. Instant Fusion: Tribute fodder, with Norden can provide fodder for a lvl 7-up guy. Unbricks Blue Layer & Taketomborg, makes rank 5s with Prime & Red Layer. Useful at every stage of the game. No main deck bricks to accomodate. vs Mithra: I honestly thing the only thing worth pointing out is that it lets you still open full strength if you open Mithra + Return + Kuraz/Red Layer.