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      Like always. Fuck dnf they're gay. Ill fight any of those faggy ass admins.


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbvCS6GSA6Y   Is upside down
  3. Qliphort - Discussion

    What about Robbie or Cordero, though? Robbie used to be competitive, now it's just like he's posing. Though he admits he's stopped really playing YGO as of late.   And instead of just saying Swords at Dawn is bad, say why. In its defense, it does trigger Saqlifice and re-use Snatch Steal and only stops SS for the rest of the turn, not the entire turn. The biggest reason I really see it not being ran is because of space and require Saqlifice in the Graveyard. Dead turn 1 most of the time, dead without a monster, dead against Castel. Good just isn't good enough.   Anyway, that's not CapitalG's vid, it's a guest upload.
  4.   But who even uses BoM vs Djinn when Eclipse is at 3, doesn't target, and sets everything?   Maybe Storm will get hit, because it's a gross blowout card in Qli and Nekroz? It's a 2-for-2 with Scout, yeah, but adding Scout and searching again makes that a 2-for-4.   Storm isn't nearly that good in Nekroz, so if they wanted to take Qli down a notch, Storm and Skill Drain are probably the most potent cards they have outside of Vanity. And, if you cannot clear everything, like say it's not your turn, they also draw a shitton of cards. Book of Moon is far more versatile.
  5. This is exactly how I felt about the Solemns. Limiting such a problem card doesn't solve anything, it just makes the game more luck-based.   What about Burning Abyss, will anything be hit there? If it was up to me, I'd limit Graff which is a huge part of their speed. Problem with limiting Tour Guide is they hardly even need a single copy to get off the ground anymore, and it just wrecks so many other decks.   Of course Necloth is completely up in the air. If we go by the old standby of KoA being moneygrubbing whores then nothing but the old cards, if any, will be hit. But how they've recently been acting makes it too confusing.   Sure am looking forward to using crush though. And with Emperor possibly being unbanned... phew. Should be fun for casuals, even if Necloth isn't hit hard.   Instead of banning Djinn, just unlimit Book of Moon.
  6. Qliphort - Discussion

    Why not just main Storm then? Your G1 Nekroz matchup is already favorable, what with 5-6 Vanity/Drain and an assortment of other traps.
  7. Should have just started delivering tofu. Too late now.
  8. FCC Approves Net Neutrality

    I haven't been paying attention to net neutrality, but being for it is good for us right?   "The 317-page plan, which has not yet been publicly released, bans broadband providers from blocking, throttling or prioritizing certain Internet pages over others."   The way the article is worded sounds as though I am correct in my assumption. So, they've approved it, meaning ISPs can't pick and choose what is allowed. Which is right, since it's effectivelly allowing IPSs to censor sites to suit their own agendas.   But aren't they running a business, and should be able to choose what they're providing as a service? If this plan was shot down, it would have severely hurt me and others like me, but I'm on the edge, since it would be involving gov't into the market.   As for the comment section, the Blaze is a radical site, I wouldn't pay any mind to it.
  9. Introduction

    Being a ghost would suck.
  10. Lose A Turn

    It may not be Vanity's Emptiness, but it's not Vanity's Emptiness.   Anything NS-reliant will run 3 of this. We may actually have a card that 100% only supports NS, that may eventually see a hit.
  11. The Secret Forces (TCG)

    [spoiler] [/spoiler] "This card doesn't deserve a spot in my deck, but it might make a good coaster for my drink!"   So the short print of Necloth cards is real?     Abyss Dweller, Preparation of Rites, Armageddon Knight AND Vanity's Emptiness were all ScR? I think those reprints are so powerful and desired enough that they make up for the rest of the mediocre ones.
  12. Ritual Beasts

    Seems to me Instant Fusion and Mavelus would be a better idea than Garuda (or Dynatherium). The QuickPlay actually fixes hands of Elder and too many Tamers, to make Kannahawk to set up Rampenta/Kanna, and it allows for explosive OTKs.   Really, it's like a 4th copy of Steeds that doesn't require monsters.   How is Warning working for you? It seems lackluster; I'd recommend Mind Crush or effect negation instead. The one time it hits Denko doesn't seem like enough pay-off for the other times where you're forced to just Warning a floater. It's good against rogue, but you should crush rogue anyway.   As for some people running Eclipse, they're running Eclipse because they don't run 3 copies of non-targeting removal, not including Raigeki, Torrential and Book of Moon which are also answers. The only advantage Eclipse has over your answers is that it's a spell.
  13. Hello.

    Starting?   You mean DNF?
  14. Introduction

    Hello, I'm Alias North/Frenzyhero.   Previously, I only came to DGz to read competitive opinions/reports after events, since DNF usually didn't have it, and never on the same detail.   I don't have any competitive background irl, but I hope to start warring on DGz if I have time, even though I never did on DNF. I hope if I start warring here I'll get better more quickly, as I feel like I've hit a plateua recently.
  15. dg psa

    Not even your headphones are green. Or your avatar!   It's all just one big lie, isn't it?