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  1. I thought so. Thanks for the warning.
  2. Holy shit, there may be hope yet. Now if they can just give me an extra five spots for Link Monsters and release a few that are very Synchro friendly, I'll be able to kick everything's ass with Cosmic Blazar Dragon once it's released!
  3. Wait, wouldn't redownloading the game mean resetting my progress? I may not have mirror wall, but I put a lot of effort into getting those Thunder Dragon cards. And I made 1.5million in the Pegasus event.
  4. Wait, wouldn't redownloading the game mean resetting my progress? I may not have mirror wall, but I put a lot of effort into getting those Thunder Dragon cards. And I made 1.5million in the Pegasus event.
  5. Man. And here I am just grinding characters for gems. Still, though. Hoping I can get Meteor Black Dragon before there's a set change. Would like to have that to add another option to my Fusion deck.
  6. Still better luck than me. Last twenty packs I bought, I got only one Ultra. No Supers at all either.
  7. Hey, wait a second... do we know what happens to an Extra Deck monster if it's in a Linked Main Zone but then that zone is unlinked? Like, if I have Missus Radiant in my Extra Monster Zone and Zoodiac Drident in the SW Linked Zone, but then Missus Radiant leaves the field or gets flipped face-down by Darkness Approaches (because there's gonna be one or two Duelists who will start running that card when Book of Moon is no longer relevant; it won't last long, though). What happens to the Drident in that Main Zone?
  8. I honestly wish that I had been able to get this game upon its release, but I was stuck with a pretty shitty phone at the time. However, even though I was pretty late to the party, I think I'm doing rather well for a guy who literally can't spend a penny on it. Hell, I managed to get a hold of the Thunder Dragon stuff. Took some doing, but I did it.
  9. I hardly think destroying 90% of decks in the game is "positive for its competitive health." You know what WOULD be good for it? Finding a way to slow the game down, making it LESS reliant on Traps and MORE reliant on battles and boss monsters, and INCREASING THE NUMBER OF VIABLE TOURNAMENT DECKS. Unless we get some damn good Link Monsters SOON, there's not going to be more than four or five decks in the metagame after this hits. And guess what? Most of them don't NEED an Extra Deck. In fact, Monarchs do better without one. Maybe my attachment to my cards is silly and irrational, but so what? There's nothing wrong with that. And there's nothing wrong with knowing how to use them better than anyone else. I might even be able to find a way to adapt, assuming some Synchro-friendly Links get released in the near future. Synchros are evolution, after all. It's what they do. Link Monsters are fine. The Linked Zone concept is awesome. But killing everything other than Monarchs, Darklords, Nekroz, Kaiju, and Zoodiacs- yeah, you read that right; or did you forget about Missus Radiant?- is NOT "positive for [the game's] competitive health." It's the fucking opposite.
  10. You know what? I really don't mind this concept. This is pretty cool. What I mind is that now Accel Synchros are dead. Four of my best monsters are Accels. Quasar, Shooting Star, Sifr, and Stardust Warrior. Now I can't use ANY of them. Slowing the game down is fine- so long as they can also keep Traps from becoming too prominent in the game, because formats tend to implode when Konami slows things down without doing something about Traps- but they murdered every single deck out there that isn't a non-Extra build, Lunalights, or a Rank-Up-Magic deck. It's stupid. It's borderline suicidal, even! This game's gonna take a hard hit after this. Halfway through the new series, Konami's gonna have to change the rules again just to bring back a fraction of the players they lost.
  11. ...are you kidding me? Did they really just wipe out every past deck by forcing all of them to rely on these new cards just to get anything on the field? Did they SERIOUSLY just destroy my Synchro deck that I've worked so hard on for years? Fuck. You. Konami. I now have a card type I officially hate because of you.
  12. Too bad it's only temporary, eh?
  13. Too bad it's only temporary, eh?
  14. It really is in this format, isn't it?
  15. I think it's because Continuous Effects only apply once when necessary, especially those which modify a monster's stats. This is also why there's a Karate Man OTK involving Shooting Star Bow and Twin Swords of Flashing Light.