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  1. DuelistGroundz username: Jujuuu. Discord username: [ Jojooo. ]#9806 Formats: Current Expected level of activity: Anytime unless I'm swamped with homework Want to be on a team with [ list any DGZ users that apply ]: Darryl/7hhzz7 (Optional) Credentials/why you would be a good team member: - A very entertaining person - I can always discuss yugioh [ 24/7/365 ] - Positive attitude toward the game - Always seek to improve and have fun while doing so [ fun sometimes ] Nothing serious.
  2. Thanks to whom changed my name.

  3. How's everyone today?

  4. Can y'all change my name to [ Jujuuu. ] (my DB name)? I am not a loyalist... yet.
  5. In a world where the media is progressing further into the inter webs, televised media is hanging on by a thread that's strong as the creators and networks that continue to broadcast visual masterpieces such as Atlanta on FX, South Park on Comedy Central, and their contemporaries. a few of these networks even created experiences rather than simply casting programs, creating a real audience for their brand as a television network. One of those networks being Adult Swim, a network created by Cartoon Networks original Producer Mike Lazzo, is a television network that revolutionizes what a viewing experience is to their audience in which was literally built from the ground-up, airing home made shows such as Space Ghost: Coast to Coast and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. As time elapse, Adult Swim evolves into a television empire that allows the audience to be heard and praises creative content among the community. In what seems like the final eras of the television industry, Adult Swim will stick out as one it's last empires. Here's a more detailed explanation on Adult Swim [kaptainkristian]: Links: Official Website | Wikipedia | Bumps | Airing Schedule | Shows | Toonami The reason I created this thread was to create a haven online where I and others who enjoy staying up late nights watching their favorite programs to converse with one another. Topics can be about their favorite shows (canceled or currently airing), about certain bumps that catches the eye, and so much more within the Adult Swim universe (which is basically anything). My experience with Adult Swim began at an early, innocent age like most of us when our minds sought out for the world. Watching these programs on late nights allowed me to become exposed to a lot of content all at once, which piqued my curiosity even further to gain my understanding of this brand new culture that my television presented me after a certain time of the night. Adult Swim may could have even taken credit in our aesthetic, creating a like-minded community not only in taste of programs, but in morals, fashion, etc... building upon the empire of fans. I'll add on to the thread if needed. If you have any recommendations, then feel free to tell me. P.S. I didn't want to title the thread "adult swim discussion thread" to keep things as minimal as possible.
  6. I'd be Shino. He's strong but, lame as hell.
  7. Holding legs? It resets the S/T's basically and on turn 2 makes a "turn one" scenario for yourself.
  8. That hoban comeback was fun to watch. Misplays were made though, but meh.
  9. Am I the only one who enjoyed Xavier: The Renegade Angel? Despite being weird as fuck, it was attention grabbing.
  10. Miss me with that pussy shit, Salem Saberhagen is the best cat of all time.
  11. Happy birthday grandma.

  12. Childish Gambino - Redbone The album drops tomorrow, so hyped.
  13. If I understand you correctly. Yes, you can activate core's effect in grave because it doesn't work like effect veiler or breakthrough skill (BTS) where the effect is negated after leaving the field. Sifr Just negates "that effect" where veiler and BTS negates the "monster's effects" which indicates lingering. Somebody else here might explain it better than me but that's the gist of it.
  14. Is there an Adult Swim thread as a whole? 10/10 would live there.
  15. For the OP: DGz: Jojo. | Salvation: [ Jojooo. ] I duel up there when I'm not busy or assisting on salv.
  16. Athiest, formerly christian, and some weird shit I can't explain.
  17. What do you guys think of re-fusion as a one of? You can bring back your dragon buster from the grave and, if you tagged out the turn prior, use the ABC pieces to function outside of being fodder to make another dragon buster. You can also re-use Norden serving as an instant fusion. I've been testing this and it really does wonders applying pressure on the opponent. I also always advocate using oasis of the dragon souls because it dodges system down and can tag out to retrieve banished ABC pieces. I also agree (I think this point was made by Suuwo) that maining field wipes are good for this deck too. I run 1 copy of raigeki and it has been doing well for me to out difficult boards or make the boards more easy to out. Also, I have a love/hate relationship with running maxx c (handtraps) in this deck. It's horrible opening hand yet it's good to draw it from tsukyomi. I have been testing maxx as well, but I also don't want the first turn to have a wasted card.
  18. Since there's only two tuners in your deck, you can essentially use accel for that easilly accessible 3rd tuner (more acess to synchro summon plays and pops essentially). Decreasing it's level to 3 and make other synchro plays. I run coral dragon and gungir. Edit: If you draw steam, it's not the end of the world because it's a level 3 tuner and a pitchable w/ megalo. 2nd edit: I just though about it. It might not come up too often due to it being a synchro itself but outside of using it turn one it has it's applications.
  19. You summon diva and activate its eff to special summon Prince. You activate prince eff to search infantry. You synch into child dragon (You should have a moulin in your hand through a dragoons search or by opening hand). You summon accel synchron (you have 5 waters in grave now). Special moulinglacia and activate its eff obviously. Dump steam synchron to increase accel by 3, making it lvl 8. Overlay into number 38 (and depending on your hand you still have plays to make for additional monsters). and this only requires you to open diva and not draw steam synchron. lol I pull this combo off often and when I do so, I usually win from there (game one and post siding).
  20. My bad, I couldn't find it initially. Anyways, I feel running steam synchron alongside accel synchron is pretty neat because you can make number 38 alongside a treetoad (or two), for a more established board. It's worth the try imo. It only takes up 1 slot in the main and extra deck. Also for those running a 3/1 infantry/marksman ratio, it supports that.
  21. Why dopeople run abyssmander?
  22. Who trying to start a testing group? (I refuse to use facebook)

  23. How often would you go into Amaterasu though?
  24. Yes, that was established. I feel the empowered engine should have the same ratio as the brilliant engine (assuming you run 1 garnet): 3 - Empowering 1 - Dragodies (drawing this insn't bad at all because its abc food and its pendulum effect is really neat in post game one scenarios) Maxing out on Terraforming is just a consistency booster to this engine. It also makes terraforming a bit better to draw because of the additional search option.