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  1. Forgive me for being somewhat of a prick, but this "resource management" is pretty much the "late game" I was talking about in this post: To which you replied this: I'm a little annoyed that the response to our posts of the exact same idea is different. Guess I shouldn't have started with "Card looks terrible." My stand remains the same. This card will not thrive in "good" formats like Tengu Plants, Nekroz and Dragon Ruler. It will probably be best in formats like Six Samurai where " If you aren't utterly dominating your opponent by the end of your t1, you're doing it wrong." I will correct one thing though. Card isn't terrible. It's a card that will play a large part ion deciding which decks will thrive.
  2. Pretty much necro-bumping an old thread, but does anyone know if this works on mobile? Is it too late to try to experience Base-Fossil? My only experience is with the GBC game.
  3. Ever since DG changed its design it doesn't do that anymore.
  4. Have there been any tournaments with this card legal yet? I still stand by my original statement and it would be nice to check whether current OCG decklists coincide with my "theory". EDIT: Yeah, guess I was wrong. Immediate card advantage does matter that much more than long term resources apparently.
  5. The most important information I have gotten out of the last 2 pages was: "Wait, Atem quit DN?" When did this happen? Haven't really logged on DN since Nekroz era...
  6. Not sure whether you guys have taken this to PMs or something. Anyway, I guess this is the closest you can get to past format "official" lists: Note that there's actually no 2004/03 list on that site.
  7. I'm probably being stupid here, but if all you guys wanted was to check the card pool / card legality and the ban list, why not just get a GBA emulator, the WCT 2004 / 2005 games and an "all cards" cheat and look at the in-game ban list?
  8. Paranoid : Moderate Schizoid : Moderate Schizotypal: High Antisocial: Moderate Borderline: Very High Histrionic: Moderate Narcissistic: Moderate Avoidant : Very High Dependent: High Obsessive-Compulsive: Low Oh dear
  9. Card looks terrible. You're giving up way too much (even "totally" wouldn't be an overstatement) of your late game for a +1. Imagine playing a Nekroz mirror with 4 Ritual Spells to your opponent's 6. Or 5 Dragon Rulers to your opponent's 8. That's what this Spell does for a + 1. Unless you're playing something like Mermails (which wins duels by OTKing with 6 cards in the opening hand), I wouldn't touch this card.
  10. Speaking as a typical Yu-Gi-Oh! player (I hope I'm a typical Yu-Gi-Oh! player), I hate videos, especially those of deck profiles. 1. The cards usually cannot be seen because of the glare; there's actually just no point to flashing the cards at the screen. 2. Listening for the deck list takes up so much unncessary time, compared to just looking at the deck list. 90% of the time you just go to DN and recreate the deck list anyway; good luck if you can't recognise card names of certain acronyms (think MST, but applied to less common / newer cards). Had to look up what stick / chair was etc. 3. Listening to reasoning as opposed to reading the reasoning. Half the time I can't make out what the person is saying, other times there are passing comments instead of well thought out responses when they are asked how useful a particular card was. If you're doing videos, please just instead write articles. There's more substance instead of fluff (don't take this the wrong way). Not that there's a large scope to cover for articles nowadays; I have come to realise that those who bother to read articles are those who are already decent at the game and understand what is card advantage, tempo etc, and those articles wouldn't help much; while those who use their DarkMagician.dek probably won't read any articles anyway. Most articles would probably be a showcase of certain themes and bread-and-butter combos, which is really just better to be written on paper than on video.
  11. 1. Falco will be considered as both a Special Summoned and a Flip Summoned monster, so Construct will destroy it with its effect. 2. No, Shaddoll Fusion cannot send from deck; yes Construct will destroy it with its effect. The game remembers the monster was Special Summoned, but it doesn't remember from where. 3. CL1 Construct CL2 Breakthrough Skill CL3 El Shaddoll Fusion CL4 Breakthrough Skill; resolve the Chain backwards. Construct's send from deck effect will be negated as it is an effect that activates on the field. 4. Shek can negate the on-field effect of a Lonefire Blossom that was Special Summoned; it cannot negate the graveyard effect of a Dandylion that was Special Summoned. No idea how to explain this without it being possibly misinterpreted. 5. You do not declare what you are Fusion Summoning; if your opponent calls for Thunder King Rai-Oh, Shaddoll Fusion will resolve and Fusion Summon Winda. In the event that you are unable to summon anything, you reveal your hand if you have insufficient materials, you reveal both hand and Extra Deck if you have sufficient materials but not the appropriate Fusion Monster (e.g. You have Shaddoll + Earth but no Shek in Extra). 6. Yes. EDIT: Ninja'd
  12. No, you don't have to do that. It's just GBs vs Gozen / Rivalry v-3425673355. Just read it up on the Konami page.
  13. Sounds like complete bullshit. What this video implies is a negated Kaiser Seahorse can be used as 2 Tributes for BEWD as long as I have a LIGHT monster in hand?
  14. I know this probably sounds stupid, but: 1. Did you think that this was the best deck for Worlds? 2. On a related note, what do you think the other competitors thought the best deck was? I mean, there's this "theory" floating around: Best Deck: A Other Decks: B, C, D etc A B C D would all main anti-A cards, and side them out for other options in G2 and G3. With the amount of S/T hate you mained, I assume it's clear you think that other people thought that a deck besides Nekroz would be the best deck. Did you share the same belief that another deck was the best deck, and thus mained hate for it? EDIT 1: Think I found the answer to Q1 in the ARG interview (something about wanting to play RB but wasn't too experienced with them). EDIT 2: Answer to Q2 is probably Qli? Mentioned in your report about thinking this would be the most expected matchup. EDIT 3: Forgot the congrats. Wish I could have the same amount of passion for something (be it Yu-Gi-Oh! or anything else).