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  1. CANCELLED - No Reveal Mafia

    Tbf I was probably gonna be this inactive regardless of the no-flip. Can't speak for the others tho. Personally I don't see the harm in at least trying to see this day phase through
  2. CANCELLED - No Reveal Mafia

    Only a few hours and it doesn't look like ButtPlug is coming back. This is probably my last post, sucks to say I haven't got anything to add but I gotta make sure I don't get modkilled before I head into work at least rip
  3. CANCELLED - No Reveal Mafia

    Gotta love how ButtPlug came in and boshed out all 5 of their posts for quota in one swoop, was the deciding vote on us not getting an extension and accomplished nothing other than asking Tyranno why he wasn't all that active on one of the busiest holidays of the year. I'm waiting to see if they actually post again, but imo that's susp for someone who was asking about people "taking mafia seriously" lmaoo. I get what you mean with this, but given the majority of people voted that it's not really much to go on at this point in the game. If it's a deciding vote I could see it, but I honestly really doubt rei voting against it was in anyway indicative of his alignment. It's the wrong tree to bark up at this point
  4. CANCELLED - No Reveal Mafia

    Oh Walia beat me to it smh
  5. CANCELLED - No Reveal Mafia

    Wait are you asking me a question or asking about me? Either way, I'm really confused On my phone heading home from work so can't quote the post, but don't like how Macer piggy backed off of BB's post to vote for rei. Pretty easy to understand WHY he voted for rei, but it's still a dumb reason to vote for him Any vote count on whether or not we're getting that extension
  6. CANCELLED - No Reveal Mafia

    I don't necessarily disagree with the second part, but given the fact basically only medusa made quota (I believe, cba to count Sage's posts) within the first 24 hours compared to the activity seen on past d1's, I think it's very clear that a few people were too busy to post on Thanksgiving. I mean ideally we coulda just waited another day to start rather then having to faff about with whether or not we'd have an extra 24 hours, but what's done is done.
  7. CANCELLED - No Reveal Mafia

    It's thanksgiving and I'm pretty sure only a handful of us aren't Americans. Peeps will post more tomorrow when they aren't with their families
  8. CANCELLED - No Reveal Mafia

    Vote For Extension it's like midnight for me and I only just got home from work, so I won't be able to do shit till tomorrow morning anyways lmao don't see how the extension will hurt the game, at worst it just prolongs our suffering
  9. VANILLA No Reveal Signups

    I was at work at that time so I couldn't just then, but I can now. In
  10. Always Angry Mafia Aftergame

    £5 on whether or not I actually get to play for more than one phase in the next game :^))))))
  11. Always Angry Mafia

    Unvote: Vote: Sage All I can really do besides waiting out on my death
  12. Always Angry Mafia

    I'm not gonna suddenly think you are less suspicious because you unvoted for me after a soft PR claim. Blindly assuming the people who side with me/agree with me are town is a bad move.
  13. Always Angry Mafia

    He could be scum knowing that I am actually this role and is trying to distance himself from my mislynch lmao
  14. Always Angry Mafia

    Too late to reverse the train. Walia is just shitposting. Lynch who you want tbh, I'm not gonna lose sleep over being mislynched in a game of mafia lmao. tl;dr I'm not MASSIVELY invested in mafia, so I really couldn't care if I get lynched. It's just not great for town if I DO get lynched.
  15. Always Angry Mafia

    Gonna claim as a last ditch effort to sway your minds I suppose. I'm Lapras, my night ability is called Ferry. I can take a player of my choosing to my secret hideout to protect them from NK's. If I protect a member of the scum team, they plant a 'bomb' in my hideout without me knowing and they can then bypass my protection to kill their target. I cannot protect the same target back to back or protect myself.