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  1. Broken's Broken Game

    Just quickly want to top off, I'm not saying lynch Malcolm purely because he's inactive, mostly I'm saying that we've yet to find someone better to lynch so we might as well start by digging in at the guy doing fuck all
  2. Broken's Broken Game

    I'll go more in-depth later, but day one scumminess tbf. Also I refuse to allow 'Malcolm is normally inactive' to be an acceptable defence in this scenario. If you aren't gonna play the game, you might as well GTFO. Just taking spots from someone who might actually play the game, contribute and actually BE ACTIVE. Idk how y'all play around here and what you are used to after all, but lynching someone for inactivity is pretty much a good thing long term in most places, even if it's just out of principle. This is a game that revolves around discussion, so not having people discuss anything because they're always inactive just makes things shittier for everyone.
  3. Broken's Broken Game

    Normally I would agree, but I'm not just voting based on Malcolm's activity. I'm also voting on the fact he just blatantly voted for himself to have the lynch. There might be better lynches (like Sage, or me depending on how the rest of you see it tbh) but I think Malcolm's one of the safer bets at the same time. Even if he has an important role like Cop, claiming is off so he has to actually be fuckin active to utilise that role properly in this format. The only way I see it being a bad lynch is if he's doc or jester, both of which seem real unlikely to me tbh. These kinda games rely on the people playing them to be active, otherwise you get fuck all to go on. If someone isn't gonna be active and just floats to meet quota, you honestly might as well lynch them because at least you'll get reads based on how other people reacted to it.
  4. Broken's Broken Game

    wow posts are easy to accidentally delete if you press the wrong button apparently. Y'all have been *busy* in the 9 hours I've been gone :^) @Brandis72 I only see two real possibilities with Zero. He was either killed by a non-scum killer, like a jailer/vig (jailer seems unlikely given we can't even soft claim) or a SK. Or he's a bodyguard and lucked out in protecting whoever scum attacked, which is a less likely scenario, but unless the scum are dumb idk why they would've killed Zero. It was a wild pick especially since quite a few players were suspicious of him for just apparently bandwagoning and not contributing much original thought. Like you said, it could just be one converter scum, which I also see as unlikely tbh. 9 players so I'm guessing around three scum, so Zero either really WAS scum killed, which I believe would clear Jazz in that regard, or he was killed by a vigilante, in which case Zero could of possibly been scum and we wouldn't know until further into the game. We're completely blind but the vigil didn't end up dead, which I think leans towards more Zero could of been scum (wouldn't be surprised if he was a jester). My point of this is fuck you Broken. All we have to go on is reading each other people, which is why I suddenly dropped my suspicion of Jazz. I think given the circumstances, Jazz is one of the few we could possibly rule out of being scum, but possibly being neutral or converted if it's that kind of game. My point is this: If Jazz was scum, they wouldn't want Zero dead because a mislynch against Zero would be pretty easy to accomplish Day Two if you killed someone like Walia or Malcolm, who the townies wouldn't be able to gain any information from. If Zero was scum and Jazz was the Vigil (as Tyranno said could be a possibility) then the fact that Jazz isn't dead means Zero could of been scum and Jazz was right. The third scenario is that both were town and Jazz wasn't involved in the kill, but I don't see a scenario where Jazz is scum and would want Zero of all people dead. It's not flawless logic, it's not taking into account the aforementioned possibility that Zero is a bodyguard and Jazz could still be scum, or that someone else is a vigil and a doc proctected from the scum kill. But given how Jazz was playing Day One I do think they are the most likely town rn, hence why I'm cool giving them my vote. Sorry for the long, mind fuck of a disorganised mess paragraph. I just got home and I'm tired af. Hopefully more people post soon so I got shit to go on
  5. Broken's Broken Game

    Also more on my reasoning for lynching Malcolm, he literally posted nothing of use on Day One, still hasn't given a reason for this lack of activity, and the first thing he said today was what I assume was a joke post about Tyranno, before then voting for himself with no further reasoning. Which like I said, is also exactly what Tyranno and Jazz did, but I'm kind of excusing it more from them because they actually posted shit yesterday, so I can understand them two not starting off the day by instantly reading into things like I am.
  6. Broken's Broken Game

    I leaned into this kind of thinking too, but more in the terms of 'what if scum is inactive'. In a blind game it's kind of a bad choice to instantly assume the kill was scum, since it could be that they have converters or the likes. I also never said you were 'in the clear' Tyranno, that's extremely dumb of you to assume. I pushed more on Malcolm for his inactivity. I said you were contributing, not that I thought you were in the clear. Seems like you are just trying to twist my words there. HoS As for the reversal on Jazz, that's just me owning up to my mistakes, I've not played Mafia in a while. I'm not dumb enough to suddenly do a random 180 on a player overnight, I just re-read the thread and realised I might be looking too far into things. I might change my vote later on, but voting for Jazz to get the lynch seemed more useful than just doing what you three did and voting for myself, because honestly that's a dumb choice in this kind of scenario. It doesn't get reads on anyone and it's just gonna end up being everyone voting for themselves as their first post of the day.
  7. Broken's Broken Game

    Vote: Jazz Kind of a gesture of good will, Jazz probably was looking too far into things but I lowkey tunneled them a bit too far. That being said, I believe we should lynch Malcolm today. The dude barely said a word yesterday, and so far he's made two posts which both mean nothing. At least Tyranno and Jazz contributed to discussions yesterday to excuse a first post, expected vote for themselves, but Malcolm didn't contribute ANYTHING AT ALL and suddenly wants to be the one to lynch someone? Suspicious AF.
  8. Broken's Broken Game

    Quick post to say I probably won't be online at any point from now till day ends, so I'll just keep my vote on Jazz for now. I don't think Tyranno is too bad of a lynch, he's laying down some really weird plays
  9. Broken's Broken Game

    wow holy heck you guys make a lot of posts. @hazmah Honestly from what you've been saying, I believe the point you are trying to make is Zero and Tyranno are both scum trying to start some day one long con, but I think it's more just the way Tyranno is playing. Never played here before so I'm not entirely sure, but he seems very erratic in his playstyle rn. He's making random, one sentence posts to make clarifications on what you would assume was already a joke and it just makes him look more guilty. This right here is mainly what I'm talking about, it just comes across as a half-assed joke. Which it's day one, that's cool and all, but it just leads to bad reads on you if you are a townie and puts a lot of suspicion on you if yer scum. I can't get that proper read on you because it seems like a lot of your posts are low effort.
  10. Broken's Broken Game

    I'm voting you for the hazmah thing too, and your point about being 'certain' Sage was scum for something that whilst a bit dodgy, wasn't exactly some top ace detective work that totally proves he's scum. I said the tangent felt a bit irrelevant but it wasn't a LONG tangent by any shot, you just seem to be exaggerating the mistakes Sage made to try and get a push on him.
  11. Broken's Broken Game

    Okay, I had some quotes laid out but somethin went fucky and it got deleted, here's my rushed re-writing of it all. I'm currently suspicious of three main peeps, Tyranno, Jazz, Sage: Tyranno might have irl stuff going on, but that could mean he's just thrown off as scum too. Plus he hasn't used that as a reason for why his mindset/playstyle might be different this game (props for that). Instead, the excuse he's going for is 'I played similarly in Day One when I was town there' which tbh is a REALLY bad excuse for how someone acts in a game. It's a lazy defence to try and make it look like you are town, OR something is off with him and he just hasn't been able to play to the level he apparently does here according to Sage. He never actually explained why he voted for me the second time, but I'm assuming it was because he thought I was bandwagoning him or something? My first post pretty much was such a shit post since I was short on time then. Tyranno might be scum but honestly he's playing kinda off even if he's scum or townie tbh. Unvote: Tyranno Which brings me to Jazz. You say you are confident that Sage is scummy on day one, which would be fine and all, but the only thing you are really basing it on his him trying to tunnel Tyranno. Honestly, Sage actually had a good point, it did feel a bit like Tyranno was doing some low-key shitposting to seem more friendly or town, or try to make it seem like lynching him would be a waste of a day. I didn't think Sage was even tunneling that hard tbh, but saying that Sage is probably scum just for a short tangent and a bit of tunneling doesn't seem very justified. You did something similar with hazmah where you voted for him being against Broke's shitposting in the thread and calling it 'clutter', when hazmah was right in saying that the clutter didn't really benefit scum OR town. Vote: Jazz That being said, Sage's tangent did feel a bit irrelevant and a lot of their posts have seemed half ass so far, but I'm having a hard time getting a read as well. I got FoS on ZeroPassion because from what I remember when we played together, he's not the jumping on votes kind, especially for something like that. It seems really short-sighted and oh boy you better not have regressed to the point where that's how you play townie. I don't think you are scum just yet, but I do think you might be neutral on the off-chance we have one. FoS on Brandis too, he voted for Sage to 'meet quota' despite barely posting much himself (Sage just hadn't been able to post in the thread yet). Whilst trying to get information out of someone by voting them is cool and all, doing it when they haven't posted yet is moot. You've not really posted much of your own suspicions either, just retreading that both Zero and Tyranno seem to be making odd plays. I might've missed something but if I did, I'll wait until someone replies to address it.
  12. Broken's Broken Game

    Yeah I had read the thread, my vote was initially to just get a feel for the players here since I'm only familiar with two of them, but I'm right at the tail end of a college project I legit just turned in, so I didn't have much time or content to go on to do day one detective work on and figure out the whole scum team in all honesty. Sooooo tl;dr we should lynch you for either being a town-friendly scum or a shit townie? :^). I'm new here so idk what your Day One strategy is, but so far it just feels like you've jumped on peeps for the smallest of reasons. I've not got much to go on either so I'll probably re-read the whole thread tomorrow morning when I have more time on my hands and can actually make some proper decisions. Gunna keep my vote on you over night until I find someone better to vote for tbh, worst case scenario I just dump my vote on the number deuce.
  13. Broken's Broken Game

    Well hello there folks, did I miss the party? Ya boi is British and always misses the early day. Vote: Tyranno You seem like a guy who likes bandwagons :^)
  14. Broken's Broken Game Sign-ups

    Consider me all in.
  15. Spider-Man to finally appear in the MCU

    Superior Spider-man can GTFO