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  1. Hype train: joined.

    It really is.    They've demoted most major staff members who were against the heads.    Thanks man, I'll try my best.
  2. You can't say shit like this an hour after joining.   Wasn't so much of a "You be good or I'll report you" kinda threat and more along the lines of "Hey, I know you. I'm gonna make a joke". 
  3. Hype train: joined.

    It was linked in a chat, didn't know what it was. Turns it out was the ACP.   Sorry about that. No evil intentions. Just curiosity. 
  4. DGZ Chatbox

    Ya, paypal usually does take a while to get the days through.   From what I've heard, no, you can't donate directly through banks.
  5. Eeeeyyy. I know you.    Be good :v
  6. Hype train: joined.

      whatever you do, don't turn this site into a cheap taco   That would be fun, but I think I'll pass on turning this site into a taco. Maybe a wrap, instead.     #KKE? And thanks, Matt.
  7. Hype train: joined.

    The one bellow I know from DNF. You I feel I should know, but I don't. Fill me in?     A wild Khufu appeared :V   Ew, did you follow me here or something? `-`   JK, hey Thymn.
  8. Hype train: joined.

    I pretty much saw everyone else coming over here, saw the fact that a chatbox might be created here soonish, and DNF is crumbling faster than a cheep taco, so I figured I matteraswell join. So, hi.