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  1. Shaddoll - Discussion

    3 mistake 3 SSG 1 core 2 mind crush   thats what im playing until star seraphs. I haven't tested CCV yet so it could also work well. I can't really say where i like it or not at this point in time.
  2. Locked my keys in my car

    break the window? xD unless you have a lockpick set. Or just call Triple A or whatever you have out there. Where im from the get there fast
  3. YCS Chicago Apr 10-12 2015

    I'll be going. Looking forward to the event since Dark Matter is gonna be out for it.
  4. NAWCQ 2015 Nashville, TN

    Nice Its not an awful drive 4h 30min. See y'all there!
  5. What song are you listening to now?

    Heavyweight - Rick Ross Ft. Slab
  6. Shadoll Fusion vs Mind Crush

    Shaddoll fusion doesn't target or anything like that. The sending of monsters happens upon resolution. So you activate shaddoll fusion not having to say whether your summoning construct or winda etc. then they can mind crush if they hit your only light monster and you do not have the proper monsters to summon winda or shek etc then shaddoll fusion fizzles. If you do have a shaddoll and a dark monster then you can summon winda.
  7. Whats gonna be the best dark matter build?

  8. I usually pile shuffle doing 8 piles of 5 cards each if im playing 40 cards which i usually am. Then i pick up the bottom 4 piles and shuffle them then take the top 4 and shuffle them the combine those and shuffle the deck as a whole this time then allow my opponet to cut. I feel it splits things up pretty well.
  9. the well of knowledge

      idk i struggle with this myself ayy lamo     They way she looks at you. Its all in the eyes. The eyes tell everything.     no plebs plz   what?? ._.
  10. Satellarknight - Discussion

    why would nekroz cut the djinn lock? thats just poor planning. yea people are finding outs to it. still requires them to play cards to out it. still can be very effective for 2-3 turns
  11. YCS Prague 28th Feb - 1st March

    Time to sit back and watch dante rise in price
  12. Satellarknight - Discussion

    I think warrior lady is our best out to the djinn lock because we main 3 rota so its a searchable out. and nekroz plays no backrow so thats makes it even better.
  13. the well of knowledge

    They way she looks at you. Its all in the eyes. The eyes tell everything.
  14. Hello!

    Lazerman!! :O hey!! :D
  15. hi

    This is why I sleep with a knife within arms reach