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  1. Looks like the battle of the anime characters is over, but there's still an announcement at the top of section pages.  That normal?

  2. Huh, massive text actually makes things harder to read
  3. mgfdd087! Ajhhsksushjsnsj919101973, 292ksj,suk,0aoak. Taxomunisfspapa. Oakansnsn? Aaosiskk. AKSSKA029W. Passiwlxje, dieksk iwiwosjjs.
  4. Shit on phone hit post do win or no what is the rules
  5. The Duelingbook thread could probably just be closed.

    1. Urthor


      Drama is funny though

  6. May as well keep posting if I started.
  7. That's right, I can doublepost here. So I will. Because I can.
  8. So if something is more retarded does that make it more entertaining for you? Explains a lot if that's true.
  9. By the time I get to 50 posts there will be no DGZ

    RIP reading Politigrounds

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    2. Markus


      mafia too if ur down

    3. Cheesesteak


      Mafia's bad for my self-esteem.

    4. Markus


      just post memes man.  i know you've got more than 40.

  10. This site has interesting-sounding memes.

    1. Cheesesteak


      Of course, I understand absolutely none of them, but they seem like they would be amusing if I did.

    2. Markus


      Oh man they're pretty greasy alright. Ever seen the muscular black meme? Well that's from all watching a strong black man in a porno on google plus. 

    3. Markus


      And I don't even understand all the memes!

  11. I would give you an answer instead but clearly I have no right to tell people what to name themselves.
  12. Pretty much this. I actually prefer Emerald for single player due to the Battle Frontier, which isn't in ORAS for whatever reason. Delta Episode doesn't make up for it imo.
  13. Anyone know if Force of Will is worth playing?

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    2. Cheesesteak


      With MTG I'm rather intimidated by the ridiculously large cardpool and large amounts of info to process, among other things I can't quite recall at the moment.

      Game balance isn't a huge issue to me personally.  I'll buy a cheaper deck, attend a couple locals, and see how it goes I suppose.

    3. Cheesesteak


      As much as I want to play just about every card game all at once that's not really possible because time and money are limited resources.

    4. welcometointernet


      completely fair

      another thing i didnt like about FoW is how dicks drafting it was, it felt like there were too many unplayables per pack, a lot of cards only interacted with certain archetypes, it felt like playing a ygo sneak (not sure if thats still the case)