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  1. DG Live 192: TCG [Unlocked] | Winner: crimson_flare

    in - BlackLusterNutBuster
  2. You, too, can have an epic gaming PC.

    Lenovo has a desktop for ~700ish depending on where you look that has a 3.2 GHz i5 with 12 gigs of RAM (maybe 8 can't remember atm) and a GeForce 720. I believe the model is the IdeaCentre k450. I'm on my phone or I'd double check the model for you. It's probably gonna be your best bet if you're looking to avoid building your own machine. I'll update with relevant links when I'm back at my computer.
  3. I'd like to hop on skype and commentate it, I am free tomorrow (Tuesday)      i mentioned this before but i think it would be cool if the person recording would get on skype/gchat with one of the players and basically let him do all the talking, going play by play and telling us his reasons for certain plays, etc..   This particular way of doing things can always lead to the opponent of the featured player feeling a little bit cheated in that it could be interpreted as the player receiving coaching or something similar. It's just one of those things that's best not to do usually.
  4. Well, as of right now we only have 4 recorders and Ghost-k is one of them. That leaves 3 of us at the absolute most to cover this. I will do my best to get as much of it done as possible but I can't guarantee two simultaneous recordings all the time. I'll continue checking here for the requested feature matches and prioritize the common opinions over random selection. If anyone knows of anybody with experience or willingness to be taught in this kind of project let them know we're a thing. The more people I have available the more content we can provide you guys. I look forward to getting this project up and running and covering a tournament this large is going to be a good way to gauge how efficient we are. Best of luck to all. Also, for those of you who have expressed an interest in commentating a feature match, please contact me on Skype so that I can get you set up with a recorder. My Skype name is noah.card (look for the DuelistGroundz profile pic)
  5. gg guys might as well not even bother
  6. Symbol lookup error linux mint

    Have you used the ldd command to check for missing dependencies yet?
  7. We will have a feature match from every round uploaded either tonight or tomorrow.   Check here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi9UVnVfL-A2OqZ-BoaFiSA Congratulations to the winner. I look forward to watching your match.
  8. The Semifinals and Finals of this tournament have been recorded and will be uploaded here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi9UVnVfL-A2OqZ-BoaFiSA Please make sure to subscribe for more coverage of future tournaments.
  9. The DuelistGroundz Recording Team (yeah, this is a thing now)   The DuelistGroundz Recording Team records and livestreams official DuelistGroundz tournament matches. Commentary is also occasionally provided. The Team is led by NoahC1992 and CaamSerenityOfGusto. The channel where all of our recordings are uploaded: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi9UVnVfL-A2OqZ-BoaFiSA   The title of this thread will be updated to announce stream dates and times.    Current Team Members: NoahC1992 (Leader) (R, S, C) CaamSerenityOfGusto (Leader) (R, S, C) Ghost-k (R) topdeckedblso_o (R, C)   Announcements: As of right now, the DGRT is recruiting new members! If you are interested in recording, streaming, or commentating matches played by your fellow DuelistGroundz members, and you are willing to be an ACTIVE team member, contact one of the team leaders. If you would like to be a recorder, your machine must be capable of recording 720p at 30 fps at a minimum.  It's okay if you have no experience with any of these things, as long as you are willing to work hard and LEARN. As of right now the only people running the stream will be NoahC1992 and CaamSerenityOfGusto, with occasional guest commentators. If you are interested in working with us, contact us via Dueling Network PM, DGz PM, or Skype IM. (noah.card, live:letica13s) We are also looking for GFX artists interested in creating a channel background for Youtube. You'll be fully credited for your work.   We are planning to record official DG war duels at some point in the future. Right now our services are only available to official TOs.
  10. Rock Stun Post THSF

    Grand Mole is VERY underwhelming. It's a waste of a normal summon. This deck's ridiculous dependence on normal summons is one of it's biggest downsides. Why bother wasting your only normal for the turn to 1-1 exchange them when they're gonna be putting 2-3 more monsters on field next turn anyways? It's usage is even worse in the Qliphort matchup where it's just about the deadest card you can draw. MAYBE if Mole were at 2 it would be worth siding against some rogue decks but it's pretty bad right now. If you plan on using this even semi-competitively you should side Gaia Plate. It beats over every Qliphort monster including Towers.   Night Beam seems really subpar in a meta where Burning Abyss are pretty much dead. Just drop them and play the 3rd MST in the main.