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  1. WATER - Discussion

    Especially with Mander + Ocea in the deck, I'm really liking Moray of Greed. Besides using it at the start of your turn to try and fix a hand if you need to, it lets you shuffle potentially unused waters in your hand to find your extenders like instant fusion and aqua spirit (or if you're going first, Maxx "C" is good too) to make greater boards/stronger pushes. Requires more testing definitely, but I'm liking it a lot.
  2. Satellarknight - Discussion

    So I've played this for the last 2 weeks. [spoiler][/spoiler] Based on the idea above, just re-did the list for this format. The deck's shortcomings are mainly due to the limited access to Ignister, because of the Tellar/Zefra scales. However, it's nice that the deck can still play without scales. The main is great (especially skybridge), but maybe needs time-space instead of bottomless. 1 Vega was played so that Ptolemaeus is easier to make turn 1. That seems to be the most regular turn 1 play, seeing as it's so hard to OTK through or even out in PePe. If it lives for a turn, it's essentially a 2 material Pleiades. Also, Vega is nice to give you more options for the mid-game. That card in the side is Speedroid Menko. I sided Denko for the events but realised that your normal summon is still so important, so it sucks. I also was otk'd through Maxx "C" a few times, and veiler doesn't really do a whole lot vs some matchups to prevent otks. Battle fader may be better, but this is a level 4 so yeah. And yeah, Lancea sucks against Kozmo but in that matchup you essentially Triverr and hope for the best. It's mainly for infernoid, and it's nice that it doesn't lose to MST/decatron. 1 of their turns doing nothing is usually enough to win the game anyway. The deck is alright, but it's a little too weak. Heroes or PePe are probably just better. Or Majespecter variants. All of them.