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  1. When you play a game of thrones you win or you die. (not in - I don't wanna die yet)
  2. Fuck you i just logged on
  3. I'm pretty sure all of them know of this and would have signed up if they wanted/had time. You could try juan tho. On the other hand, if you ask me, I don't see a point in not letting others play in both games. You will probably gain more activity and will have much better game if you let play those who want to play rather than if you manage to persuade someone who did not intend to play.
  4. vanilla town?
  5. But the game is full of phrases that imply certainty. Saying cop cant use these phrases because he is cop and because he is actually right while others use it all the time makes no sense.
  6. Who knows. I can tell you you would be my town pick. You basically told me you are a healer. Who knows who else would I pick
  7. I'm pissed jazz won lol. I'm even more pissed by islickz tying the vote on body parts. It should have been mine. He used 100% for jazz and gemstone. He mentioned more than one and actually nobody was able to identify his scum targets. How can you possibly think about modkilling for it... Cop this game. *first post day 2* "So mark is confirmed scum" "Jazz and Gemstone are scum 100%" "Vote mark" *after game* "It was crystal clear I scanned jazz"
  8. What exactly made you think so?
  9. I refuse to believe lfn was town wtf. I really hope that was a role swap or something... I cant say who should be a next lynch without reread. Stay tuned.
  10. Top 5 places in canada you would recommend visiting to anyone who spends a year in canada.
  11. Violets are blue, roses are red, Lfn is dead
  12. Violets are blue, roses are read, Lfn is dead
  13. Q U O T A U O T A
  14. Quota
  15. Fuck you, I hate you, you're an idiot. I agree with you though. vote lfn