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  1. Duelingbook

    http://imgur.com/a/Fp9EL Trying to get back into the swing of meta again, I guess this really is just like DN
  2. Why has the fire true king jumped so high yet the water one hasn't really jumped at all? Also is now the best time to sell both or will they jump more when MACR comes out?
  3. Duelingbook

    Theres a bug where older decks imported from YDK files evade the banlist it seems
  4. Kozmo Landwalker

    You can't destroy a kozmo monster that would already be being destroyed by raigeki to protect all of your other kozmo monsters.
  5. Eater Kaiju

    Yeah but what backrow are you trying to twin that your scared of? The only backrow being run this format consistently is strike and barrier, which don't affect this deck in any way. Twin would only be good against the occasional torrential/book which are both one off's, or against the complete random who for some reason runs mirror force cards in 2017
  6. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    The problem that tenki has compared to barrage is that tenki is just another normal summon, whereas barrage is just a drancia and draw one without normalling. This is really huge because you want the normal for bunbuku so you can establish kirin turn one to make fields of more trap monsters, as well as kirin and counter means that you're unlikely to be killed with slumber barrage otk.
  7. Duelingbook

    SpiceWeasel opt in
  8. DuelingBook Speculation Thread

    Fair amount of lag, altough I imagine DN was similar when it first started. From the few minutes of gameplay I got before the crash, it essentially had the same layout as DN whilst dueling, as well as having a clean looking overlay. Theres also a bunch of stuff to make it look like a social media, although didn't manage to use that.
  9. Is it just me or does the table that loads not have an area for your graveyard?
  10. YCS Sydney 2017

    2 MF in the top 4
  11. In your first question you're unable to fill out for all questions, its thinking each question is an answer for a question
  12. Zoodiac - Discussion

    You mention a card called Wildboar a lot within the combos and applications, but I assume that's an untranslated name? At first I assumed it was Broadbull, but that can't be the case as you specifically name Broadbull in a combo where you also name Wildboar.
  13. Whats Americas world team like from this event then?
  14. Moderator shit slinging contest

    was there a stream for this, and have the matches been uploaded to youtube somehwere? I can't find them on ARG youtube channel
  15. is getting dark lady at 45 a good deal. will it drop more it likely jump?