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  1. Suggestion on the site?

    Profile music would be awesome, and Change your layout and back round of the Profile would be nice as well. :D
  2. can I put Music On my Profile?

  3. Is there?

    Is there a Free Version of Magic: The gathering card game online?
  4. SO I go banned temp. on DNF because my Mates were giving me likes on my comments, and the MOD said I was boosting likes. Then HE perm Banned them...Not fair at all

  5. New here

    it wont let me save my deck now for some reason? any ideas?
  6. New here

    Thank you @leviear
  7. New here

    well, I tried downloading the mac version, and it doesnt open :(
  8. New here

    I have a question? I'm running a macbook pro and trying to Play YGO but i dont know how to open the files? does anyone know to do this?
  9. Can any one help me get YGO or Devpro work on my mac?

  10. New here

    Thank you both! I can Tell a diffrence already with the Hospitality :D
  11. New here

    Hello everyone! My name is JamieRed, I'm not new to Yu-gi-oh, but I'm new to this Forum. I curently reside in DNF. One of my close mates told me about this site, and thought I'd try it out. Overall it seems to be a better place to chat and talk discussions. well, I hope you all have a good day