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  1. Wow, I haven't been on PS for a long time. I just got really depressed that I was a shit team builder, and started resenting to random battles. 
  2. Hype train: joined.

      A wild Khufu appeared :V
  3. Hey, I'm thym4n. Freshman from DNF, I guess I'm here to wander my way through DGz.   I've heard a lot about DGz from DNF and have wanted to make an account for some time, but didn't get the chance to. And so now, here I am ^_^. Although I've gone a bit dormant on dueling, I do often scrub around with an archetype here or there if I see they get new support or if I get some newfound interest in them. I'm more of a mafia guy though, so I guess I'm gonna be more active there. I do have a Town of Salem account if anyone is interested and if they want to add/play me.    High School, Grade 11, Life's pretty shit and boring. Need to find some ways to entertain myself ;3;.     Yeah, I guess that's everything relevant about me. If you have any questions, just shoot! Thanks for reading (if you did).