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  1. Apostrophe bugs me still pretty good though
  2. Well, yes, but that's to be expected.
  3. Well actually it's probably more about 40% are better 20% are roughly the same 40% are worse.
  4. Aren't we all.
  5. What level of skill is expected of a DGz Mafia newbie?  I played one game ever and am not good, but kinda want to play again.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Mascis


      Just make a multi and play on that account 

    3. Jazz


      You're already better than I am because you haven't posted yet. 100% serious.

    4. Cheesesteak


      Sweet, I'm great at not posting, I'll be mafia champ in no time

      But yeah sounds like I'll be fine, I'll try a game this summer perhaps.  It's coming up soon enough.

  6. Looks like the battle of the anime characters is over, but there's still an announcement at the top of section pages.  That normal?

  7. Huh, massive text actually makes things harder to read
  8. mgfdd087! Ajhhsksushjsnsj919101973, 292ksj,suk,0aoak. Taxomunisfspapa. Oakansnsn? Aaosiskk. AKSSKA029W. Passiwlxje, dieksk iwiwosjjs.
  9. Shit on phone hit post do win or no what is the rules
  10. The Duelingbook thread could probably just be closed.

    1. Urthor


      Drama is funny though

  11. May as well keep posting if I started.
  12. That's right, I can doublepost here. So I will. Because I can.
  13. So if something is more retarded does that make it more entertaining for you? Explains a lot if that's true.