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  1. ACAB Mafia

    I misspoke btw I wasn’t mafia I was town.
  2. ACAB Mafia

    I was weak cop
  3. ACAB Mafia

    Hi, I didn’t submit a night kill cuz I wasn’t trying to die
  4. ACAB Mafia

    Wunter slipped so hard and is trying to be liek "I iz fishing for bites lolololololeooeloelloel" The sad truth is, he sucks to much to try and bait people
  5. ACAB Mafia

    No one DMed me on discord like I asked. Fuck y'all
  6. some kind of signups

    D for digbick btw
  7. some kind of signups

    I'm slutting myself out for this game
  8. Adult Movie Mafia - Day 2

    You’re dead d e a d stop posting dude
  9. Adult Movie Mafia - Day 2

    Ghosts can’t be here. Shut the fuck up Adam Cole
  10. Adult Movie Mafia - Day 2

    vote malcolm Malcom the results are in. You. Are not the father
  11. Adult Movie Mafia - Day 2

    when i get off work, I'm just floating through so i dont get axed if majority hits
  12. Adult Movie Mafia - Day 2

    Dad this man thinks he is you
  13. Adult Movie Mafia - Day 2

    Who am I voting for dad?
  14. Adult Movie Mafia - Day 2

    I counter claim vanilla town
  15. Adult Movie Mafia - Day 2

    Not enough info on winter to go off of anything yet, same with faint. Jazz on on the other hand there’s a ton. Jazz is trying to control everything going on.
  16. Adult Movie Mafia - Day 2

    I didn’t have a notification for it soph, otherwise I would have read it
  17. Adult Movie Mafia - Day 2

    Waiting on my role PM please hold
  18. Adult Movie Mafia - Day 2

    what's quota?
  19. Adult Movie Mafia - Day 2

    I forgot I was in a game and then i remembered
  20. Adult Movie Mafia - Day 2

  21. Turn A Video Game Into A Film

    You do a movie that is canon with the game, after Kingdom Hearts 3
  22. 2d3 Mafia Sign-ups - DGZ does Adult Movies

  23. Broken's Broken Game

    DGz Mafia players, I knew you'd come. Welcome idiots everyone to the wor- I mean GREATEST GAME OF MAFIA EVER PLAYED. In this game, there will be absolutely NO CLAIMING. No. Claiming. None. I will smite you if you choose to claim. This is a game of grit, pure brute intellect. Only the smart will survive (looking at you daddy Malcolm) and the weak will flail. Prove you have what it takes. This is a closed setup, meaning no roles will be revealed upon death/intro to the game. Day will last 48 hours (starting at 11 PM Central) and nights will be 24 hours. There is a 4 post quota that you must reach or you will be substituted out. @Faintwill kill you as he will have to indulge on this glorious cancer. Majority is off, as I'd like to keep the days and nights starting/ending at the same time. No lynch is a valid thing. I will let you know when you are in MYLO. Introducing the victims contestants: Malcolm Brandis Jazz Sage Walia Tyranno ZeroPassion Hazmah JerichoTheUnwise All site rules and mafia rules apply. Please read your role PM, and please do not communicate outside of this thread, unless otherwise specified. Please keep all arms, legs and penises inside the car at all times. Everyone so delete on 3 1 2 3 You're in MYLO
  24. Broken's Broken Game

    I will be just been busy
  25. Broken's Broken Game

    GG to Malcolm Sage and the converted Jazz