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  1. We shall see which team is the better shade of yellow hehe
  2. Hit this meat eater up for some goat games.... vegans
  3. My backwood filled with dead men's

  4. Buzzin like a wasp

  5. Ran that shit back Burn vs Chaos Recruiter Won Ggs, on to the next week!
  6. Got 2-0ed by N3sh My TD chaos turbo return vs his goat control
  7. Dead mi juana >:D

  8. Glizzy for whoever lookin sidewaysss >:)

  9. I swear I love my bros If they have it then I have it
  10. Lol don't talk it down to just a Ring slam on BLS. Come on man... :/ That was the second time I ringed you in that duel
  11. Interested. If Lackey supports this style of play, this is an amazing idea!
  12. In the Forged Rebellion format, Dimensional Prison was introduced at 3 to help spellcasters and goat control deal with the zombie and beast onslaught. 2 Breakers was pretty fun and really rewarded the player who could make the right reads