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  1. ARG Hartford

    Only in ARGs, otherwise he is invisible..
  2. Paleozoic - Discussion

    I know this has been discussed to Death already, but I think the answer wasnt unanimous.. Does Chaos Trap Hole negate an entire (Pendulum) summon? or just the Light/Dark monsters among them?
  3. ABC - Discussion

    Yeah, Denko is the nuts against that Deck (and for other Traps/Toad.dek). In the case of Toad, they need to be able to Set the "soon-to-be-negated" card, in order to be able to negate its activation in first place, which Denko doesnt allow, so they basically are left with a 2100 vainilla most of the time. However, in order to make this work, you kind of need to: 1- Be able to stablish a board w/o your Normal summon, which is kind of hard 2- Play no Traps yourself So, any ideas?
  4. ABC - Discussion

    I would ignore that post as it lacks any theory/explanation behind it (and as he said, just for "Fun"). However, I think I can salvage one of his cards choices, AND give a decent (or not) theory behind it. Genex Ally Birdman + Terraforming/Hangar is a 2-card combo that gives you a better opening and/or access to Lv7 synchros (Mainly Ancient Fairy and Black Rose). I will focus on the former atm. Procedure: 1- Hangar search B-piece --> Summon it --> Equip C-pieceto it (Hangar) 2- Sp. Summon Birdman by returning the C-piece you summoned. 3- The C-piece will hit Graveyard, trigger its effect, and summon the B-piece you returned to hand. 4- Synchro summon Ancient Fairy Dragon --> B-piece will trigger its effect --> Add A-piece from Deck 5- Ancient Fairy Sp. Summons A-piece from hand --> Ancient Fairy search another Hangar End result: -Access to ABC (2 pieces in Graveyard, and 1 in Field) -A Synchro in Field, with HUGE Field presence, especially in the Mirror (Uses your opponent´s Hangars against them, and/or gives you a nice Sp. Summon effect). -If you had Thrasher or any Gadget, you can could´ve made Tsukuyomi too, making it 3 the number of monsters you would control (along with any potential backrow). Along with the opening Birdman gives, it can also give a Field-wipe threat in the form of Black Rose Dragon at any point of the game, returning any extra Union you could have in Field at that moment. If you are side-decking any kind of FieldSpell like Zimbie World/Necrovalley, you can search it with Ancient Fairy instead of the other Hangar, to potentially Lock all/some of your opponent threats. I know this card could´ve some flaws I have not found yet, but I think it is discussion-worthly. What do you think? (Sorry for bad english).
  5. United States Presidential Election

    "...and then the editor of Slate was found dead from suicide after shooting themself in the back of the head with a crossbow." Edit: Sorry for Pic. size, is there a way to make it smaller?
  6. 3 Minervas (and a seat @Worlds) won on his own, damn son !
  7. Dem Bricks yo :FeelsBadMan:
  8. Chase got sharked in Top32, and Lost as a result Apparently, having a Calculator Case gets you a Single Lost lmao
  9. I cringed at the Top8 one (Madolche Vs. "Falcon" BA). wat.
  10. The Infernoid guy who won YCS Dallas (Erik) got to Top32 Chase got to Top32, and eliminated his fellow PPG friend, in stream. TopKek. Jeff`s BF (Max) topped as well, status unknown as of Top32.
  11. Hoban got paired with Steinman This round got really interesting
  12. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    With MaxxC power diminished as of now because: -Mihtra giving only 1 card now -Pendulum resurfacing (They can just make a P.Summon, which could include a Kirin, and their turn would be over) -FK Kozmo being replaced by Demise variant. Except for BAs, there is no ohter reason to Main MaxxC as of now. I dislike maining Twin Twisters, but it is necessary if we want to actually play the game against backrow Decks. Also.. regarding Fog King.. The idea sounds cute and all, but the chances of pulling that off are really low tbh.. It's not worth it. P.D: Damn.. trying to write from and Android is so fkin painful.. Letters get randomnized and Paragraphs are separated in a 2.5 like format.. ugh..
  13. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    RIP Jeff. Well.. Regarding that Kuraz scenario.. I really like plating Kuraz @3, for many reasons, that I will expand later on, here. But, for some reason, when I only have one left in Deck, he seems to go in "Full-Garnet Mode", and I end drawing him, when I needed to bring him from Ehther´s Effect to win the game.. So I end up losing because of it.. ugh.. (Anecdotal Evidence, for the lulz, dont take it seriously haha)