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  1. Does it happen just in Legend, or does it apply in lower ranks as well?
  2. Maybe the new system is simply about accumulating a certain number of wins, and losses simply take away from that number? Or maybe some kind of hybrid system of that and win streaks?
  3. I've gotten a ton of supers from Joey. Problem is, most were Dice or Ishzark. So, yeah, I'm salty about the event too. I think a lot of people have a right to be salty. Konami is clearly manipulating the drop rates of specific cards so that they are rarer than others in their class, or even in rarer classes (see the Mokuba event where Kidmodo and Beacon were goddamn impossible to get).
  4. Still trying to get just one Super Rush, though. It's being stubborn.
  5. I have a new idea for the Handless Balance deck. In theory, it should work. What do you guys think of this? Deck: 20 Skill: Balance Monsters: 5 1x Swift Gaia the First Knight 3x Flash Assailant 1x [Monster] (I recommend Heavy Knight of the Flame) Spells: 10 (EXACTLY) 3x Double Summon 3x Card of the Soul 2-3x Gateway to Chaos 1-2x [Spell Card] (Depends on how many Gateways you own/run) Traps: 5 (EXACTLY) 2-3x Dimension Gate 1-2x Wild Tornado 0-1x [Trap Card] With this formula, you open with 1x monster, 2x Spells, 1x Trap. You're guaranteed a monster on the first turn, you have a good chance of getting out a second on Turn 1 or 2, and there's a good chance of going full power by your second turn.
  6. Having only one Gate is definitely a problem. Let me write up my list. See if you can adapt the ideas in here to work for you. Deck: 20 Skill: Labyrinth Builder Monsters: 6 1x Darkflare Dragon 1x Gravekeeper's Vassal 2x A Cat of Ill Omen 2x Skelengel Spells: 6 2x Union Attack 1x Shield and Sword 1x Storm 1x Hieroglyph Lithograph 1x Secret Pass to the Treasures Traps: 8 1x Seven Tools of the Bandit 3x Dimension Gate 1x Ultimate Providence 3x Jar of Greed Skelengels are in because Crystal Seer is WATER, and I didn't want to dedicate 2+ slots to summoning Buster Blader or a Fusion Monster. I also don't own The Fiend Megacyber, which is the ideal card in this deck; play Megacyber if you have it. I have a total of 5 reactionary counters to Wind Art, giving me a pretty good chance of opening with at least one. For getting to 8k, Tools is ideal. Use any of your other Traps to draw out Stamping Destruction, with Jars taking priority, followed by Providence, then Gate. If you can get Joey to play both of them AND pull off Seven Tools and Lithograph, you'll get the Low LP bonus on top of everything else, which should get you to 8k.
  7. Aaah, okay. Thanks, Dex. As far as Joey Lvl.40 goes, I think the biggest problems aren't card choices, but timing and the AI script. I've found that Labyrinth Builder is the most consistent deck available. As such, the two biggest threats are, as we all know, Miyabi and Kunai. I've been using my 1x Seven Tools and 1x Ultimate Providence, along with 3x Dimension Gate, to deal with Spiritual Wind Art - Miyabi, but those are vulnerable to Stamping Destruction. Which brings me to the other problem: Joey's AI. I've been trying to decipher the order in which he targets cards for Stamping Destruction. Right now, I think he goes after face-up cards first, and the newest cards second. Beyond that, I'm still not sure. I have a feeling he'll ignore certain Set cards if they remain face-down for several turns. Super Joey has a pretty big weakness against Storm, though. For some reason, he ALWAYS activates Kunai and Metalmorph whenever I play Storm, if he has them (he usually does by that point). With this, playing a Field Spell of any kind to blow up a third card is unnecessary.
  8., man. I may actually go back to Relinquished because of this.
  9. What's "NoE"?
  10. I don't even HAVE work. I should be seeing him a lot too, but I didn't last time, and I don't expect to this time. Even if I do, I guarantee there are two cards that I will NOT be able to acquire during this event. It's the same for me with every event like this.
  11. I'm well aware that it's not supposed to be the maximum. But even if I do get more duels than that against him, it still won't total out to more than 20. 25 or 30 if Konami decides they feel generous. Last time, there was a glitch that caused Super Joey to remain in Duel World even after defeating him. It was supposedly fixed, but after getting shafted as badly as I have in every single event, I'd abuse that glitch maliciously.
  12. Well, I wouldn't say you can't trust anything. It seems more likely to me that it was simply an error in someone's thinking based on the previously established pattern of Granel's parts being based on marine and aquatic life forms. It's not the first time that cross-themed parts have occurred. For instance, Skiel Carrier 5 is actually based on a squid, and Skiel Attack 5 appears to be a non-flying insect, and Wisel Attack 5 is a swan.
  13. Super Joey has reappeared. Labyrinth Builder decks seem to be the ideal farming method. The only problem is that SJ won't show up more than 15 times during the event. Spawn rate is just as terrible as every other random-appearance event, drop rates are atrocious, and I doubt I'll see Lvl.40 more than five times during the whole thing. I've dueled him three times now, all at Lvl.30. The only Super Rare I got from him was a third copy of Graceful Dice. I fully expect to be denied even one copy of two of the cards I don't have. Just like last time, and just like literally every other LD event.
  14. Bought 10 of the new stuff. No Supers or Ultras, but did manage to get a playset of Des Wombat, and at least one Card of the Soul. Think I got that Prism card too, the one that says, "Hey is that a Quick-Play Spell? I'MMA KILL SOMETHING!" EDIT: Okay, so bought another 10 packs. NOW I have Card of the Soul. Also Il Blud and Tribute to the Doomed, so... bitchin'. Currently working with a Handless Balance deck. Only have 2x Gateway to Chaos, but that's the minimum for the deck to be good. Need to get another Wild Tornado, but that'll have to wait. Twister's been a decent replacement for Wild 2 anyway. Anyhoo, should I use any of the new cards in this deck? Maybe Card of the Soul, or Tribute to the Doomed? Or both?
  15. Set does have some good cards in the higher tiers, but I'm more concerned with the rares and commons since those will likely be my front runners in farming, and in some PVP matches. Lots of Naturia stuff in here, but I'm not sure if that'll be a legit deck. I recently got 2x Buster Blader, the Destruction Swordmaster, and finally got a second copy of Gateway to Chaos. Until the nerf, I've got a decent 3SD deck, and I've also got a Balance deck, though that could still use some work. So, with this in mind, I'm wondering what packs I should buy. I still need to clean out Neo-Impact for the second time. I don't have much from Land of the Titans, and there's some neat stuff in Crimson Kingdom I'd like to have, such as the Fusions... where should I go from here? EDIT: Oh yeah, forgot to mention that I was able to grab a copy of Big Shield Gardna before the Bakura event ended.