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  1. no, you cannot.
  2. beast (true draco) > monahan (some burn)
  3. I was just wondering on how many of the 200 is jazz responsible for. Probably like 50, right?
  4. I'm the best scum on this site tbh. Not even close
  6. idc, like I said, I won't be here to host it. JC doesn't seem super eager to host the game once he saw the setup lel.
  7. no, it means your deck has more cards in it.
  8. You missed my win against ovo in wars.
  9. me (demise draco) < LukeRandi (zoo draco) 0-2
  10. Gojira says he's busy. (Stamping some american city to the ground or something) The_Be(a)sT/beast/current only The match was 2-1
  11. The_Be(a)st (true draco) > OVO (true draco) Really nice games.
  12. you can use face-down monster for a fusion summon you can special summon gladiator beast monsters by using face-down gladiator beasts, you can tribute a set spellcaster monster for Blizzard Princess, you can tribute a set monster vor viruses and for icarus attack. You can tribute set continuous spell/trap cards for True Draco cards.
  13. Could anyone answer me this question? Can zoo put 8000 on board from a single Rat? special summoned/normal summoned
  14. Laza dc'd game 3 (true king dino) vs (true draco)