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  1. Satellarknight - Discussion

     I agree, ASF isn't awful against Dolls, but I'd rather main cards which have more utility against them as well as the rest of the meta. As Rhongomyniad said, It's "suboptimal against BA, the mirror," and rogue. That's why I side ASF; against qlis, it's basically game, and against Nekroz, as well as spamming triverr, it leads to game wins.
  2. The deck I topped Chicago with.

    Well done on the top, and I love your reasoning behind the hand traps, especially since denko apparently dominated a lot of the tournament. (From what I've heard). ^^
  3. Yosenju Stun post-CROS

    edited, and rhapsody and tiger king are back now
  4. Yosenju Stun post-CROS

          Ok, here is my new deck list, from your advice. (Also sorry for some of the bad choices of cards on that fairly improvised list before; I was extremely tired, and completely forgot about planetellarknight ptolemaios).   Changes:   I took out the two secret moves, and replaced them with another mistake and lose a turn. (Both are now at 3).   Replaced 101 with another Castel.   Removed  Crazy Box, Blackship, and replaced them with 1 ptolemaios, 1 stellarknight constellar diamond,   
  5. Yosenju Stun post-CROS

    I never said what the best rank 4's were, I just mentioned that the necessities were double cowboy, and double lightning chidori, and that the rest were generics. (Exciton, castel, 101 etc). I do however regret not mentioning heartlandraco; it's a very useful card in many situations, and I would consider a near staple.   The main reason I didn't really touch upon the extra deck is due to the fact that you almost never go onto it unless you are forced to; it makes set secret moves dead and the main deck monsters are best when they are summoned each turn, activate their effs, and bounce back, rather than overlaying. This is due to the fact that they have no means to comeback. (No altair-like cards; once a yosenju monster hits the grave, it pretty much stays in the grave). Therefore summoning an xyz, although great and game winning in some situations, for the most part, is fairly unnecessary with the deck's play style.   Off the top of my head, if I were to list an extra deck, it would be:   Gagaga Cowboy x2 Lightning Chidori x2 Number 101: Silent Honor Ark x1 Castel the skyblaster musketeer x1 Evilsawrm Exciton Knight x1 Number 82: Heartlandraco x1 Cairngorgon the Antiluminecsent Knight x1 Number 103: Ragnazero x1 Number 80: Rhapsody in Beserk x1  Number 50: Blackship of Corn x1 Brotherhood of the Fire Fist-Tiger King x1 Number 85: Crazy Box x1 Diamond Dire Wolf x1
  6. Yosenju Stun post-CROS

    Yosenju Stun Post-CROS   Yosenjus are one of my favorite archetypes, due to the fact that they are very budget, fun, and interesting. The deck, due to it's fairly unique style of play of not special summoning much, or using the graveyard, allows the use of many floodgates, as well as cards like pot of duality, therefore making the deck very consistent. It was indirectly hit in the April 1st banlist, with Vanity's emptiness going to 1, yet cards like Mistake and Loose a turn, (coming out in CROS), can replace it, although neither are as powerful.   Typed Decklist:   Monsters = 13   Thunder King Rai-Oh x1 Cardcar D x1 Yosenju Kama 1 x3 Yosenju Kama 2 x3 Yosenju kama 3 x3 Yosenju Tsujik x2   Spells = 11   Pot of Duality x3 Fire-Formation Tenki x3 Mystical Space Typhoon x3 Raigeki x1 Dark Hole x1   Traps = 16   Mirror Force x3 Bottomless Trap Hole x1 Torrential Tribute x1 Solemn Warning x1 Mind Crush x2 Macro Cosmos x1 Mistake x2 Loose a Turn x2 Vanity's Emptiness x1             Explanations:     Cardcar D= The reasoning behind Cardcar D is the fact that Yosenjus have very few first turn summoning plays, with the exception being Thunder King Rai-Oh, and usually activate duality and/or Tenki, set several traps and pass. By adding Cardcar D, you can go +1 without limiting your first turn plays. There are several problems with it however, including how it's mediocre mid-late game at best, unless in a simplified gamestate. Altogether, it's an interesting tech, and I like it, but understand how it may not be too good, especially if starting second.   Thunder King Rai-oh= Thunder King is a great card to start off with, alongside setting some backrow. It immediately stops Manju/Senju plays, and forces the opponent to either bait out his negate-special-summoning effect, or waste removal on him. (Like Raigeki). He can, for the most part, lead to winning the game by immediately forcing your opponent to make undesirable plays.   Mistake= Mistake is good against pretty much all meta decks, and although it also hurts some of the yosenju engine, chaining it to a manju/senju summon is very irritating for the opponent, and it's far harder to remove than vanity's. I like the card a lot too, as it stops a whole section of the game from being played. (Searching/digging into the deck).  It's the same as how Macro removes the grave, which is essential for a lot of decks, and Vanity's removes special summoning, (essential for nearly all decks).   Loose a Turn ​= Loose a Turn is effectively a replacement for Vanity's Emptiness; it's undoubtedly worse, yet it does the job and is still a strong stun card. It hurts Satellars, Shaddolls, Nekroz, and BA, although in reality, it's nothing more than an "itch" to them rather than properly shutting them down, like what Vanity's did. (Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that it's limited; it was a degenerate card, but it was really fantastic in this deck).   Mirror Force = I like mirror force due to the fact that it wipes the opponents field rather than just negating an attack, and allows for the yosenjus to punch harder, search more easily, and in some cases, OTK. It also stops you from being OTk'd and, in my opinion, is just a good card this format. (Please say I'm wrong though; I want to learn more about the game and meta, so please correct and critique everything I say).   I'm not sure whether I should go into anymore more card choices; I chose the, (what I think will be), most controversial cards, but if you have any questions about other choices, please do ask!   For the record, I have not discussed the extra or side deck. The reasoning behind this is the fact that I feel the extra deck is fairly self explanatory for Yosenjus, and it's very much the same for lots of different builds. (2 Cowboy, 2 Chidori, and generic rank 4s).   I would rather not discuss the side deck now, as I'm not 100% sure what the top deck after CROS will be. (It will almost definitely be Nekroz, but I would rather this discussion be focused on what to main deck to face the meta, rather than side. I will discuss the side if you want me to do so, but to be honest, I think it will most likely be ASF, Hands, and Light/Shadow Imprisoning Mirrors.  
  7. I'm new. And I sort of suck. (Send help).

    Hello everybody! I'll be sure to think before I post, remember the rules, and definitely not be a twat :p Thank's for being so accepting, and I'll see you around :)
  8. Hello! My name is Danny, I'm a decent budget yu-gi-oh player, and I look to top my competitive locals in which meta decks are played mainly. I have only topped twice; once at a sneak peak, and one last weekend, with constellars. (Somehow). I do not count this as a proper top however, as I got very lucky with my matchups, all of whom were rogue and they all bricked :/ I hope being on this website can help me keep up to date with the meta game, and also help me with deck building and just to become a better player in general. I have lurked for a bit, looking at budget deck forums, and I can see that unlike a lot of other yu-gi-oh forum websites, people here have brains :p (Please don't crucify me for saying that). I have been advised to join by my friend, who's current DN name is [DGz]NB96. (I don't know his reputation around here, but he's a nice guy). So that's all for now! You may be seeing me around soon  ;)   -Danny