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  1. Standard Yu-Gi-Oh! theory tells us to maximise combo pieces and minimise dead draws. The correct ratio is probably 3-3-1 Lady-Egoist-Sisters. Then you can complement it with Relinquished, or as I like it, Warrior Dai Grepher. Warrior Dai Grepher is a 1700/1600. This means that if Dino World is down, Dinos have to spend one S/T for every Dai Grepher they are trying to get over. That's huge. This in turn means that all you have to do is to pop their Field Spell before they pop yours, and the math is in your favour. Harpies are a 3-of, Twisters are a 1/2 of.
  2. 3 Sphere Kuriboh, 3 Mirror Wall AND 3 Venus? How much money have you spent?
  3. Some variant of this: 9 Dinos 3 Enemy Controller 2 Order to Charge 1 Riryoku 2 Twister 2 Mirror Wall 1 Windstorm of Etaqua
  4. I'm using the default black background (actually default everything, I don't like messing with settings), what's wrong with the formatting?
  5. I would much prefer if we talk about the current card pool instead of talking about theoretical cards. Necrovalley / Spy aren't likely to happen in the near future. Right now, competitively speaking there are only 2 areas which need discussion: 1. Perfecting a Dino deck Assume the average Stage 50 player has enough Gems to buy 600 packs, and is unlucky enough to only pull the key card on the last pack; e.g. If a deck decklist has 3 Mirror Wall, it should have 0 Order to Charge. This constraint is added because I don't think anyone would spend too much money on this game, and the constraint would result in a practical best deck rather than a theoretical best deck. It's only a template at the moment, but what I have looks something like this: 3 Crawling Dragon #2 3 Two-Headed King Rex 3 Element Saurus 2 Enemy Controller 2 Order to Charge 3 Riryoku 1 Twister 2 Mirror Wall 1 Windstorm of Etaqua 2. Beating / playing around Mirror Wall. At the moment I'm quite sure that if you go second and opponent has an ATK mode monster + face-down S/T, the only choice for Dinos is not to attack, or use Riryoku to preempt Mirror Wall if it is something like Unshaven Angler / Kaiser Seahorse (which is why there are 3 Riryoku in the Dino list, you want to bypass Mirror Wall as much as possible). I admit this is one of the 3 main reasons I looked into Gravekeeper's. - Oracle beats Mirror Wall. - Priestess matches 1900. - GK is the combo deck. Recruiter + Rebirth is the nuts. Enemy Controller is a good card that shines even more in GK. Dinos are pretty much the Fire Fist in this game. Mako are obviously not the Mermail counterpart, but I'm hoping GK could be.
  6. So uh, is this going to be competitive discussion or random discussion? At the moment, what I see is probably Reddit standard stuff, which is very unlike DGz. I would like to start on competitive Gravekeeper's discussion. Should I paste the OP I created on Reddit? Buy Rising for 2 Twister / Order to Charge (box will gone end March), then buy Impact for Mirror Wall / Regretful Rebirth. Nothing else is remotely worth it competitive wise.
  7. Dinos are the easiest to built best deck, but GK are probably the actual best deck.
  8. Theoretical best deck (keeping in mind that there are people who believe WATER to be the best) would probably consist of: 3 Crawling Dragon #2 3 Two-Headed King Rex 2 Element Saurus 2 Enemy Controller 3 Order to Charge 3 Riryoku 3 Mirror Wall 1 Windstorm of Etaqua 3 Order to Charge is for duels against WATER. 0 Twister because Mirror Wall cannot be Twistered on initial activation, and that's the only card that actually matters in this game currently. Not sure whether it should be 3/2 or 2/3 Enemy Controller / Riryoku. Leaning towards 2/3 because Riryoku proactively makes Mirror Wall dead.
  9. Forgive me for being somewhat of a prick, but this "resource management" is pretty much the "late game" I was talking about in this post: To which you replied this: I'm a little annoyed that the response to our posts of the exact same idea is different. Guess I shouldn't have started with "Card looks terrible." My stand remains the same. This card will not thrive in "good" formats like Tengu Plants, Nekroz and Dragon Ruler. It will probably be best in formats like Six Samurai where " If you aren't utterly dominating your opponent by the end of your t1, you're doing it wrong." I will correct one thing though. Card isn't terrible. It's a card that will play a large part ion deciding which decks will thrive.
  10. Pretty much necro-bumping an old thread, but does anyone know if this works on mobile? Is it too late to try to experience Base-Fossil? My only experience is with the GBC game.
  11. Ever since DG changed its design it doesn't do that anymore.
  12. Have there been any tournaments with this card legal yet? I still stand by my original statement and it would be nice to check whether current OCG decklists coincide with my "theory". EDIT: Yeah, guess I was wrong. Immediate card advantage does matter that much more than long term resources apparently.
  13. The most important information I have gotten out of the last 2 pages was: "Wait, Atem quit DN?" When did this happen? Haven't really logged on DN since Nekroz era...
  14. Not sure whether you guys have taken this to PMs or something. Anyway, I guess this is the closest you can get to past format "official" lists: http://www.yugioh-card.com/sg/event/rules_guides/forbidden_cardlist.php?lang=en Note that there's actually no 2004/03 list on that site.