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  1. Had to explain how to play this on Reddit, but I think DGz would know how to play this. Basically: Turn 1 > Recruiter into Magician Girl. Turn 2+ > Mermaid into Chief Extend with Enemy Controller if you want. This deck tries to mitigate both Toon's and GK's issue of always needing two turns to threaten anything. Obviously not the best GK build, but probably the best Toon deck I can think of. Interdimensional Matter Transporter is anti-Relinquished / GK tech, replace with stuff like Possessed Dark Soul if you want. It should be pretty fun enough.
  2. Gravekeeper's Strategy Discussion

    For a deck that might be on par with Relinquished (Harpies suck), the lack of discussion for this deck is saddening. 3 GK Chief 2 GK Oracle 3 GK Priestess 3 GK Recruiter 3 Enemy Controller 3 Soul Exchange 1 Windstorm of Etaqua 3 No idea about the meta because I don't play the game anymore Now that Soul Exchange is here, GK Chief really needs to be abused more. Not liking KingHalo is misleading the public with Double Summon / GK Stele / GK Oracle builds, but there's no other avenue for discussion, so here I am.
  3. Rankings

    I know this site wants activity and all that, but in all honesty I would probably only include KoG after the KC Cup (i.e. the current Ranked season is the first one where KoG actually matters). The difference in Ranked standards pre- and post- KC Cup is huge.
  4. I honestly feel Keith Relinquished is the best deck in this game by far. When people start main decking tech just to beat a deck, you know that deck is the best. The thing is, I don't feel that these tech are enough. Possessed Dark Soul is a one-time use effect that also gets dodged by Interdimensional Matter Transporter, and costs a Normal Summon to boot. Skull Lair appears to be better, but that is IMO because Relinquished is dropping S/T destruction at the moment. No, Storm + whatever builds are bad; they only make your easy matchups even more one-sided. If Skull Lair is really that bad, all that happens is that Twister will just come back in. The build I would start off from probably looks like this: 3 Senju of the Thousand Hands 3 Sonic Bird 1 Sphere Kuriboh 3 Thunder Dragon 2 Relinquished 2 Black Illusion Ritual 2 Enemy Controller 1 Twister 2 Interdimensional Matter Transporter 1 Windstorm of Etaqua EDIT: Just to have an idea how good I think this is, I'm starting a new account just to reset for Sonic Bird and race to 12-15k Gems by end March just in case Konami doesn't release a banlist to stop Relinquished.
  5. I'm not sure whether I should go indepth into Thunder Dragon. It's more or less just a history lesson and probably irrelevant to this discussion now. Long story short, it was the card that singlehandedly decided the Dino mirror pre-Age of Discovery, but became average when Discovery came out and Order to Charge became necessary, descending into unusable status when Impact (and Mirror Wall) hit.
  6. Shaddoll/Invoked Fusion Spell Calculations

    I used this: http://yugioh.party/ Set deck size to 40, hand size to 4, 12 cards, open 1 to 2. Occurs 70.31% of the time. Set deck size to 41, keeping everything else the same. Occurs 69.76% of the time. So optimal deck size is still 40 if you consider yourself going first. Just for a side note, the actual optimal deck size is 32 going first. Going second though (ie hand size 5), a 40 card deck gives 70.20%, a 41 card deck gives 70.21%, a 42 card deck gives 70.16%.
  7. New Special Duel event next week, everyone's skill becomes "Grandpa's Cards". Not sure whether going Exodia or anti-Exodia is better. 50.9% of opening Exchange combined with a 71.8% of opening a random Exodia part sounds complicated.
  8. Fair points, I appreciate it.
  9. Okay I won't lie, I am unable to see the appeal of Flash Assailant even now. I believe it was first mentioned as an inclusion in Dinos. Dino matches are Dino-Mirror Wall-Trap Jammer trades; neither side moves until they are sure they have enough Trap Jammer to counter the opposing Mirror Wall, and both sides amass big numbers of cards before this deciding moment. All Flash Assailant does is to sit dead in your hand all this time, or force yourself to get owned by Mirror Wall because you need to attack with Assailant while he has 2k ATK before both sides start to amass cards. It then became some sort better-than-Dino Dino deck by pairing it with Electro. This is the one that I can somewhat see the appeal; protect Electro using an S/T up every turn and therefore having an open S/T slot every turn to set S/Ts, and because you play low number of monsters combined with using Keith, Flash Assailant almost always be at 2k ATK. Now it's being used in some sort of GK deck, which it is obviously carried by Mirror Wall and Recruiter. Like, why Flash Assailant when any random monster works because Mirror Wall exists anyway? Even summoning a GK Priestess can threaten the opponent with an (admittedly non-existent) Oracle. --- Somewhat related to Flash Assailant, I guess you all think Swift Gaia is pretty good then? Sidegrade to Flash Assailant, or upgrade of Flash Assailant? --- Lastly, I would like to talk about Tragedy. I thought it sucked too, until another perspective appeared on Reddit in an AMA. Think about Order to Charge, then Michzure, then look at Tragedy. Order to Charge requires a Normal monster on the field, and it's a 2-for-1. Michizure 1-for-1s when you get -1ed (it's practically a 2-for-1). Tragedy 1-for-1+ after you -1, so it's a 2-for-1+. This already automatically makes it at least on par with Order to Charge / Michizure. You also don't sacrifice any field presence. Kuriboh stays in hand anyway, and Enemy Controller is just an S/T already meant to protect your monster anyway. I don't think I have to talk about Tragedy+Windstorm. It might not work in every deck, but as long as you play 4+ position changers you might want to seriously consider playing Tragedy. It's arguably a better Order to Charge.
  10. Would recommend Chief or Priestess over Recruiter. Odion is piss easy to farm.
  11. You can try adding in a Scorpion you have it. As long as it's in the first 15 cards, you should be able to kill 3 monsters. Hope that none of them are D.D. Warrior. 3500 + Riryoku transferring 1400 from THTD + Metalmorph gets you just over 5000 damage (5200 to be exact). The Duel Assessment difference between 3000 and 5000 is huge. It's not gonna happen every duel (or even every other duel due D.D. Warrior), but a chance of hitting 6k instead of 4k is pretty nice. --- On an unrelated note, managed to get in top 1000 in Asia with 12k points with GK.
  12. We really aren't much better at the moment though; we are actually looking at Angel 07, a two tribute monster. Like really? What happened to knowing that -2s are automatically bad?
  13. Just in on Reddit. This got to 12k DP in NA/SA: http://m.imgur.com/a/4XFIL