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  1. Igknight - Discussion

    I love the Droll and Lock build. It works very well and creates another main deck win condition that is overall pretty consistent. The only problem I have with the deck is Abductor. Personally, I think RML would be better at three over Abductor because it's able to rapidly thin your deck with Upstart, Chicken Game, and searching with your Igknights. You are bound to draw into either your Throes or a Droll and Lock with a well prepared extra to make Durendal with RML alone due to the explosiveness of the deck. It also helps with throwing your opponent off really hard since they don't know or expect you have a Droll and Lock in hand so they just play right into it.   That's not to say Abductor is bad, I'm currently playing 1 in my build as a fourth normal summonable monster and the fact that it's a three scale is pretty good since if you draw it you can just use it for pendulum summoning and adds another spell counter to RML. It can also become a pretty huge fucking beater if you play your cards right. Very nice find!
  2. Igknight - Discussion

    I think the deck can be a sweet stun deck given that if you Heat Wave or Throes or even get out Number 86 with 4/5 materials puts the Kozmo match up heavily in your favor. Haven't tested it against Majespecter though, anyone else try it against the deck? How did it work out?
  3. Igknight - Discussion

    I picked up Igknights recently and I was wondering what changes you guys plan on making in the deck once DOCS drop and we're under the new ban list?   I was considering dropping crusader and squire to one since my build used to run three of each with three ROTA. With ROTA going to one by default and only one of each of the 3's, It makes space to run three of both Uzi and Derringer. It helps maximize our Summoner's Art targets while still having a decent amount of ROTA targets (3 Templars and Paladins makes it 8 targets). It maintains an equal scale ratio, and allows us to make more rank 6 and rank 5 plays, which in my eyes have way better monster pools than rank 3.   I'm probably just pointing out the obvious here but I also want to hear what you guys think.
  4. wanna learn shit

    If you got a library card or are willing to pay, lynda.com is a cool ass place to learn stuff.
  5. headset recommendations

    You're best off getting mid to high end headphones with a blue snowball or snowflake.   Headsets are much less durable than normal headphones and are the worst of both worlds from my experience.
  6. Have A Question? Ask it here.

    What are my best choices for a competitive stun deck right now? I'm thinking of picking up Qlis but I want to know what my options are.
  7. Guess I'm not buying an Nvidia GPU ever again

    What's the problem with GFE? I've had no problems with it on my end.   Besides, the article says you will still be able to download the major driver updates every quarter without GFE.
  8. imac 27'' new

        I already have a MBP + iPhone. imessage/facetime/icloud/itunes match and apples whole syncing shit has been integral and seamless to my life. Really don't want to trade that in for 10 different applications to try and fiddle with them to sync over 3-4 different devices.        A monitor alone of that quality seems to be setting me back a fair bit of money as I was contemplating just buying a monitor and plugging in my MBP.    I already have in my lounge a 4670k overclocked to 4.2ghz w/a GTX 670 which I will upgrade to a next gen nvidia card once I actually start PC gaming again,    It sounds like it would be a nice fit since you're already in that Apple circle to begin with and is willing to drop the cash for it. But before you spend that amount of dosh on it I highly encourage you try it somewhere just to see if you like everything with it or find problems you may have with it and see if it overall performs to your liking.
  9. imac 27'' new

    It depends on how much a person values 5k and their brand loyalty I suppose. 5k resolution monitors at that size are expensive as fuck alone (seen them for $1,000 at the lowest) but 4k monitors aren't that bad. Also Apple always has the sleek shit that looks nice and professional to a lot of people. There's also other factors like OS exclusive software and shit.
  10. imac 27'' new

    I would say check if a local best buy or whatever equivalent you may have near you has a demo model for it and see if you would like it from there.   I don't know what you're planning to do on your PC, so idk if you need anything higher than the base configuration or if you need a hackintosh with a 27" monitor.
  11. Thinking about money

  12. ARG Atlantic City 3rd Place

    Very funny write-up! Was rooting for you whenever you came up on the stream. If there's anything to learn from this event though, is that you NEVER take shit from a boy that plays on Naruto playmat.   Congrats on 3rd!
  13. Dragon Ball Z CCG (Panini Relaunch)

    Out of the small pack with the MP and Mastery? I believe it gave me Namekian Fusion. I'm not at home now but I'll be sure to check if there was anything else in that. My friend also picked up a starter deck and got Vegeta 1, two of 3, and a 4, no 2. Something's just not right, my guess was the shop got a weird fucking case or something to have that happen.   Edit: Just got back home, I forgot about this but it also came with a non rainbow foil lvl 4 Krillin.
  14. ARG Atlantic City October 10-11

    Power Filter is probably better than Mind Drain since Mind Drain has to be set for a turn before getting any use out of it, which is not only slow, but makes it extremely vulnerable to Kama 1. You can also bring Filter in vs. BA or Yang Zing   Damn, I didn't even know that card existed. Thanks!       At least  overload can deal with any floodgate, except IIW. another cool thing about yosenjus, is that you can make dire wolf to pop floodgates and still leave your board empty, or bounce them back with kama 1.   Is the yosenju psyframe deck going to be the most relevant variant of the deck in your opinion?   Also, forgot to say congrats to everyone that did well at the event!
  15. ARG Atlantic City October 10-11

    On the topic of Psyframes: Does Mind Drain essentially kill the deck? Or are there other cards that would do better in the side?