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  1. Alright, I really like Sage this game. They put a lot of effort into their posts and the posts actually show some thoughts behind them. Pointing out that Mascis' claim doesn't make much sense from the scum perspective was really good as well and is something I agree with. That brings me to Tyranno, whose fake outrage was ridiculous. His day 1 was terrible IMO. Knowing Jazz's alignment, I 100% agree with Slickz that Tyranno's early defense of Jazz made no sense and looked like scum trying to connect with a townie. I could tunnel more but I'm just gonna Vote Tyranno Aside from that, Crei has been the player that I disagreed with the most during my read. He had an opposite view on Tyranno, Wunter, he didn't agree with Slickz and probably some more that I don't remember rn. I kinda liked Malcolm more out of the two for this reason. And I think one of them is scum. (yes, I'm totally setting up mislynches in here)
  2. and btw, I'm ready to put in some drama, misread shit and do a lot more. In fact, I have figured out the game (even tho I haven't read it yet). And I'm gonna vote for you if you disagree. Be ready
  3. 15 pages, that's not so bad. I was really afraid that there will be much more. Give me some time to read.
  4. I saw him in the mirror today. I'll ask him to come, no problem.
  5. JC. The problem is that I'm flying to the usa on June 8 (+-) and won't return until late September. I talked to Antag and he said he could host in my stead but he would rather not. But if JC - the hero that I need but don't deserve - is willing to host it, I'm more than happy.
  6. Fuck. That's unfortunate. I have a similar problem. Well, r.i.p. my hopes for hosting
  7. hey @Sophocles, I know you enjoy playing mafia much more than hosting which is incredibly boring. Luckily, you got me and I will nobly sacrifice for you and I will host the next game. All you need to do is let me jump you in the queue = )
  8. I wish I signed up just to see my aka
  9. tbh, both warnings given for "game relevant" OMGUS are ridiculous. If those were game relevant then this post is as well I guess.
  10. Easy solution: Host full-claiming games only = )
  11. I think it should be a common sense to not rep posts just to show what you agree with when you're dead. I'm pretty sure you can still rep for whatever other reasons.
  12. nah, thanks, I'm good.
  13. I admit my knowledge of the game ends with the beginning of day 3 but Markus starts a train on himself with a selfvote in mylo and he's not getting the lvp?
  14. Nobody. I asked for a sub on day 2. Faint asked me if I can finish the day and I said sure, but that's it. I pm'd him after the day ended whether I should do the night actions as well and he told me I'm dead.