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  1. Stepping down, I don't have the time anymore for this :/
  2.   WHAT A COINCIDENCE I LOSE MY NEXT MATCH AFTER MODDING MY DECK   I clearly was out of skill with the BoM I should've saved.
  3. Won 2-1 vs Jazz   http://i.imgur.com/ydaSN3s.png banishing Sorc was the right play to do, yes?
  4. Here.

      We may have to settle in here permanently, also you might stay here more often because they're more competitive - is something I've heard in this forum's chat.   EDIT : Anyways, welcome, the usual thing people tend to post as a response is to not be a weeaboo and to act as if it wasn't an impersonal meeting aka. real life.
  5.           EDIT ; Do you guys recommend studying programmation? Like university-level studies.
  6. It'll probably be just a hobby, but I thought I'd give it a shot.   And since I'm entering in unknown territory I thought I might as well be helped?
  7. Favorite Anime

    Psycho-pass, DRRR, Baka to Test to Shokanjuu, F/SN (Ufotable's unfinished anime works, pun intended.) F/Z ( Ufotable's actually finished works. ) Noragami, SuperSaiyanBask Kuroko no Hom Basket Mirai Nikki, YGO GX (Subbed, including season 4 with the zombies and blood rituals), Katekyo Hitman Reborn, YGO 5D's (for being the closest to rulings after arc-v),    I didn't have definite thoughs so I may change my mind after a few days, but that's pretty much what's in my head for now.
  8. Saffira/Herald

    I see that you don't use the djinns (the lock-type deck). Seeing as you can easily get them in THSF and DUEA as hyperprinted supers and commons respectively, I suppose you don't want to play them.   As a Side, I feel using the traps would be really really worth it, even if they don't dead draw their MSTs. Seeing as it's in the side, maybe you could try to play mind games. But usually you'd want the kind of stuff that interrupts the OTK combo tendencies of Necloths, Qliphorts and on a lesser extent, Shaddolls.  You could even use 1 copy of each SS-lock djinn and destroyprevent-djinn.  Stuff like Cairngorgon and Abyss Dweller are good siding IMO.   On a last note, using the fairy drawing card ( the one who locks the BP ), I feel it'd be quite useful for a locking deck such as this since you only need to sit on your rituals. They are many more spells who can help consistency even more but it hard to think of them from the top of my head, sorry.
  9. Welcome DNF members to DGZ

    It actually makes it sound scary, but I'll take up on the challenge.   I think this community being tighter on the rules is better than the the bowl of loose spagettis that's DNF now and that actually fun if you're thinking about it, to be in a serious community for once.
  10. humen

      "We have equality, there are only people more equal than others."   I'll let you all guess what kind of political system this is from.
  11. https://atxpieces.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/spring7.jpg   What are you guys gonna watch?   I've got about a dozen on my watchlist.   [spoiler] Baby Steps Denpa Kyoushi Digimon Fate/SN Gunslinger Stratos High School DxD season 3 DanMachi Kekkai Sensen Knights of Sidonia Kuusen Madoshi Nisekoi season 2 Owari no Seraph Plastic Memories Shoukugeki no Soma Yahari Yamada-kun to 7-nin no majo [/spoiler]   not including the OVAs, but yeah overall it's a lot.
  12. You can't say shit like this an hour after joining.     it's not about status, it's about intention   but since i'm your senpai, be good     I can guarantee you, we come in peace... mostly. Probably... Maybe... It's classified.   but we'll be good.