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  1. Temple of the Kings

    You like degenerate shit? OK   in case you cant tell i like trolling lol
  2. Temple of the Kings

    Its hard to get this and Serket on the field, and this card is bullshit now cuz you can only activate 1 trap the turn it is set. I mean I would rather use that in a traditional game than have it in an advanced one with a worse effect.
  3. (TCG) Arc-V Star Pack

    or at least it is at my shop
  4. (TCG) Arc-V Star Pack

    extra prize support
  5. Satellarknight - Discussion

    This is a competitive discussion. Don't spam non-competitive shyte in these threads just because you feel like being awful and playing it different for the sake of being different. Put that shit to the Deck Garage so we can appropriately neg it to kingdom come.   maybe youre just a faggot because you take this game too seriously ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Satellarknight - Discussion

    how aren't you banned yet   so i dont play the game the same way as everybody else? why would i be banned?
  7. Satellarknight - Discussion

    I threw a Lightwave Tuning into this deck just because i dont like playing decks the same way, it urns out it works fine if going into an 8 sync like Light-End Dragon
  8. fiendishchain.dek

      assailant can be really helpful imo - a lot of monsters are hard to swing over but if you put to defense there's not a lot of monsters with 2000-2100 defense that are brought out a lot under necrovalley. rite of spirit is interesting.. but hard to fit in. thoughts?   just because your opponent cant use their Graveyard doesnt necessarily mean you cant.
  9. Yu-Gi-Oh just isn't the same

    youre biggest mistake is playing on Dueling Network. go find an traditional format tourney and play, or play casual on ygopro/devpro. but i otherwise absolutely agree with you about the metas dominance, i even wrote an essay on it and eventually ill probably post it.
  10. Deck for under 90 euro

    Lightning Vortex is fine, and i am glad to see someone using Goblindberg cuz its such a good rush card, and Utopia is a greatly underated card as well.
  11. fiendishchain.dek

    id replace the Assailant with a Guard or another Descendant. also i personally like Rite of Spirit a lot.
  12. I Need Some Mature Advice

    if you want to learn from this, tell her how you feel. if you dont want to go through weeks of agonizing emotional pain, then just forget about her
  13. Infernoid - Discussion

    All i know bout Infernids is that theyd be fucked against my anti special summon deck
  14. Meta Discussion

    actually it has been a long time since i played Mafia so i cant really say anything
  15. Meta Discussion

    Eliminate It! lol jk ,ill post again once someone gives me a reason