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  1. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Sign-Ups

    In as a sub, but move me up if you need me to fill spaces
  2. Care Bears Aftergame - Town wins

    I unfortunately had stuff going on and couldn't even get back to the thread in time to ask for a sub :/ Was less me letting myself be modkilled and more the fact I genuinely couldn't get back onto DGz in time to meet quota My free time rn is basically non-existent, so I can't really post a shit ton to begin with unless it's a slow weekend at work or something
  3. Care Bears Mafia - Day 3

    Fixed this post, just to avoid confusion. This. We know for sure either haz or Francis is scum at this point. No lynching just means scum will kill someone else tonight and the standoff between haz and FJU isn't resolved. It'll just be a night kill that won't give us anywhere near as much info from lynching one of these two right now. Only reason you'd want a no lynch right now is if you are worried you or scum partner might get lynched.
  4. Care Bears Mafia - Day 3

    Quick post whilst I'm in my contextual studies class. Still not a fan that @dyachei never answered my question about the supposed interaction between me and Francis, but if FJU is scum I'd imagine dyachai may be town. Right now I 100% don't think Tyranno is town I'm thinking he may be scum or a neutral role. Not much point in trying to read BB much any more since he's subbing out and I'm pretty sure he was definitely wrong about Solstice being scum at this point anyways. What's the vote count at right now, and how long do we have till day is over?
  5. Care Bears Mafia - Day 3

    Wow okay, sorry for joining late in the day phase, had a lot going on. Seems like a lot has been going on here rn. Can't quote exact posts rn so I'm sorry if I cause any confusion in my posts. FoS Tyranno Honestly even despite the Hazmah/Francis stuff going on, I still think Tyranno is more likely to be scum. Least it might not be a 50/50 chance with lynching him smh. In this day phase alone you seem to keep flip flopping on all of your reads, votes and just everything you say in general. If Francis really is doc, it'd be better to lynch Hazmah first and if Hazmah flips town, we lynch Francis tomorrow/see if there's a vig hiding anywhere. At best with hazmah's role, I agree that he absolutely shouldn't claim what the other two abilities are just yet. It doesn't help solidify his claim nor does it give town any real advantage to know what he can do just yet, it'll just let scum know what they'd have to avoid. One of the two stole Jazz' role to claim either way, but I'm thinking we err on the side of caution and lynch hazmah today, and Francis tomorrow if haz flips scum? Gonna reread the thread now,
  6. Care Bears Mafia - Day 3

    Is Jazz a viable lynch? I was more thinking we do what BB says and just go for a no lynch so we re evaluate what's happened
  7. Care Bears Mafia - Day 3

    I mean, probably? If y'all want me to lynch BB I'll go ahead and do it but I have him town read
  8. Care Bears Mafia - Day 3

    Would you rather I try to lynch you when o think you might be town? If you wanna tie it go ahead
  9. Care Bears Mafia - Day 3

    Unvote: BB I start work in 5 minutes and I'm on mobile so this is my last vote change. Vote: dyachei purely because he never came back after his bandwagon on me for something that literally didn't happen
  10. Care Bears Mafia - Day 3

    i'm pretty sure this is the only thing you've said throughout the entire day phase, and you haven't once explained it. At least give a reason for why I'm scum rather than just going 'kill x they scum'. It's the laziest shit ever.
  11. Care Bears Mafia - Day 3

    Not entirely sure this is the BEST play, but I'm kind of left with no other option here Unvote: dyachei Vote: BB Leaning to scum being Jazz and maybe BB at this point, but a Jazz lynch isn't gonna happen today :/
  12. Care Bears Mafia - Day 3

    his meta is scumreading people who scumread him first, apparently. Keeping my vote on dyachei unless I have to end up swapping it to BB or Jazz before work, because the bandwagon on me with his only reason being something that LITERALLY didn't happen is still the scummiest thing to happen all day wtf. Does anyone have a vote count that's actually right? Gotta see where we stand
  13. Care Bears Mafia - Day 3

    meant inane, not innate. 3am brain don't work too good
  14. Care Bears Mafia - Day 3

    I mean, I'm going by the ACTUAL definition of free-wheeling. If you cause misunderstanding from using it wrong, that's on you. I believe I understand what you were TRYING to say, and I still think it's an incredibly innate and shallow read into BB. It just feels like you are trying to force a reason behind BB having a townread for some reason. Wonder what it could be. But just to clear up any confusion, can you clearly state what your read on BB is and the reasons behind it?
  15. Care Bears Mafia - Day 3

    not a fan of omgus votes. they might have their place, but I'd rather just specifically say what I have a problem with rather than just a omgus vote.