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  1. I am the first and only person to hit triple digits in DGZ warring 


    No justice has been brought to me 

    1. Sophocles


      Rip first and only person to hit triple digits in DGZ warring

  2. OD Superman Has Been Disqualified

    Fuck kris and his cheating ass This little bitch has an "If I can't win, then nobody deserves to win" mentality. Fucking thief piss verovic
  3. Your team cheated for your own selfish gain. Wouldn't have been the first time either...
  4. Silver NOBODY gives a fuck about your team. Your team literally blows. Their retarded team captain (you) traded away a bunch of players and didn't get the player he was seeking, because their team captain (you) was too stupid to perform basic arithmetic properly. The DRP you got from trading your bros in Team Beer wasn't enough. This in turn, didn't even give you enough players to finish playoffs with. Dumbass
  5. The only lies being ham strung are yours. The people you mention (zodiac duelist, nostalgic duelist, etc) are all sheep. They don't know of your cheating situation at all, and if they discovered it they would think very differently of you. They just simply don't care because they are average at best, at yugioh, and don't actually care about yugioh as much as certain people on DGZ do. They don't know of you and blindly suck your cock because you had a 5 year age advantage in goat format, or whatever marginal tops you had (literally a lot of yugioh players have had better tops than you but don't feel the need to endlessly stroke their e-penis and reach out to random dudes to have his e-penis sucked). Stop your shit flinging, blaming dgz dying on the current staff. It has nothing to do with that. There you go again, lying to spin your own narrative. People leave DGZ because they no longer like yugioh. DGZ is a yugioh site, and yugioh's current format has run its course. It has nothing to do with the current staff. If anything would turn off a new player from dgz it's the level of cheating that you and your team has committed throughout this entire war season.
  6. Wouldn't take a fuckin rocket scientist to realize that piss verovic and his lot were cheating scumbags
  7. Jazz go fuck yourself you little yapping dog
  8. this shit all happened because of kris and detox's shenanigans so jazz stfu
  9. Jazz can you, kris, and skully stop bitching about everything and justifying all your cheating actions by saying that it's not in the rules? You're such scumbags
  10. How about you just act with good integrity and not try to bend rules and create loopholes Never thought you and skully would be as bad/worse than piss verovic
  11. kris honestly ruined the integrity of competitive yugioh, fuck him
  12. Wow this is really shitty... I would have preferred to play out our top 2 cut, no collusion, no skully vs kira. This is so fuckin gay how detox just continues to pull shenanigan after shenanigan to give themselves an unfair advantage. Tristan was on ESPN and had no business even being in playoffs tbh... Fuck this bullshit. Imagine if every team just traded their top dude to a certain team... one small step forward for mankind, one large leap for fair competition! GO DETOX!
  13. TGT Presents DGz Pick Your Poison Mafia! [Night 3]

    I am town, and I voted for Mascis after he switched up his vote on ZP into silver, after realizing that ZP would die
  14. TGT Presents DGz Pick Your Poison Mafia! [Night 3]

    I voted mascis because I suspect him and ZP are scum. Possibly malcolm too because he's been so inactive and is protecting mascis now, even though he's well known to be an active good player in mafia
  15. TGT Presents DGz Pick Your Poison Mafia! [Night 3]

    What does OMGUSing mean