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    Yu-gioh!,Anime,Cooking,Photography,Meeting new people, and Partying.
  1. Free agent looking for a competitive team.    Preference is pretty much any format, I'll war in any of them I don't care.   DN: Mother Of Dragons
  2. Calvin Tahan - My Heart vs Your Blender

    You could always simply apologize for cheating.. I won't accuse you for cheating but you pretty much stated you did.   This just makes people think you're trying to be a asshat about it and actually aren't really sorry nor give a thousand fucks.
  3. I'm happy your rotting in a prison right now. I hope you never get out because the world doesn't need more piece of shit human beings like you.
  4. The information you have provided does not lie. 
  5. The King has arrived.

    nobody gives a fuck 
  6. DGZ Chatbox

    Thank you chey and rei very much. Your very thoughtful and I highly appreciate it. I'll donate when I can to the cause.
  7. Simply Divine - An Introduction

    welcome adrian i'm sure i'll see you around.