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  1. Now, everyone, let's not forget that while 60 cards DOES allow you to pack more strategies into the deck, it's a double-edged sword and the edge closest to you is often the sharpest. It's simple probability, which is why nearly every deck you see winning tournaments throughout competitive YGO history have as few cards as legally possible. I like to explain it like this: The fewer cards in your deck, the closer you are to what you need. Yes, I know I brought up Billy Brake's famous control deck from the Dallas YCS of 2014, but there are three key factors that made the deck so functional in spite of, or perhaps because of, its size. 1) Deck thinning. Brake was able to pack in quite a few cards that would allow him to consistently decrease the size of his deck during any game. This, in turn, let him get to the cards that could throw his opponent off balance much faster. Cards like Mathematician, Kuribandit, and even the otherwise dead-slow The Beginning of the End (Activate with 7+ DARKs in Graveyard, banish 5 of them, draw 3 cards). 2) The Graveyard: Many of the cards he ran were in the Shaddoll archetype, with Burning Abyss coming in second on that. Most of his cards had effects that went off in the Graveyard, which made dumping them from his hand or deck that much more viable, further advancing his position by thinning his deck or gaining control of the field. Kuribandit was especially good at accomplishing this for Brake. 3) Control: Brake minimized on Spells and ran 18 Traps, almost all of which helped him maintain control of the field in one way or another. With the massive size of his deck, Siding in different forms of control was also especially easy for him, whilst siding AGAINST the deck was a nightmare for his opponent. The sheer scope of strategies meant that they could not possibly prepare for everything he threw at them without using their entire Side Deck, which we all know is just bad YGO. In the current format, it's not quite as easy to pull off what Brake did. Some of the major cards in his deck were limited to 1 or outright banned. Is it impossible? Not necessarily. It's just difficult. So unless you REALLY know what you're doing and understand the complex principles of building a deck of this size without it sucking, don't attempt it and stick with 40. Probability will be a bit friendlier to you that way.
  2. I kinda think it was, at least at the time. The deck was packed with so much deck thinning and control that it was virtually impossible to get a bad hand, or be unable to recover from one. It was mostly Shaddolls, but had Artifact Moralltach and some Burning Abyss flare (no pun intended). With so many things able to go off at almost any given time, and the sheer number of Traps in the deck, it was a nightmare to side against and was able to counter just about everything that came at it. It was a combination of factors that led to Brake's victory, most notably the element of surprise and the sheer scope of the deck making Side Deck strategies a major uncertainty for his opponents.
  3. Ah, sorry. Didn't see that it was four months, just saw it on the first page.
  4. October 5th, 2014, Billy Brake wins YCS Dallas with a 60-card control deck.
  5. Hmm... perhaps I'm getting caught in the same trap of misunderstanding as when I was in kindergarten. See, my parents taught me to read before they sent me off to school, so when we're all asked to read stuff aloud from whatever book we were looking at, everyone else stuttered and stumbled, and I couldn't help but wonder why they were having so much trouble. Wasn't being smug, I was just confused. Strategic intuition doesn't happen for everyone, I suppose. Mine's not the best, but it's sharper than most. I guess intense study and strong instincts have their own pros and cons, huh?
  6. Wouldn't getting it right also include not getting it wrong?
  7. Perhaps. Still, it can't be that hard, can it? I mean, is he trying to learn every single combination of every single card? Wouldn't it be better to just learn a few guiding principles of strategic YGO and card advantage/utility, and learn how to wing it in a duel? Why spend three months learning a deck in and out when it's so much easier, and just as effective, to just learn strategy?
  8. I honestly think you should be running Chain Resonator with this. It combos very well with Synkron Resonator, in that you can use Synkron to put Chain back in your hand for future Synchro Summons. I'm also REALLY iffy about triple Red Warg. Never had a ton of success with him. Your Trap lineup leaves a lot to be desired too. Have you considered Red Screen and Red Carpet?
  9. Wow, it takes him that long to learn a deck? Jeez, is English not his first language or something? Nobody's that stupid, right? Especially not a pro player, albeit an infamous one like Hoban.
  10. I'll definitely look into all of those, mark. After I've learned Darklords, of course. Starting off with Jonathan Thomas' deck. Learning a deck is pretty easy for me. Some trial and error, make some mistakes against the AI, make mental note of them so I don't do it again, I'll have the deck down pat real quick. Half an hour, maybe an hour tops, I don't know how long it takes anyone else to learn a deck's play style. Dexer: Sounds reasonable. Not really sure about using an Xyz Change engine for Exodia, though. Sounds a bit clunky to me.
  11. Well, of course I care, and I know how deadly it is. I'm sorry if you thought that's what I said. I didn't mean to confuse you. Well, thanks for your help anyway, mark. The current build isn't holding up too well anyway... even with only two additional monster cards (2x Broww), it's still throwing everything out of balance. Plain and simple, it just needs pure draw power, not gimmicky deck thinners like Broww or Spell Power Grasp. A card that's S/T hate and draw power would be nice, but I don't think those exist outside of the anime. I think I'll put this on the back burner until something else comes up.
  12. Mostly just against the AI on PercyPro, but I'm pretty sure it cheats a lot. Any deck that can Solemn Strike me right away is bad news- frankly, I just hate the entire Solemn series. To be honest, it's the only way I CAN practice with the deck. I don't own the cards IRL, DuelingNetwork went the way of the dodo, and DuelingNexus is nowhere near complete enough to practice on. As for playing against actual people, the inbuilt time limit on any YGOPro variant makes it impossible to play these decks, even with no mistakes. Whether or not I go first or second, or even if I'm playing against the meta, isn't all that big a problem, to be completely honest. True to the original, the point of the deck is to win the match in one game. The deck is specifically built so that you MUST go into overtime in order to win. No slow play required, either. No matter how quickly you play your cards, if you skip the explanations, and your opponent has no responses,you will go into overtime with this deck. If anything, the biggest threat to this deck is the smart player who figures out what you're doing long before you finish setting up the loop. Handtraps (god, I hate that term) can be problematic, but it's nothing I couldn't handle with the old build. No, the real threat is that smart player working out what my goal is, forfeiting game one, and then proceeding to mop the floor with me in games 2 and 3. The deck's greatest weapon is the element of surprise. Unfortunately, that's also its biggest weakness. Ah well. What would you suggest for a Pendulum engine? And could you link me to something that shows how a Darklord engine would work? I haven't begun playing with them yet. Life's been kinda crazy around the house lately, and I just don't have time for YGO like I used to.
  13. I'm having SOME success with a few of my ideas... still trying to keep the monster count as low as possible because the Salvage/Searcher engine is just cloggy as all get out. Tried it again a little while ago... ten pounds of NOPE in a five pound bag, that's what that was. The original version above was actually pretty damn effective at doing what it did, much more so than the original version, simply because it had fewer cards in it that could brick.
  14. MODS: If this thread breaks the rules in any way, please lock and/or delete it. I don't wish to cause trouble here, I'm just wondering if this deck can be saved at all since it's been gutted so badly in the past year. So, back in 2015, I posted a thread where I showcased my own take on the old Evigishki Mind Augus deckout loop, and I asked for critiques and advice. Here is the thread. I'd like to start a new discussion about it instead of bumping the old thread, but more focused on whether or not the deck can be revived at all. I'll post a screenshot of the old deck list (along with what the Extra might look like today), along with my reasoning for many of the card choices, albeit summarized. DISCLAIMER: Please note that this deck is from 2015. As you can see below, it is IN NO WAY legal for the current format. I am seeking advice as to how to revive it and modernize it, or if it's even possible. If you don't believe it can be resurrected, go ahead and say so. I'm beginning to think so too. Monsters: 9 1x Lich Lord, King of the Underworld 1x Shaddoll Beast 2x Summoner Monk 3x Royal Magical Library 1x Gishki Vanity 1x Evigishki Mind Augus Spells: 31 1x Allure of Darkness 1x One Day of Peace 3x Upstart Goblin (CURRENTLY LIMITED) 3x Terraforming 3x Golden Bamboo Sword 3x Into the Void 1x Magical Stone Excavation 1x Gishki Aquamirror 1x Magical Dimension 3x Hand Destruction 1x Broken Bamboo Sword 3x Cursed Bamboo Sword 1x Magical Citadel of Endymion 3x Chicken Game (CURRENTLY BANNED) 3x Pseudo-Space So, let's dive into this nonsense, shall we? The primary goal of the deck was to 1) Empty your own deck to control the loop more easily; 2) Make sure Gishki Vanity's effect is active and applied; 3) Wind Condition: Augus Loop decks out opponent. Most of the methodology is very obvious at first glance: Use Library and Spells as the draw engine, use Summoner Monk for a Library from deck if you get one, use Allure one one of the Monks (or both, if you think it's justified, doesn't matter much), combine Chicken Game and Pseudo Space for six draws, yada yada yada. You guys know all these combos, and more. The original engine was stripped out entirely and replaced with almost pure draw power and a smaller, self-recycling engine for Augus. There are some unusual card choices when compared to the original version, but before I get into that, here's another DISCLAIMER: Yes, I played with the original version. Extensively. Its win rate was anything but spectacular, at about 50-60%, and it bricked quite often. It also ended up leading me down dead ends, even when playing with the primary rule of deck thinning: Search first, draw later. It looked great on paper, but in practice, it just didn't work out that well. The above version, however, actually ended up being far more streamlined, had a much higher win rate, and bricked way less than the original. Okay, let's get to it. First: No Tetrogre, Gustkraken, or Soul Ogre. Simple: Gustkraken does more harm than good in this deck because it can actually make Hand Destruction dead. Tetrogre was run as primarily as a Tribute for Mind Augus, but its effect could sometimes be used to thin my opponent's deck, if I got lucky on the call, or they just wanted to get it over with (or didn't know better). Soul Ogre was ONLY present because of Trade-In. No Gishki Shadow/Vision or Salvage: Don't need 'em anymore. They wound up being dead weight in a LOT of situations. I know, I could use them as full Tributes for Mind Augus, but that also required running Salvage, which would also become dead weight a lot. That engine was just plain clunky. Lich Lord: Mandatory self-recycling effect when Tributed by an effect (perfect for Ritual Summons). It has exactly ONE use in this deck, but it's only one card, which makes it superior to Shadow/Vision/Salvage. How? It's one card instead of 9, which leaves me 8 slots for draw power. Shaddoll Beast: Secondary effect use is pretty obvious: Graved by effect, draw 1 card (only once that turn, though). But it has another use: It's a Spellcaster-Type monster. Which brings me to the next weird card in the deck... Magical Dimension: Use it to replace an Effect Veiler'd Library in early game. Has essential function once the loop is begun: Tribute Mind Augus, Special Shaddoll Beast (or Library or Monk). After a while, you're gonna want to destroy Shaddoll Beast with Dimension's last effect so you can put it back in the Grave, then use Mind Augus to get it and Dimension back. In short, it's how you recycle Augus. No clunky search engine required. Magical Citadel of Endymion: Once per turn Spell Counter substitution effect works great with the Libraries. NEVER EVER EVER banish this for Pseudo-Space. EVER! However, you can continuously reuse the effect by replacing it with a Pseudo-Space or Chicken Game, then recycling it with Augus. Recycle another Field Spell on the next go, rinse and repeat. Bamboo engine: Believe it or not, I have way more success with this than with any other engine this deck has run. +1 with Golden, -2 to my own deck as well, Cursed is a searcher for Broken and Golden that can trigger off of Hand Destruction, Magical Dimension (equipped monster is Tributed/destroyed) or Ritual Summon (equipped monster is Tributed). Extra Deck: I almost never needed it unless I screwed up somewhere, but it helps when I do. Side Deck: Non-existent, hoping for advice...? In order to legalize the deck, the following cards must first be removed. -2 Upstart Goblin -3 Chicken Game -2 or -3 Terraforming (becomes unnecessary) -3 Pseudo-Space (only useful with Chicken Game) That's 10 or 11 cards removed. IF this deck can be given new life (and I admit, that's a BIG "if"), what cards should replace these? Would like to steer clear the original engine, if at all possible, but it may be unavoidable. EDIT: Have replaced the above cards (and all 3 Terras) with the following. Initially tried maxed out Broww and a single copy of Arcane Barrier in hopes of combining it with M-Dimension once the loop got started... yeah, it was basically just one Spell Counter. Also tried Instant Fusion+Norden, but it didn't really amount to much. +2x Broww, Huntsman of Dark World +2x Allure of Darkness (now maxed) +1x Broken Bamboo Sword +3x Dark World Dealings +2x Spell Power Grasp +1x Magical Citadel of Endymion For OCG, or the Raging Tempest release next February, perhaps replace the second Broken Bamboo with Foolish Burial with Belongings. I seem to be having significant success with these changes, but it appears to be mostly luck, as I end up top-decking at least half the time.
  15.   I used to run the original version.  3x Shadow and Vision, the Soul Ogre draw engine, Moray of Greed, and to be honest, its win ratio was about 50-60%.  This has been far more consistent because I have far more cards dedicated to actually drawing than to searching.  I know that sounds weird, and it obviously doesn't work in a lot of decks- my front runner deck is the Doppel Quasar thing I posted a while back- but it works here.  If half your deck-thinners are searchers and the other half are draw cards, what's going to end up happening is that the searchers will become dead weight.  You'll end up drawing exactly what you could have searched for, but BEFORE you drew into the searcher.  What's worse, as I said before, the original version relied on Moray of Greed as a sort of reset button in case things went south.  Moray of Greed has exactly one thing going for it over Magical Mallet, and that is the fact that it breaks even while thinning your deck by 1.  But that's the only thing.  You can't choose non-WATER cards, you can only get 3 cards in return... frankly, neither of them have great track records with me. So I restructured the whole thing.  Gave it a face lift.  I know the choices look weird on paper- unorthodox choices and plays are a specialty of mine- but they've tested very well so far.   Okay, let me try to explain some of the stuff you've brought up.   The first four cards you brought up are, in many cases, bad draws.  This is undeniable, so I won't deny it.  The Monks become fodder themselves, Lich Lord becomes dead weight (no pun intended) and HAS to stay in your hand because there's no way to get him back without his effect, Vanity doesn't do anything for Library, and Dimension's only good if Library got Veiler'd.  But I think the actual numbers of the cards coupled with 3x Hand Destruction counterbalances this.  More often than not, I can just pitch the useless stuff to get two fresh cards.  Worse comes to worse, I can just recycle most of it with Augus. I think the same can be said about the Bamboo cards.  Broken Sword by itself is utterly useless for anything except adding a Spell Counter to Library.  That's one reason I only have one in there.  The other reason is that it's a search target for Cursed Sword. Cursed Sword is also an Equip Spell, which means I can play it without really needing much of anything else.  That's a Spell Counter for Library.  Additionally, having Broken or another Cursed in hand can translate into 2 more Spell Counters with Cursed Sword's effect: Bounce a Broken Bamboo card you control to hand, equipped monster can attack directly that turn.  Having three copies of Cursed Sword helps me pull that off, and also acts as fodder for Hand Destruction and Summoner Monk. Okay, the Pseudo Citadel loop... by the time you get to a point where you can start using Citadel's cost substitute effect (Once per turn: Pay your Spell Counter costs with Spell Counters from the Citadel), you'll have used the Pseudo Chicken combo and banished all three copies of Chicken Game.  So you use Mind Augus to loop between Citadel and Pseudo Space.  Once you've used Citadel's effect to pay for a Library, replace it with Pseudo Space, use Augus to get Citadel back, rinse and repeat.   So.... yeah, I got real tired of searchers becoming dead weight or leading me to dead ends and went for direct draw.  The only Gishki cards in here now are the Ritual Spell, Augus, and Vanity.  The other 37 cards are, in one form or another, dedicated to thinning my deck down.   Well, I hope that explains some of my choices.  I recognize that there is still some inconsistency with the deck- frankly, that's why I'm here- but until we get more direct-draw cards like Upstart Goblin or Into the Void, I really don't wanna go back to the Salvage engine.  It's just not worth it. That said.... that Cowboy idea's actually a pretty interesting take on it.  I wonder if I could actually make that work... I'mma go find out!