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  1. I hang around the right people. <3

  2. [Current] Bullet Club

    Had to do it man
  3. [Current] Bullet Club

    I'm feeling this. Good shit boe.
  4. YCS Toronto 2017

    You'll top man. Almost there.
  5. I aim to be great. 

  6. Thank you for addressing the issue, very well appreciated.
  7. YCS Rimini 2017

    What do you guys think most of the top spots will be? My game knowledge isn't really high level but, I believe most of the top spots will be occupied by Pure Zoo because the deck is more flexible and bricks way less than the other zoo variants from what I've been seeing.
  8. Zoodiac - Discussion

    It's has a nice interaction and all, but it's a trap that you can't utilize going first. Even if it was a spell, I feel that Shuffle Reborn still outclasses the effect of XYZ Reborn because of the graveyard effect allowing players to out Floodgate Trap Hole (I don't know entirely how relevant this is because I'm recently returning to the game).
  9. Da D-Boyz Vs Detox

    Yeah, I lost to @Oh_The_Irony (OTI). Losing the rps, so he goes first. My opening hand game one was decent (i didn't see hand traps though) but wasn't enough to beat the board that OTI produced (resolving multiple fusion subs). So I scooped without giving any info (which didn't work really). Game two I sided out my sub combo just in case he did side properly. we draw our opening hands and my hand was pretty playable (rat, solemn warning, mask of restrict, barrage, and whiptail). I normal summon rat without using effect in fear of handtraps and overlayed onto bull to use the rat ss eff. He chained maxx c, causing me to end my turn early with just a rat, drident and two decent sets. Giving him two draws. OTI normals retal c and i solemn it. I didnt open any handtraps so he gets alot of searching and special summoning off (having terrortop and running over my ratpier, i pop terrortop during this) and he eventually attempted to tribute summon with the true draco spell effect, I chained mask of restrict. OTI finally ends with a board of drident (that popped my drident) and passes. I topdecked taketomborg and attempted to use barrage and he ogred it, not resolving the barrage. I conceded because I knew the rest of the duel was in his favor and nothing I could top deck really wouldn't have helped. GGs man. btw for those who can change names, the brackets + spaces are included in my DB name.
  10. Da D-Boyz Vs Detox

    I'm free during the day man. Just ping me in the discord.
  11. True Draco Discussion

    This confuses me, would you be using gem-knight lazuli as a material to add this to your hand? How would you make derg? My bad if I sound remedial as fuck.
  12. YCS Pittsburgh 2017

    Man, iTweety not doing well so far but hopefully he gets that top. Kamal preforming normally I see. I am still scavenging through names seeing who I wanna look out for in the event still.
  13. JC Goes to Lolcals

    Man this is the plan once I go to my first locals lol. But good shit boe, may your OTKs be with you.
  14. [adult swim]

    I've seen the first 3 episodes, the show is pretty neat. I gotta find some more time to get some shows in though.
  15. True Draco Discussion

    I'm no expert duelist or anything, but True Draco are are very complex deck to deal with simply because Master Peace is a card alongside the traps mainly. To deduce down to simplicity though: stopping the master peace and the traps will create an easier time for you. Miscellaneousaurus is another card that helps you out greatly against pure True Draco btw.