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  1. Literally got 8900 points after posting that. Got Comeback and Low LP, I think. But yeah, I see your point.
  2. Well, at most I can get 7900 points from dueling with that deck. What should I do to push for that last 100? Here's a list of the bonuses I achieve. I don't think adding a Prismatic card is an option, as the only ones I have are BEWD, DM, E-Con, and The Unfriendly Amazon. Duel Victory: 2000 Cards on the Brink: 500 Victory by Effect Damage Only: 1000 Played Glossy Card: 600 Over 9999 Damage!: 3000 Destroyed 5 Monsters: 100 Activated Spell: 100 Activated Trap: 100 Performed Special Summon: 100 Performed Fusion Summon: 400 Total: 7900 EDIT: Okay, well, I found the "Low LP" bonus on the GameA site. I figure I can pull that off if I allow Bakura to keep me at no more than 2500 LP, but it's a hella risky move. Alternatively, I could do the "Comeback Victory" bonus, which happens if I start my final turn with fewer LP than my opponent. Each nets me 500 points. Should I do it, or be happy with the 7900?
  3. After acquiring my 3rd Supremacy Berry from Téa, I went and built the new Bakura Lvl.40 farm deck. Once again replaced the second UA with Spell Reclamation (thanks again, Gojira!) and it works like a charm! The trick is to keep track of all the monsters Bakura has in his deck. There's 12 in total, not counting the Necrofear in his Graveyard for the skill. Just keep count and you won't end up wasting space on the field.
  4. Still only have 1x Union Attack. How should I approach Bakura Lv.50? EDIT: Yikes, also completely lacking Sealmaster Meisei. Have the seals, but not the master. What are some alternative strategies?
  5. Either Bakura's AI was changed, or it's getting smarter on its own. When I used my Destiny Draw deck against him, I lost because I couldn't draw Gravedigger Ghoul in time and he wouldn't attack me.
  6. It's 1800 original DEF. On it's own, it's decent because it blocks all Level 4 and below monster with no boosts. It's a Fiend-Type, so in Yami Yugi decks it can go up to 2000 DEF. Even with a Field Spell boost, there are no Level 4 or lower Normal Summon monsters that can get past that without an Equip Spell, save Flash Assailant, and we all know why that's not as effective. I say it was "missed" because a lot of people are saying it's surprising that it's any good. Either they were told something they hadn't considered before, or they discovered it themselves in practice. Nutrient Z is better than Blast for one major reason: It lets the monster in question damage you enough that you can use Destiny Draw, while still giving you a decent LP boost. For instance, if the monster swinging at you is Dark Ruler Ha Des, you'll still take 2450, but you'll have gained 4000 LP moments before. You now have a net gain of 1550 LP and the ability to use Destiny Draw when your turn rolls around. Blast would not accomplish this, and would instead destroy the monster. Now, that's not necessarily a bad thing, but for the purposes of this deck, you want to use Destiny Draw to get your key cards. The deck's win condition is Vassal + Cerberus + Union Attack + Secret Pass. Cerberus gets pumped well past 10K, with all the Spells you're playing. Then you use Secret Pass to let Vassal attack directly, and give it Union Attack so that it gains all of Cerberus' ATK in the Battle Phase. Attack directly, all his "battle damage" is converted into effect damage, bypassing Union Attack's "no battle damage" condition.
  7. I know I'm basically the amateur among pros around here, but how did you guys not immediately catch on to Gross Ghost's DEF? Rex and Mai are about the only characters that can get over it without sacrifices, and that goes out the window when Field Spell "Yami" is on the field. Eh, I guess even the best can miss the simplest stuff, right? Heh, but listen to me talk. I can see little stuff like that, but couldn't figure out how to get past only owning one copy of a card. Speaking of, I think I've got a working deck list, modified from that YouTube video up there. It even functions against Lv.50 Bakura, but you have to watch out for his one copy of Xing Xhen Hu. Instead of using one Fusion Monster and Union Attack's effect twice (for three gains in total) this deck uses two Fusion Monsters and only needs to use UA's effect twice. I've been thinking of replacing the Thunder Dragons with a second Red-Eyes and a Material Substitute monster so I can go into B. Skull Dragon (got the dragon, but not the Skull). On the other hand, I like the Thunder Dragon combo. Deck: 23 Skill: Destiny Draw Monsters: 6 3x Thunder Dragon 1x Gravekeeper's Vassal 1x Meteor Dragon 1x Red-Eyes B. Dragon Spells: 9 3x Shard of Greed 2x Supremacy Berry 1x Fusion Gate 1x Gravedigger Ghoul 1x Secret Pass to the Treasures 1x Union Attack Traps: 8 2x Des Counter Blow 2x Enchanted Javelin 2x Nutrient Z 1x Spell Reclamation 1x The Golden Apples Extra: 2 1x Meteor B. Dragon 1x Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon
  8. Oh snap, I completely forgot about that! Thanks, Gojira!
  9. Ah, must've missed that. Hey, any pointers on building a 2x BEUD Union Attack deck? I've only got the one UA, so I don't have a lot of options here. I figure I can use one Material Substitute monster, a single poly, and at least one Benevolence, but all of my experiments so far have failed because I can't draw any Dinos.
  10. God, this sucks. All the most high-scoring decks have two Union Attacks and I was only able to get one from that cheap bastard Yugi. It and Gandora were literally the only rainbow-pack cards I saw from him. EDIT: Wait... I actually have two BEUDs. I wonder if... EDIT2: Hey, um... is it just me, or does Bakura ALWAYS get the first move?
  11. Yeah, I'm still kinda hard up for cash, but I think a new job might be coming my way soon.
  12. Thanks for that advice and analysis, mark. It's a lot to consider. I'll try to keep all this in mind if they do the event again, though I bet the next Special Duel series will be something completely different.
  13. Well, the Special Duels event has ended. I made it to Gold 5 at one point, but then got kicked to the curb hard and barely managed to claw my way back to Gold 3. Here's my final decklist for the event. Any comments on what I may have done right or wrong? I think I did the best I could, but maybe I missed some card choices that would've helped. Exodia-Beat Deck: 26 +Exodia Monsters: 14 2x Relinquished 1x Airknight Parshath 1x Twin-Barrel Dragon 2x Sonic Bird 1x Senju of the Thousand Hands 2x Sphere Kuriboh 1x Diskblade Rider 1x Jerry Beans Man 1x Warrior Dai Grepher 1x Neo the Magic Swordsman 1x Sonic Duck Spells: 5 1x Twister 2x Enemy Controller 2x Black Illusion Ritual Traps: 7 1x Mirror Wall 1x Michizure 1x Metalmorph 3x Common Charity 1x Windstorm of Etaqua Like I said, I was working with what I had. I'm working on clearing out all the Supers and Ultras from Neo-Impact so I can reset and get another Senju. I had maxed out on Common Charity because I thought it would be better to just use Exodia's limbs as fodder for draw power. I think most of the other card choices are self-explanatory, but I still want to know what I could have done differently.
  14. Lol, I only own one Maxx. If anything, this just means I don't have to invest in another!
  15. I like this list. I'm a little sad about Slumber going to 2, but I understand why it needed to happen. I definitely like the errata for most of the newly unbanned cards. I think they should've done more to limit Imperial Order's power, though I don't know what more could have been done. Honestly, the only thing I REALLY dislike about this list is that Solemn Strike still hasn't been hit. I hate that card more than I hated Vanity's Emptiness.