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  1. Hobbit Mafia Day 3

    Thank the fucking Lord.    This would be the second time i claimed...
  2. Hobbit Mafia Day 3

  3. Hobbit Mafia Day 3

  4. Hobbit Mafia Day 3

    This game is not simple at all....
  5. Hobbit Mafia Day 3

    What the fuck did i just walk back into....
  6. Hobbit Mafia Day 3

    So im voting and meeting quota now ill be back for real the next day
  7. Hobbit Mafia Day 3

    BTW im not gonna be on much
  8. Hobbit Mafia Day 3

    Vote JC
  9. Hobbit Mafia Day 3

    RIP Malcom
  10. Hobbit Mafia Day 3

    When is EOD?
  11. Hobbit Mafia Day 3

        ok ummm this? it means youre playing dumb and riding your inexperience to survive. it also means youre bad at ygo and will eventually leave ygo behind to play csgo. you must embrace your true destiny, DaveH   I will never quit ygo and idk what csgo is
  12. Hobbit Mafia Day 3

    Unvote Malcom   Vote Reli         ok ummm this?
  13. Hobbit Mafia Day 3

    What is the vote count?
  14. Hobbit Mafia Day 3

    not mayor ^ idk what it's called but basically if i die i don't die and i only get that ability once
  15. Hobbit Mafia Day 3

    sorry first game over here still learning the ropes this is entirely different from the other 2 games ive played...
  16. Hobbit Mafia Day 3

    Im just gonna go ahead and put this out there... I am town and i have a 1 get out of hell for free card on me
  17. Hobbit Mafia Day 3

    Interesting what changed.    Here's where I'm at   I'm lightly town reading Malcolm. I get what he was trying to do when he CC'd ie he counterclaims me and then if i were scum Id just give up since I had outed the healer and thus he could take a role bullet saving both the actual healer and the cop and while I think what he did was stupid, had no real benefit, and could have fucked us over tremendously given when he did it, as scum he had two viable mislynches in myself and nelrick on the block yesterday so the right play would have been to have done nothing. He's worth watching for trying to nail my lynch and for the read on Nelrick (both myself and Gaia as well as others didnt think he was town so how he and MBA got that is beyond me).    That being said I think he was onto something with his read on JC/Top and there being one between them (mirror game). Top has basically avoided playing for most of the game (sticking to generalities and obv reads such as the nelrick one) which makes me want to kill him. However, when the lynch was tied yesterday Top voted and opted to slay Nelrick over myself (who he found scummier). This means two things to me. Top could have easily and justifiably voted me and basically sealed my lynch offing the healer. Even with me and Nelrick both as mislynches, there's no world where I can see him passing off on a high probability shot to kill the healer and justifiably as well. Maybe Im putting too much stock into that, but still that doesn't align with good play to me and at the very least.   Of the two, JC has acted much scummier than Top. I feel like he used my shitty suicide pact with Salt Stone as a way to feign content and trying to solve the game. Additionally, he has called out Salty for his post on crei which is also essentially meaningless. This is creating mountains out of mole hills/blowing up something small and insignificant to throw scum.   Finally, he then calls out Top and Salty as scum distancing from each other with their opposite views on Malcolm. This read doesn't really make any sense and furthermore he does not give any reason as to why he believes both are scum and when prompted by me only goes after salty.    This brings me to Relianah who despite being prompted and it being day 2, has still not done anything to help/try to find scum. I feel like his end of day 1 was starting to get there when he was pushing on Malcolm's CC play, but its not enough for me. Its worth noting that JC read him as disinterested town early on.    Similar to how Gaia called out Malcolm for hopping on MBA, Its worth noting that Canasian did the same to Gaia (justifiably). JC also defends him somewhat in the quoted/bolded.    So thats how I see those 3 linked. Idk my gut still says kill Top basically because JC seems like he is trying and Top does not, but my head is telling me otherwise.    this post is so short...
  18. Hobbit Mafia Day 3

    I honestly have no idea other than Malcom and it is because he is playing like a dick
  19. Hobbit Mafia Day 3

    There isn't but just lynch me and find out i guess
  20. Hobbit Mafia Day 3

    I just dont like being called scum and there not being anything whatsoever to prove it 
  21. Hobbit Mafia Day 3

    I agree   shit like this is just screaming scum  
  22. Hobbit Mafia Day 3

    ok my reasoning... Nelrick and Francis both asked for it then i realized francis wasn';t cc'ed but he posted too much    Malcom decided to vote for me based on me sayin yeah totally im part of the scum team vig please kill me tonight   In no way does that include a seious tone but Malcom has been a dick this whole game and im tired of reading his posts
  23. Hobbit Mafia Day 3

    ok malcom   unvote francis Vote malcom
  24. Hobbit Mafia Day 3

    Yeah casn the vig come kill me because im obviously on the scumteam
  25. Hobbit Mafia Day 3

    Vote Francis