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  1. fuck this shit...
  2. ...
  3. well, I'll give you that lel. I just read the first half of your post and made response. I see your point now.
  4. you just proved what I said lol. with that statement, the chance that gemstone is town is always AT LEAST the same as the chance you think Kahu is scum. It will alway be either equal or grater. It is mathematically impossible to both the statement being true and the chance gemstone is town being less than the chance kahu is scum.
  5. I thought he did more, but that's just me. Selectively applying different logic to different situations/people to fit his agenda, numerous inconsistencies in his reads and contradictions, his insta flip on me. Just because I don't comment everything doesn't mean I'm not aware or that I don't agree. Numerous people have put cases against him, I recommend reading them. I don't remember being proven wrong anywhere. Aparently, I was wrong in saying he based his Kahu read on gemstone (it really didn't come to my mind he could have thought kahu ignoring the bomb is more crucial), but that was not even the point. the point was him saying "if kahu is scum gemstone is town" and "I'm not as sure on gemstone (being town) as I'm on Kahu (being scum)". Which is contradiction. It's mathematically impossible lel. But it was not even the main point against him. Selectively applying different logic to different situations is. Also, I was town before and I was being accused on day 1 or even later. I was in situations where I was nearly lynched. But never did I think that the person accusing me is scum just because he reads me as a scum. Especially when providing his reasoning which I think was pretty solid this time. Again, that's just me
  6. His play being different =/= scum Be suspicious, keep an eye on him, but I dont know how can numerous ppl think its ok to lynch him just because he plays differently than usual. Just saying. it's tyranno so I won't oppose the lynch lel, but I have yet to see something scummy from him.
  7. One thing didnt work out, nevermind i have something else to confirm you. Selectively answering questions - i answered almost everything you asked. Which i now wonder why im even doing considering i think ur scum. If you are waiting for me to tell you where you say tyanno is confirmed by posting videos just read the qoute above the initial post
  8. Ye I always give people a bye just because they have a bomb. ESPECIALLY if there are 6 bombs. I didnt know you can misquote by hitting the quote button.
  9. I never said silverdude is scum lol
  10. Cause it looks better together. Nice double standart
  11. Ill bite. I thought I quoted the relevant stuff but here are the missing quotes.
  12. ???
  13. I could get behind mascis lynch today or possibly gemstone. In that order. Mark is still better. Also hero slickz
  14. I know I said i dont like lynching mark today, but that was when i thought there were better targets. His aggro style based on pretty bad logic seems as a scum trying to stir confusion. he contradicts himself on numerous occasions like the post above. He says hes not as sure about gemstone as hes about kahu and then proceeds to explain that his read on kahu is based on gemstone being town. He has a double standart for scum plays. Then he defends silverdude because "scum would never do that" vote mark