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  1. 2 MF in the top 4
  2. In your first question you're unable to fill out for all questions, its thinking each question is an answer for a question
  3. You mention a card called Wildboar a lot within the combos and applications, but I assume that's an untranslated name? At first I assumed it was Broadbull, but that can't be the case as you specifically name Broadbull in a combo where you also name Wildboar.
  4. Whats Americas world team like from this event then?
  5. was there a stream for this, and have the matches been uploaded to youtube somehwere? I can't find them on ARG youtube channel
  6. is getting dark lady at 45 a good deal. will it drop more it likely jump?
  7. Are people just hosting their own servers or is there a link going around for one?
  8. What happened to upstart?
  9. is there any reason why amulet dragon is going up in price?
  10. Is it worth picking up kozmo stuff, or are they likely to get hurt by the banlist?
  11. Aren't magicians and pepe still just the best deck when the dust settles? So buy shit now whilst everyones rattled
  12. So basically I spilt water on my laptop during the middle of the night without really realizing, this morning when i went to turn it on, the screen was flickering, so I left it in the window in the sun in an attempt to just dry it out, because it wasn't a large amount of water. The next time I turn my laptop on, the screen is incredibly dim, yet when i click the button's to adjust screen brightness, i can see the image on screen adjusting the amount of bars to say the brightness has been changed, without any effect on the actual brightness of the screen. After a bit of googling, I think this may have something to do with the backlight now being faulty due to the water damage.    I have a macbook air, model number is A1466,mid 2013 model i believe. From what I've read online, I should unscrew the back and dry the internal components, but as far as I'm aware I'm unable to do so, due to Macs using weird screws. I understand that since I'm not exactly a tech savvy guy and am not able to get the back of to take photos, there likely isn't a lot any of you can do and I will have to take to the repair shop, but I thought I might as well try my luck beforehand, as the repair shop option is looking rather expensive. Any help or input you guys could give me would be very much appreciated thank you.  
  13.   Love it when the fedora man comes to visit :^)
  14. How many tincan are people running? I'm doing 2 and have a 6 card artifact engine, and im struggling to fit everything i want into the deck. I'm also really conflicted on how to build this deck, because like a lot of other people I think going first with the deck and setting a couple traps turn one is good. The problem is I don't know how our deck competes with Pepe without using maxx mained, or having boardwipes mained (I have 1 hole 1 raigeki) which are just not good cards going first, along with the fact that raigeki etc make the spell count high enough for your own mained fragrance to be a problem. Victor may be onto something with needle ceiling mained, but its only good going first if we get a ship with our rider that we summon turn1.   On another note, is anyone running any of the BOSH support besides tincan in the main? I'm siding one kozmojo, which is really good in the mirror, and against rogue matchs like telllar and ba, which unfortunately will likely still be around at my regionals.
  15. Is there anything relevant thats cheap rn to pick up before bosh sneak peak that happen in a week?