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  1. http://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/cobb-county/i-will-marinate-on-the-thought-of-killing-you-all-ksu-student-arrested-over-threat/631104715 Link to full story. Less than a month ago, I posted about a Noble Knight youtuber arrested in a sting operation, and now this happens. Samuel Friedman, known as "Chateau Chat" online, reportedly assaulted a classmate, sexually harassed another, and threatened to harm multiple people, telling his class "I will marinate on the thought of killing you all." Considering this is a pretty minor offense, his channel and videos featuring him are still up. Here are a few, showcasing his arrogant and often misplaced rhetoric on the game. (Kind of ironic, given his offense)
  2. http://staugustine.com/news/local-news/2017-08-12/underage-sex-sting-arrests-17-men http://jacksonville.com/news/public-safety/2017-08-11/undercover-child-exploitation-operation-leads-17-arrests-st-johns (News articles from Florida outlets detailing his arrest and the operation in general) Storm Lathrop, formerly known as "The Ignoble Knight of YouTube" was arrested in August, as part of an underage sex sting operation. His charges include: 1. Using a computer to solicit sex from a minor 2. Traveling to meet a minor for sex 3. Unlawful use of a 2-way communications device He was mostly a small, unknown channel, famous for (obviously) his loyalty to Noble Knights, and his shtick was him growling his name for his intros. The largest outings he's had have been on Cimo's channel as part of a Yugituber championship tournament, and on The Team Avalanche's channel, guest uploading a Noble Knight profile. There are very few videos left on youtube of his face, but here are a couple.
  3. OP has met 2 out of 3 people here giving legit questions/criticism with "lol do u even play psyframe" and then proceeds to mention how his knowledge is Reinforced by local play. Seems legit.
  4. 1. I think the "theory" behind Shard of Greed is almost 100% incorrect. The slot would be more effective with any trap, or even an Upstart Goblin. Here's why: Would you want to see that card in your opening 5 or 6? It's a card that does nothing, you're basically playing off of one less card. What if you draw it mid to late game? Again, it kinda doesn't do anything or pose an immediate threat. "Twin Twister bait" doesn't make a good reason to play the card. Assuming your opponent has the twister, you don't play many cards worth protecting anyway, so if you did draw another card alongside shard they would both be gone. Shard has no advantage to you if destroyed and poses no risk to your opponent if it stays there. It gives the opponent two chances to draw an out to it. A trap card in the same situation puts a much more significant threat on your field in case your opponent doesn't get the Twister. I think it's a much more solid choice. 2. You mention a couple of setups that are completely reliant on drawing into one of or other non-searchable cards, which reinforces the point about Shard of Greed as well as the person above me asking about the lack of Demise, because it seems like you'd want as many methods to draw those cards. Boasting the "chess-like" playstyle while also using the One-of Necroface to justify the One-of Gold Sarcophagus seems strange. 3. As a con you mention the deck's weakness to main decked Twin Twister, but playing cards like Soul Absorption/Skill Drain/Macro (you talk heavily about the card as a large strategy, so I'd assume you'd be in a harder spot without it) only makes that weakness worse. In fairness, maybe playing traps over Soul Absorption wouldn't help that problem. 4. The deck seems incredibly passive, even more than a standard Psy-frame build. I would think something like Drowning Mirror Force to apply pressure to your opponent would be better than Necroface, Gold Sarc and Shard of Greed, all of which don't help you clear a board or stop one from coming. Soul Absorption is also incredibly passive while also being a combo-based card, something you should take into consideration. 5. The side deck kind of doesn't do anything to mitigate the problems you pointed out. Post-siding, you still have weaknesses to everything you mentioned, maybe just not Twister if you manage to draw Anti-Spell. 6. Some general things that you've said that don't quite make sense, like: " I am fairly certain that deck deck cannot lose against any deck if I open with the correct counter starting hand" is basically "This deck can beat anything if it opens the right hand" which, of course, is not a justification for anything or even a valid explanation on why you made your choices. Most decks can win "if they open the right hand." I think you greatly underestimate how easy it is to get over Cyber End. Kaijus are very popular as an out to bigger cards, so a lesser card like Cyber End is going to get outed with ease. Not to mention that you probably wouldn't even want it against BA/PK. You also said something about being able to OTK with Cyber End which is literally incorrect unless you're banking on that one-of Skill Drain being around at the same time as Cyber End. Something that's able to make a board can just do it in front of Cyber End knowing full well you aren't gonna be able to negate anything. It isn't as good as you think it is, even with Skill Drain. Something about "winning by acting like I have Beta in hand." I've never known any serious player to avoid attacking in fear that there might be an attack negation, unless the potential threat was something that could make them lose from a board wipe. You're now in a format in which 2 of the decks (Kozmo and BA variants) will likely float something after Beta resolves, so at the very least those two have nothing serious to lose from Beta or the synchro that comes after it. The whole "chess" theory and whatever about being smarter than the average player is a really overzealous thing to say considering the base of knowledge you wrote this with was from what you've encountered on a duel simulation. It doesn't take much to figure out that you not opening Gamma + Circuit means that they get to make a board with nearly zero resistance from you. I think the Psy-Frame deck as a whole is cool but I don't think this build is maximizing the potential of it. I think that you playing on duel simulators has greatly skewed not only your opinion of your own competence, but your opinion on how good this deck is when you consider that Psy-Frames aren't doing the greatest in actual competition right now. I think you should play this at a competitive event, as it would be a very humbling experience about why things do and do not work. Edit: I'd think about System Down over Cydra and Chimeratech, as a chimeratech on board also jams up your Psyframes. With Chimeratech out of the extra you could fit something like Dinoster or Ignister for a Cherries target against Pendulum. Just a thought.

    after about 70 games of testing with that ARG list, I can't see how that hopes to make the Kozmo or Monarch matchups any better G1. Having access to Beelze and Void Ogre are cool (list doesn't play Beelze but I fooled around with the idea for a few games)  but Beelze gets beat out by the semi-searchable Kozmojo and the completely searchable Stormforth and Erebus, Kozmo just doesn't care about Void Ogre, while it doesn't do too much to Monarch. HERO is kind of a "Blind First" deck, except Kozmo doesn't care about a turn 1 Dark Law. If monarchs get to go first and drop the field spell your best bet is to tribute summon Mali or open Twin Twisters. The deck has quite the potential for lackluster hands too, as hands of Instant Fusion + Destiny Draw/Mali + Strike are more common than I'd like going first, leaving me hoping that the other 2 cards in my hand can help me establish a board.    On the positive side though, the deck got a little more leverage for going second since the Destiny engine gives it access to big monsters, something HERO didn't really have. It also has a better grind game IMO since Omega/Plaguespreader gives you access into the grindy cards like Void/Stardust/Beelze. IF is pretty stupid in this deck and you can actually use Plasma to out Majesty's Fiend (I don't go around tribute summoning 3 monster drops lol but it came up once or twice). I guess the matchups improved in the sense that once you do have those moments where you can clear the board you can get a lot more damage more reliably now, as it actually has OTK potential.    Basically I think the ARG list helps you win faster but it doesn't make what was bad for the HERO matchup less bad. I think it's a better list than the one in the OP though 

    How do you beat Kozmo without hoping you have Dark Law + Mirror Force + Solemn?
  7. Satellarknight - Discussion

    The problem with Dark Mirror Force is that it's another overly slow card that doesn't solve the problem like you want it to. You draw Dark Hole, you use Dark Hole. I suppose to some players it seems like it would make sense, but there's more negatives than positives to it    Not to mention Dark Hole has much more applicable/relevant uses than Dark Mirror Force could ever dream of 
  8. Qliphort - Discussion

    MCB, you could try to understand his reasoning for these things instead of instantly telling him that he's wrong. That's how you build a discussion. Just because YOU tested something doesn't mean it's the best or worst, and maybe he found something that you did not.
  9. Qliphort - Discussion

    Towers is better with Monolith than Scout. It's really bad first hand, but it's still something that says your opponent can't play any relevant yugioh until they beat it. They likely don't have main deck resources to beat it. I think Towers was a good call for the start of the format. Storm seemed like an odd choice. Shell also isn't terrible since the deck plays slower now, but I can't think of a reason to play more than one. Regardless, it worked out for the player in the end.
  10. Qliphort - Discussion

    I was just getting ready to bring up the ARG Detroit lists. I feel like the other one that made Top 8 is worthy of discussion.    [spoiler] Main Deck: 1 Apoqliphort Towers 1 Quiphort Monolith 2 Quiphort Scout 3 Quiphort Carrier 2 Quiphort Disk 2 Performal Trampolynx 3 Quiphort Helix 2 Quiphort Stealth 2 Quiphort Shell 2 Effect Veiler 1 Raigeki 1 Saqlifice 3 Storm 3 Summoner's Art 3 Upstart Goblin 3 Fiendish Chain 2 Mind Crush 1 Re-Qliate 1 Skill Drain 1 Vanity's Emptiness 1 Torrential Triubte Side Deck: 1 Effect Veiler 1 Dark Hole 3 Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare 3 Maxx "C" 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Re-cover 3 Emergency Teleport Extra Deck: 1 Naturia Beast 1 Number 103: Ragnazero 1 Number 104: Masquerade 1 Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon 1 Constellar Ptolemy M7 1 Diamond Dire Wolf 1 Gaia Dragon the Thunder Charger 1 Artifact Duradel 1 Number 61; Volcasaurus 1 Abyss Dweller 1 Gagaga Cowboy 1 Number 80: Rhapsody in Berserk 1 Evilswarm Excition Knight 1 Catel, the Skyblaster Musketeer 1 Cairngorgon, Antilumincient Knight [/spoiler]     Both are definitely interesting, to say the least. Shoutout to whoever typed the second list out for making it sound like "Queef-fort" 
  11. Qliphort - Discussion

    Kaiser is bad against Nekroz because it isn't that difficult to get over. It's also bad unless you have a 2800 Qliphort on board, which means I won't want to see Kaiser in my opening 5 or 6.    Qli fears no backrow, except MAYBE Alpha with Scout at 2. With that in mind, why would anyone want to play Denko Sekka in this deck? For the chance you might go up against Tellar? Let's say (for some reason) you're trying to play the trapless build. You STILL need your normal summon to happen. Unless you're playing Laser Qlip and have an established extra deck, Denko is doing absolutely nothing on its own because a 1700 monster is not at all difficult to trump. Denko makes you miss out on setting things like Fiendish Chain and Mind Crush, which actually affects Tellar more than not being able to use their set cards.    I think your attitude and signature are extremely obnoxious, and that your information justifying bad cards is just wrong. Please, lurk in the thread and other discussion threads so you don't repeat the same behavior, because it contributes absolutely nothing to the discussion. 
  12. Qliphort - Discussion

    I think we should stop talking about Re-qliate, simply because the card was covered several times and debating it isn't moving the discussion forward.    Moving on, I'm liking Debunk in the side for Nekroz against the Hands, and TTHN is a definite side to avoid losing to Exciton. I like Vanity's/Majesty's Fiend also, it seems to be something to do if you're playing Stormforth. I don't like the use of Lance in Nekroz right now, because I can't seem to resolve a Dimensional Prison. I'm also not finding a reason to play MST in the main at all right now, as I've dropped it for Chalice.  Soul Transition brings on the same problems as before, except there is no mirror match so you have no reason to tribute your Helix off for no reason. 3 Stealth is still really nice, and Laser Qlip is very okay if you have the stuff to drop for it. There's not really another 1-of I'd say does any more than it, besides maybe Book of Moon.    The deck has really interesting plays to be had with Escalation of the Monarchs because Stealth/Helix/Carrier during your opponent's turn really upsets their plays, but the problem is that Escalation is really not a good card to have when you don't have things established. I actually thought about playing Cephalopod for another 9 scale in the absence of Scout, and it actually does work well enough, but I'd rather have the third Helix to resolve an effect when it's tributed.    Towers is still meh, it's still useless in hand unless you search it. On one side, you have a lot more time to search it since you aren't grabbing Saqlifice, but on the other why would you ever really want to search Towers?
  13. Shaddoll - Discussion

    The last 3 weeks or so I've been trying out the same "speed" build of Shaddoll with minor changes, and it appears to work the most fluently out of the other options I've tried. Someone earlier in the thread mentioned the idea but I cannot see who, it's a little difficult to navigate this site on mobile. but I digress.   I think the list that was previously doing well for us was a great idea, with some changes. Denko Sekka obviously is not the card to play anymore, so it's gone. I liked the idea of going back to Veiler, since Raiden still does nothing for the deck. Enemy Controller was ditched in favor of Emptiness. While it's good, the issue still comes vs Qliphort so I'm not sure where to go with that. I'm not sure if DAD/Eclipse Wyvern is the better route (it probably isn't, but I want to test every little thing possible) so I'd either cut that and 1 Beast or 1 White Dragon, 1 Beast and 1 Math to play 3 Upstart, because if we're making changes like Veiler and Emptiness I'd rather have the opportunity to draw another helpful card than to definitely be stuck with multiple normal summon monsters in hand. Book of Eclipse has also been really nice in the Nekroz matchup, but I'm iffy about it since Qli is still a matchup and it doesn't do much there. It has uses to recycle our flip effects, but I wouldn't want to see it against Qli unless I can win that turn, and I can't see how it would help me win against Qli to begin with. Smashing Ground is a way to out the Djinn lock, but I feel like Dark Hole might be better than it. At the very least it offers mass board clearance. I personally wouldn't play either, but it's something I ran into while testing. I can't think of a single thing to out Valk, besides Kycoo. Kycoo is fine but I can't really find the space for it.   Mistake is excellent. However, I don't feel like Shaddoll has too much potential and I didn't like seeing the card outside of turn 1 or 2 against Nekroz. It is true that playing 3 Mistake and 3 Upstart does maximize your chances of getting it turn 1, but that's only 6 cards in the deck. If we can't draw a Fusion every turn 1, we can't get Mistake. It's absolutely fantastic, but if you don't see it early it's probably the last card you want to see in the deck.   The Artifact engine doesn't seem to add much, because Lancea isn't that good. Moralltach isn't really that good either, because it doesn't stop anything before resolving. It can make the opponent eat resources, sure, but it's only after the fact. It's nice against Qliphort, but I don't feel like Artifacts do enough outside of that matchup. The plus side is that Moralltach eats up Unicore to allow you to make pushes, but the engine is also excessively large.   Secret Village is good, but I'd want to maximize my chances of seeing it turn 1, because Nekroz can out it with relative ease unless you stack it on top of Mistake. Obviously works well against Qliphort, but once again only in the first turn or 2. Mistake and Secret Village are probably really good choices going forward, I just don't really like cards that you don't want to see when everything is said and done.    After further testing, I don't really like the idea of having to go -1 on Veiler at times, and I'm not sure what light targets are good for us. I might just play multiple Core and call it that.
  14. Shaddoll - Discussion

    Is Shadow Games really good going first? I still found myself getting OTK'd whether I set the SSG or not so I took it out of my side altogether. Do you feel like 2 Shekhinaga matters? As backrow has been decreasing I feel like I've been going for Shek a lot more. I like your reasoning behind the choices, how do you feel about maining Downerd and siding Ancient Sacred Wyvern? I think you're much more likely to see a reason to use Downerd than Ancient Sacred in g1, but that's just me.  Your opponent discarding for your effect is never a cost     he said helps play a pseudo mst with dragon... so my question was isn't hand destruction a cost (for yourself) meaning you can't "pseudo mst" your opponent discarding dragon?   I know how it affects your opponent. that was not what i was getting at at all.     good to see i get negs for asking a relevant question though   also you got negged for asking something that is very easily answered by using logic or even Google. being part of DGz, you should know that spoonfeeding information is not encouraged. But I digress.
  15. Shaddoll - Discussion

    As much as I prefer speed in the deck it's looking like Shaddoll is going to have to start siding real traps against Qliphort. The G1 vs the deck is alright (even with no traps the deck has a lot of combination of sub-optimal draws) and when siding comes in, trying to stay afloat under Vanity's/SkD/SIM and being able to make plays is incredibly difficult. Having instant removal in the form of E-Con and Soul Transition for Carrier will also be difficult to overcome.      Mistake is a fine card, but to get the most benefit out of it you'd have to go first (assuming you win Game 1 your opponent may make you go first anyway) but going first is so terrible for the deck. In addition to the wonky hands this deck can generate for no reason, having only 5 cards means you're still not likely to open with Mistake.  Mask of Restrict is still downright terrible, but that isn't news.  Fairy Wind takes the same fate as Mistake, but also that there's only so many Fairy Winds/Twisters you want to see before you start losing out on being able to make actual plays.  E-Con is still a card, but only applicable if they get greedy with Carrier/Stealth plays (Stealth cl1, Carrier cl2, Econ cl3) and really only saves you for that one turn, you still lost a big monster So trying to focus on clearing scales makes you lose, but completely ignoring them will certainly mean defeat. I've been working with just siding in 2-3 Twister but that makes me feel swallowed up by the various plays Qliphort can make. I've had more success not siding anything at all, but that's through the sheer luck of having the MST for every floodgate.    The deck is not going to a good place right now. Post Nekroz, I don't think anyone should be playing it. BA dropping backrow like flies, Nekroz playing absolutely no backrow means that MST will not be live against 2/3 of the projected most common matchups. OCG dolls have managed to somehow crawl out of that format (no BA of course) but that is only credited to Card Destruction, Avarice and Noden. I cannot say this is a good deck to be playing in the future, and I won't be surprised if this thread gets archived after Nekroz starts topping in the TCG. Even the Satellarknight matchup makes it harder for this deck to do what it wants.