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  1. I've gotten four copies of Ishzark from Super Joey (yay?), one copy of Red-Eyes Spirits, but what annoys me is that I've maxed out Skull Dice three times over thanks to him. On the plus side I've gotten 2 of each SR from the Paradox Bros. and I've maxed out on the rares.
  2. Fusion Summoned my glossy BEUD with 2x Blue-Eyes and a substitute using a glossy Fusion Gate. Now, one of the Materials I used was glossy, but I don't think that would've had anything to do with it. Regardless, I'll need to double check, but it seems that the problem is simply that the game won't recognize a Fusion Monster as being glossy unless it was Fusion Summoned. (I have no prismatic Fusions, so I cannot test if the problem hits those as well.)
  3. Never mind, figured out the problem, at least partly. BEUD is not registering as a glossy card, so I'm getting shorted 100 points. I'll need to test if it happens with other Fusion Monsters, and if it happens with Fusion Summons instead of mere Special Summons (I was using Serket to summon it).
  4. Ugh... seems they've changed the scoring so that you don't get Glossy or Prismatic bonuses for each card you play. I played two Glossy cards in a duel against the Paradox Brothers- Secret Pass to the Treasures, and Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon- ad still only got 100 points.
  5. Ya know, I've made a lot of posts in this thread already. I'm beginning to think we either need permanent access to an Edit button, or we should all just start making new threads for decks and include appropriate tags, as with the Deck Garage forum. Anyway, for the Paradox Bros. at levels 40 and 50, I'm using the same deck core: Unhappy Girl stall engine. I also use Union Attack, but it can easily be substituted with Gift of the Martyr and Piranha Army. The BEUD aspect can also be replaced with Relinquished and Summoned Skull, but this seems risky to me and I've not experimented with it yet. Unhappy Brothers Lvl.40/50 Notes The only significant difference between the two decks is Trap Jammer. The Paradox Brothers' Lvl.40 deck doesn't have any Traps in it that should worry you at all. It contains only Damage Gate and Battle Mania. The former, at 2 copies, is completely insignificant in the duel since you'll win in one shot anyway. The second, Battle Mania, shouldn't be a problem under any of these three conditions. 1) Your Monster Zones only have The Unhappy Girl(s). Just attack and they'll be fine. 2) Your opponent's field has at least 1 monster in Defense Position. Regardless of what monsters you have, attacking a Defense Position monster will not cause either of you to take damage. The reason Trap Jammer is present in the Lvl.50 deck is because of Widespread Ruin, a Trap that will destroy your monster with the most ATK if you declare any attacks. The Brothers run two copies of it, but only one Jammer is necessary to protect Vassal during the final blow. I don't yet know if the AI will use Ruin when you attack with Unhappy Girl, however. The biggest threat to farming with the Lvl.40 deck is actually not being able to get the target bonuses because of victory by deckout. The Paradox Brothers. use a single copy of Monster Gate in their Lvl.40 deck. This can potentially thin their deck drastically. So far, my only solution is to thin yours faster before that happens, but it's not ideal. I'm currently looking for other ways to fix this. Best solution might be to simply stop Monster Gate in its tracks, so Magic Jammer and Magic Drain are good candidates.
  6. Aw, mark changed his profile pic. I was really getting used to seeing him as Gandora. In any case, the Paradox Brothers event IS a bit of a letdown when it comes to the prizes, but actually dueling against them at levels 40 and 50 is fun. Plus, unlocking them gives you access to some VERY powerful skills. And it's cool to see Gate Guardian get a summoning animation, despite being only a normal Rare card. I'll be posting my Paradox Bros. farming decks over in the farming thread if anyone's interested, has comments, or needs help.
  7. So, my third Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon is glossy. That's kinda cool. Still don't have 3rd Sphere or Sonic, though. That kinda sucks.
  8. Cerberus Lvl.30: Dropped Double Summon for Storm, but then lost to Dragon's Gunfire. Have since replaced it with a second Supremacy Berry. May try to find room for a third. Union Girl Lvl.40: Have still not had any opportunity to use Enchanted Javelin. It seems that anti-Trap cards, specifically Seven Tools and Trap Jammer, are essential to the deck, but only if there's an appropriate ratio to the rest of the deck. Defense is still paramount, as is maintaining your LP. Am considering dropping them for my second Sphere and Controller, but am worried that Konami's shuffler will screw me over for being practical. That seems to happen far more often than it should.
  9. No, it worked correctly. Mirror Wall makes it so that your monster's ATK is always half of what it would be if the Wall wasn't in play. So if Dunames + Reinforcements = 2300, then Mirror Wall cuts it down to 1150.
  10. No, it worked correctly. Mirror Wall makes it so that your monster's ATK is always half of what it would be if the Wall wasn't in play. So if Dunames + Reinforcements = 2300, then Mirror Wall cuts it down to 1150.
  11. BTW, been working on Super Joey farm decks. I've been using Cerberus for Lvl.30, and Union Girl for Lvl.40. Union Cerberus Lvl.30 Notes: I know, I know, why the hell am I running it at 30? Simple: With 20, I just didn't have enough space to prepare for most of the crap Joey throws my way. Do you know how deadly Metalmorph is to a Cerberus deck? If you can't get Cerberus at or above DOUBLE the Metalmorphed monster's ATK, you're screwed. For instance, with Metalmorph, Red-Eyes has 2700 ATK. If it attacks a 5400 Cerberus, it'll gain 2700 ATK and they'll destroy each other. The AI will only go for it IF it has game. That's why there's so many Spells, and triplicate of Magical Mallet in the event of bricks. As for the Traps, Etaqua is for defensive purposes, and the one Trap Jammer is to deal with Kunai with Chain. Now I think about it, though, I might just replace Double Summon with a Storm as a back-up plan... It's late and I've got my sister's birthday tomorrow, so I'm not gonna go back and do all the math again. Just know that it works. Union Girl Lvl.40 Notes: This SEEMS to be the best ratio for stuff, but I'm not too sure yet. Still experimenting. Super Joey Lvl.40 is scary as hell. If you only own 1x Union Attack, you can also use 1x Spell Reclamation to replace the second. Alternatively, use the Piranha Martyr combo. Should give you an extra spot too, but it'll cost you the Effect Damage bonus.
  12. Mark's right, but there is a weakness to the D.D. Warrior backup plan: LP. If you can stop him from ramming into you long enough for you to make the difference between Cerberus' and Warrior's ATK larger than Kaiba's LP, he'll never do it. As for the Controllers, run 2-3 Riryoku Field.
  13. Think I'll clarify a couple of things here. First, Curse of Anubis doesn't work on monsters that are already in DEF. At least, it never has in my experience, so this isn't the most advisable play. Everything else is solid, though. Second, when Silver says to use Controller against Cocoon in the Battle Step, he means to wait until the end of the Battle Step, before you move to the Damage Step. You're going to need to turn on Self Chain and set the Activation Confirmation to "Tap". You can find both in the Settings menu WHILE YOU ARE IN A DUEL. The button to access the Duel Log and Settings menu is in the top right corner. When you attack into a Cocoon with a weaker monster, just keep tapping the screen, paying CLOSE attention to the messages it gives you. Once you've passed the declaration of the attack and it's telling you that you're in the Battle Step, THEN you play Controller. Be careful, though. I don't know how often or for how long this trick will work since even Weevil players can catch on pretty quick. You CAN turn it to your advantage, though. If you can pull off this trick, do it anyway. If they know what you're doing, they'll use the Kuriboh anyway. That's one less Kuriboh you have to deal with later on.
  14. The biggest obstacle when it comes to Super Joey 40 is that blasted Wind Art Trap. If he uses it early, you're in trouble. If he combos it with another Trap during the Battle Phase when you can't stop it, you're fucked. Lvl.30 is definitely easier now, especially since I've found a way to make Cerberus work.
  15. Is it just me, or did Super Joey Lvl.40 get stupidly hard all of a sudden? I was using Union Girl and had two Girls in play, one had both of his monsters paralyzed and the other only had one. I attack with that Girl, and Joey plays Kunai AND Wind Art on me! Sends the 2x Paralyzed Girl to my deck and switched the other to DEF. I lost three turns later. Since when is the AI this smart?! EDIT: For the record, I didn't have a choice in attacking. My LP was low enough that if I just let my girls sit there, Joey could've summoned another monster and taken me out. The AI has been doing that lately.