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  1. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    Exodius is an amazing extender. He pretty much ensures that you have a double link play.
  2. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    The deck ain't even the best WC build. Worst thing is he's not playing The Exodia that shuffles back and the kaijus he's running aren't well thought out. The eva is the only decent addition in his deck because of the loop with firewall.
  3. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    The statement is still correct. Basing a decks status in the meta can not simply be determined off of its first YCS win, but I do applaud the guy for the win.
  4. ACP's Goat Manifesto, ed. MMF

    Man yugioh becomes more intricate the older I get it seems. Great article.
  5. I always say I'm gonna do shit, then don't do it (with certain things). Help ya boy.

  6. SPYRAL - Deck Discussion

    Stopping at 3/2 is necessary because opening multiple double summon is pretty bad because you can't really stack double summon i'm pretty sure. At least with machine dupe, you can activate more than one per turn if need be. edit: i would also like to propose running 1 super agent in this deck because it's searchable + it's name really isnt too important as a card anymore because of the release of double helix.
  7. You've Got A Friend In Me

    I like the idea very much. Do you have issues with bricking? Why don't you play the regular Shaddoll Fusion? The speed of this deck is also concerning for this format. Yeah, you'll mostly play Spyrals, but it seems like if you brick (your engine cards) it's just hoping to draw into it before several pokes to take game.
  8. Shoutout to @Milk at YCS Dallas curently going X-2. Hope you top boe!

  9. SPYRAL - Deck Discussion

    I've been playing the pure version for a while and truly believe that's the best build for the TCG. Also, a 3:2 ratio for Machine Duplication and Double Summon are what I feel is correct for the deck because increasing the amount of extenders makes opening Spyral combos going first more consistent.
  10. YCS San Diego - Nov 18/19

    Good luck to all attending. I think this the final event for this mini format right?
  11. whos your display pic

    1. Paraliel


      Ash lookin to slide into those DMs

    2. Jujuuu.


      some random emo 

  12. Paleozoic - Deck Discussion

    On Gameceil: You can play this if you're willing to trade a toad for a gameceil whenever you encounter a master peace. It's nice in grind game scenarios and this would be the option I play tbh. On Kumongous: If you want to keep your toadally awesome and out the master peace, then I would play this. There's no recursion though and it's only a 1 time usage. Not good if another Master Peace is summoned, making it to where you gotta pray to draw another one.
  13. I was really reluctant to kiss you because you told me you sucked dick before.