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  1. Espa Roba

    Someone on Reddit posted an Array Control deck that works wonders against Espa. Here's the list I'm using. Deck: 20 Skill: Restart Monsters: 9 1x The Winged Dragon of Ra 2x Crystal Seer 3x Guardian Statue 3x Medusa Worm Spells: 8 1x Anti-Magic Arrows 1x Dian Keto the Cure Master 3x Array of Revealing Light 3x Acid Rain Traps: 3 1x Legacy of Yata-Garasu 2x Aegis of Gaia Basically, you use Array of Revealing Light to paralyze Espa's Machines for one turn, then use Statue, Worm, and Acid Rain to keep his field clear. Pump yourself up over 10K LP before the last turn, then summon Ra and attack directly for game. Guaranteed 8K as long as you can deal 10,000 or more damage with Ra.
  2. Duel Links Deck Simulator: Possible Idea?

    I hope nobody minds if I resurrect this topic. I've been thinking a lot about this simulator idea of mine for several months now, and recently started looking into some math regarding deck shuffling- specifically how many different ways a deck of cards can be arranged, and the math used to determine that number quickly. And holy CRAP, even a 20 card deck with six trios and a single pair has a TON of unique arrangements- assuming, of course, that "unique" means that all copies of a card are interchangeable with each other. I also learned what factorials are and that exclamation points are used to represent them in math... formulas? Equations? Are those the same thing? I dunno, I didn't think about that until just now. Should probably note here for those unfamiliar that a factorial (n!) works like this: Say you want the factorial of 5, so 5!, you'd write it out longways like this: 5x4x3x2x1. You start with "n", in this case 5, and multiply it by every whole number between "n" and 1. So 3! would be 3x2x1. 7! would be 7x6x5x4x3x2x1. 20! would be... well, you get the idea. Anyway, in a 20 card deck comprised of a single pair and six trios- three copies each of six different cards- the formula would look like this: 20! / (3!6 / 2!). Basically, the exponent for each trio or pair factorial is equal to the number of trios/pairs present in the deck itself. Anyway, this formula equals 104,291,066,880,000. Over a hundred and four trillion combinations. Now, try to imagine going through every possible duel between two decks composed of six trios and a pair. The complex the cards and potential interactions, the more possible duels there are. I'd need a damn quantum computer from the year 2276 just to make it calculate which deck has the most victories inside of a year, and that's assuming the human race survives that long and gets its shit together, and all of that is still probably a very GENEROUS estimate, and on top of all of that, I'm really no good at this kind of advanced math. I'm literally going with what my instincts are telling me on that observation. Even so, this seems like a challenge I'd have fun tackling. I don't really know why, but thinking about it excites me. At the same time, though, it is a bit daunting, because what I want to do is basically create a brute-force program that tells you which one of two decks has the most possible victories out of ALL POSSIBLE duels, and I recognize that this in itself could be problematic as there are duels that simply would never occur for obvious strategic reasons, so their presence in the data could taint the results. I guess I just wanted to share what I've learned so far, and my proposed starting point for actual experiments: The starter decks for Yami Yugi and Seto Kaiba in Duel Links. Their monsters are different, but they have the exact same Spells in their lineup. There seems to be enough basic variety and strategic variance to make it worth while without breaking things right away. At least, I hope. Of course, I'm still attempting to design and build a testing environment in a freaking GOOGLE SPREADSHEET... this seems more and more ridiculous the more I think about it, but that just makes me want it more. Humans, right?
  3. 100% KoG winrate

    Have you thought about using Impenetrable Attack from the new set? Can only play it in BP, but you can either make a monster indestructible for the turn, or negate all battle damage that turn. EDIT: Just had a thought, so I've got a few questions. 1) Why only one Crystal Seer? 2) Why not Good Goblin Housekeeping?
  4. Farming Strategy Discussion

    Dexer, GameA has a lot of recommendations for farming Bonz. Ojamas, Cerberus, and even Unhappy Girl are all recommended. It also recommends Silent Magician, but that looks to be expensive to build. If you're luck is terrible, though, then yeah, farm for Builder as quickly as you can because it's the best farming strategy, hands down.
  5. Cyber Angel - Discussion

    Just so you guys know, Shared Ride works pretty well AGAINST Cyber Angels. If you expect to face them a lot, use it if you can find space. It seems most of the CA players I've encountered just kept searching and trying to strengthen their position, not realizing that they were helping me fortify my defenses in the process. There was ONE guy who didn't do that, and I lost to him. If you play CA, Shared Ride is basically the Maxx "C" Challenge. Don't take it if you aren't 100% on winning THAT turn. It's not worth it.
  6. Other Decks Strategy Discussion (outdated)

    So, still running mill, because I think it's a TON of fun. Also, I've been doing a lot of improving since I got my 2nd Warm Worm, and GX has actually made the deck just a bit stronger. How, you ask? Winged Kuriboh, that's how. It gets destroyed, you take no damage for the rest of the turn. It combos SO good with Assault on GHQ! Sphere Kuriboh is a great card for most decks that have the space for it, but it has become obsolete in any mill deck that uses GHQ.
  7. Not against my No-Spells Mill it ain't!
  8. Farming Strategy Discussion

    Been trying to farm Chazz, but the Labyrinth Builder deck suffers from three things: 1) Going first and not opening D. Gate OR Cat of Ill Omen; 2) Going 2nd and only opening Cat; 3) Players can only get 1 copy of Curse of Royal. And Paladin decks are just godawful. No matter how I build it, I have a 90% FAILURE rate. Whether I copy a recipe exactly or I make my own modifications, it doesn't matter. I NEVER open with the cards to make Dark Paladin. I either don't get Poly or Fusion Gate- and the only thing I haven't tried is maxing out on Gate- only get one half of the Fusion formula, I open with tons of last turn combo pieces, like Union Attacks and Vassal. Is there ANYTHING better?
  9. If you were around and unlocked Yami Marik, then you might be better off going with a modern version of Weevil Burn. It combines the classic formula with Lava Golem and sometimes strategies from the old Téa burn decks. If not, you could also try building the mill deck I used. It does take some thought and planning, but it CAN beat a lot of stuff in the current meta, even things that a lot of folks think it shouldn't be able to win against, like Phoenix. If you want to avoid those, perhaps you could build something Psychic-based. You may need to acquire a few more cards, but that shouldn't be too difficult since Konami's going all Oprah Winfrey with the gems this week. Relinquished might also be a good deck to build since there's not much in the way of back row hate outside of Phoenix decks, and even those shouldn't be a problem when you realize that they actually don't start the full assault until their third turn. First turn usually pops a Phoenix with the Field Spell, second has the Phoenix come back to nuke everything, but then the Fire King Island destroys it again (and any other monsters they have). Third turn is when Phoenix comes back and stays put. Survive those three turns and your chances of winning go up quite dramatically. One thing though: If you build Relinquished, you MUST take into account battling other monsters. With the current metagame, battling is the best way to deal with Relinquished, so you need to ensure that you don't lose Relinquished somehow. Interdimensional Matter Transporter is one idea, but you may want to consider cards that modify ATK as well. Red-Eyes Classic decks use Counter Traps and beatdown tactics to overwhelm the opponent. However, they're not too popular right ow. Red-Eyes Zombie decks are all the rage at the moment because of how easily they can swarm the field. They can also get out a Gemini Summoned Heavy Knight of the Flame quickly enough to deal with Special Summoned monsters. 3SD has seen a resurgence in popularity thanks to Toon Barrel Dragon. It's a Class 4 Toon as well. It isn't Special Summoned like the originals, but it won't self-destruct if Toon World gets destroyed. Toon Barrel Dragon's effect is also an upgrade over the originals in that it can target ANY card, not just monsters. The deck utilizes Toon Kingdom to protect from targeting cards like Enemy Controller, and from general destruction. Phoenix decks are also a popular choice for F2P duelists, but as I pointed out, they have a huge flaw in the strategy. The best way to use this deck, of course, uses the Field Spell, but you shouldn't rely on it too much IMO. Jaden's E-HEROs might be a powerful deck if you're willing to train the boy and unlock as many of his Fusions as possible. In that case, I would also use his skill Where the Heroes Dwell to deal with high ATK problem cards.
  10. FINALLY! I just got my first King of Games, guys! And before anyone says anything about my choice of deck, I had FUN with this. One of the wins that got me here was against a 30-card control deck, and THAT was a difficult duel! I've always loved mill decks.
  11. The YGOrganization -[ARC-V Manga] New D/D Monsters

    I wonder what the 4th "D" stands for.
  12. Will GX even be playable against DM in PVP?
  13. Other Decks Strategy Discussion (outdated)

    I've been doing pretty well with a cheap mill deck, even though I've only got 1 copy of Warm Worm. I'll switch to Red-Eyes once I get my third Insight. Anyway, the mill deck is as follows. Monsters: 9 2x Sphere Kuriboh 1x Warm Worm (again, only have 1) 3x Hiro's Shadow Scout 3x Crystal Seer Spells: 3 3x Cup of Ace Traps: 8 3x Assault on GHQ 1x Curse of Anubis 1x Windstorm of Etaqua 3x A Feint Plan I'm considering dropping Ace in favor of DNA Checkup. Thoughts?
  14. I'll have my second soon. I'm also currently hoarding coins. I wouldn't mind having a 3rd copy of Toon Barrel Dragon.
  15. I think that Dimension Gate might be some good tech in Toons. I was able to defeat a Phoenix Beatdown deck because I used one to save Toon Summoned Skull. I've got two copies in there now. On the same note, Toon Barrel Dragon is a cool card, but I don't think it's quite what the deck needs. In fact, I think its biggest problem is actually not being able to summon a Toon when Kingdom is present. More often than not, I lose because I can't draw into any of my low-Level monsters in time. What Toons really need is another monster they can Special Summon for free.