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  1. After all, losing a VT isn’t the end of the world
  2. I’ve been busy, but I’ll accept my lunch cuz I signed up and didn’t prioritize well. Sorry lads
  3. They died when i became town
  4. Why would TGT be scum flavored?
  5. I got Broken Brilliance, vanilla town
  6. Flavor is for Cowards Mafia - Night 4

    I'm not outing who I targetted. Not today.
  7. Flavor is for Cowards Mafia - Night 4

    Full claim comes tomorrow, I'm not outing people. If you'd rather lose your tracker to keep Jazz's ego in check then by all means. I did not target Juan or Malcolm and I don not believe the person I targeted to be scum. Lynch me if you want but Jazz is being a cry baby as per usual when people don't conform to his world views of this fucking game. "It's inexcusable that you people have lives outside of this after having made quota!"
  8. Flavor is for Cowards Mafia - Night 4

    Ive been playing the game the entire phase, not my fault your originally tunnel fell and now you're trying to latch onto a new target. Lynching ucc'd tracker is a massive LOL from me.
  9. Flavor is for Cowards Mafia - Night 4

    Withheld to not out someone. probably shoulda stated it in my claim. I might feel better about commenting tomorrow, but as of now I'd rather be the NK target then someone potentially with a more critical role than I.
  10. Flavor is for Cowards Mafia - Night 4

    If you are Town this is game throwing please dont
  11. Flavor is for Cowards Mafia - Night 4

    vote juan I'd rather someone who has clearly given up die than town lose a valuable asset in me as tracker. Jesus christ you guys are daft if you want me to out my target as a PR. (spoilers, they are a PR)
  12. Flavor is for Cowards Mafia - Night 4

    I'm not claiming who i targeted as to not out them as PRs for scum to kill if they wanted to tonight.