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  1. Duelingbook

    Link Summoning Has Been Added To DB.
  2. damn i was way inactive.
  3. Congrats. Watched the finals.... The comeback Otk Was real. Everyone in Dn watcher chat was talking abut it ^^
  4. Hello :P

  5. Just made an avi and its my profile rite now rate it out of 10?

  6. Hello :P

    thanks a lot. ill stop using faces i just randomly use when when nervous.
  7. Hello :P

    i forgot to ask ^_^*   Probly should have But did not know who to ask.   I was going to ask chey but forgot and i had this some days ago but forgot to validate it.
  8. Hello :P

    This^   Yea   I was childish before c.c and kinda messed up and asked for my xrated.runzy on here to get banned but now am just back to chill and socialize. 
  9. Hello :P

    Hi am runzy       Am a really chilled and laid back ^^*       Sometimes i can be nervous so yea pls don't get angry if i do ^^*     It's nice to meet you and i hope i can mix in properly with this community ^^     Also free to duel anytime you want   P.S forgot Dn acc is : xRaTeD.Runzy (I don't duel much anymore due to me being busy wit ha lot of school work.)