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  1. When's YGO? Nov 24-26

    So who's going to Prague?
  2. Me. > Melisandre
  3. Lighty > Me. Me. > Lighty I think that makes it 6 ATO wins?
  4. Is it possible for anyone from your team to even play?
  5. poll: do you need friendship to be a duelist?

    The people that vote "no" don't have friends.
  6. Me. > Tjarkvos Good war everyone!
  7. Goat Duel Review Thread

    In game 2, you kept a sheep token on the field through a torrential tribute and then played meta on it a few turns later.
  8. Shit People Say In Discord

  9. Shit People Say In Discord

  10. TGA Article Archive

    How does TGA going out of business affect the dgz t-shirt prize to the winner of individual playoffs in warring?
  11. Do any of you guys use lackey?
  12. When's YGO? Nov 10-12

    Stockholm Regionals: Dragon's Lair, Kungsholmstorg 8, 11221 Stockholm
  13. Shit People Say In Discord

    rip Me., I'm crying of laughter
  14. When's YGO? Nov 3-5

    Challenge Tour Stop Linköping the 4th; ccg equivalent of a regionals. Will be played under the November 6 forbidden & limited list. Me. and Mistilteinn are attending. https://www.facebook.com/events/1099001416896665/
  15. Soccer

    The ball in hockey isn't a foot long, so that's fake news.
  16. Soccer

    There's hockey on ice now? What's next, ice football?
  17. Soccer

    This is Socker: This is Football:
  18. hi

    I'll have you know that my university still uses C++ and Scheme in their courses.
  19. Which one of these two people should I hire??

    Neither, hire Me.