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  1. Broken's Broken Game

    DGz Mafia players, I knew you'd come. Welcome idiots everyone to the wor- I mean GREATEST GAME OF MAFIA EVER PLAYED. In this game, there will be absolutely NO CLAIMING. No. Claiming. None. I will smite you if you choose to claim. This is a game of grit, pure brute intellect. Only the smart will survive (looking at you daddy Malcolm) and the weak will flail. Prove you have what it takes. This is a closed setup, meaning no roles will be revealed upon death/intro to the game. Day will last 48 hours (starting at 11 PM Central) and nights will be 24 hours. There is a 4 post quota that you must reach or you will be substituted out. @Faintwill kill you as he will have to indulge on this glorious cancer. Majority is off, as I'd like to keep the days and nights starting/ending at the same time. No lynch is a valid thing. I will let you know when you are in MYLO. Introducing the victims contestants: Malcolm Brandis Jazz Sage Walia Tyranno ZeroPassion Hazmah JerichoTheUnwise All site rules and mafia rules apply. Please read your role PM, and please do not communicate outside of this thread, unless otherwise specified. Please keep all arms, legs and penises inside the car at all times. Everyone so delete on 3 1 2 3 You're in MYLO
  2. Post an insane lie about the person above you

    doesn't have an ego at all
  3. Post an insane lie about the person above you

    Francis sucks at mafia and won't signup to be a sub in my game
  4. Post an insane lie about the person above you

    Tyranno likes females
  5. Post an insane lie about the person above you

    Wishes he was the real Kevin Spacey
  6. Broken's Broken Game

    OFFICIAL VOTE COUNT (1) Zeropassion (from Jazz) (1) Jazz (from Zeropassion) (1) Jericho (from Tyranno) (1) Sage (from Brandis) Missing posts from Quota: (2) Brandis (4) Malcolm (4) Sage (4) Jericho (4) Hazmah
  7. Broken's Broken Game

    Walia has solved the game everyone. Tell Walia gg
  8. Broken's Broken Game

    Claiming affiliation is ok, claiming role is not. Shoulda clarified that
  9. Broken's Broken Game

    I will smite you if you act like i did
  10. Broken's Broken Game

    Like, that's not even close to softing a claim... I'm one post away from quota vote mark kill all pedos
  11. Turn A Video Game Into A Film

  12. Broken's Broken Game

    Day ends 6/21/2018 11 PM Central Standard Time
  13. Broken's Broken Game

    this is a joke
  14. Broken's Broken Game Sign-ups

    This is gonna be a closed setup, with no claiming (don't even hint) and no role reveal (to the players) upon death. I need at least 8 players to make this game work, but the more the merrier. Post Quota will be 4 posts a day phase and since I have common sense there will not be a vote quota. My time is pretty flexible so I'll let the players decide if we wanna do 24/36/48 hour phases Players: Malcolm Brandis Jazz Sage Walia Tyranno Number2 Hazmah JerichoTheUnwise Subs: Faint And yes. There will be flavor. And lots of it.
  15. Broken's Broken Game Sign-ups

    Signups are closed, will still accept subs though. Role PMs will be out soon
  16. Broken's Broken Game Sign-ups

    11 PM Central, days will be 48 hours though
  17. Broken's Broken Game Sign-ups

    We'll be starting tonight. Will give more time in case anyone else wants to sign up.
  18. Broken's Broken Game Sign-ups

    Any chance you changed your mind and actually wanna play?
  19. Broken's Broken Game Sign-ups

    @Francis J Underwood I know you wanna join
  20. Mafia New Games Hosting Queue

    Can I host a game?
  21. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    Yeah, what gave you away to me is when you said “I guess I have to solve this game to prove I’m not scum.” Normally you’re already trying to solve the game and especially since it was Mylo was bad. That and the claim so late in the day.
  22. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    For the million dollar question @reiam I banned or do i stay
  23. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    Came in with a clutch vote cuz I knew rei was spewing bullshit! And Tyranno fucks the gamestate to repay me?
  24. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    That’s supposed to be rei, and yeah fuck your late as fuck claim rei.