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  1. I think this makes me wanna play zoo over Draco now.. I'm super new to the format so.I could be wrong but having drident plus this seems solid.
  2. I've just been messing around with a Zoo variant recently, and it's shown good results. Zoo engine helps the darklord engine find its missing piece, and superbia bringing back Norden gives you two emerals. I like the idea of coth in this deck a lot. Especially if krystia is included.
  3. I won the Columbus regional yesterday with this deck! I played a Burning abyss engine, because I wanted another way to consistently mill if I were to face another 60 card deck. Plus Beatrice gave me quick acess to snow. I can't remember who's idea it was on here to run Hand Destruction, but I tried it. Card was so underwhelming. Cool interaction in the final round with it. I calcab bounced two backrows to hand and sent two reckless greeds to hand.
  4. I may be baked, but I think you just broke this format
  5. We ended up having 155 players at our OTS and I bubbled. Crazy competitive for an OTS Jeff Jones won. I really feel like the deck preformed fine. Amateratsu is still my favorite card. I never lost a game to Invoked, but invocation taking snow is definitely scary. I think it may be smarter to just build our side basically for going first and second. The main deck is basically equipped for the meta, so I'd just like to side good traps for when we go first, and outs to floods/boards going second. On a side note, a funny interaction from the tournament: Opp at 850, and has a backrow I've read as a mirror force. I dark hole his drident, then summon maxx I atk and tell him it's to get him to finally use the mirror force, he laughs and says no way! I dmg step chalice for game. Lol. Turns out it was the force, too. I think chalice is a great choice going forward. The kaiju engine felt pretty lackluster to me, and I feel like the main deck slots could be better used. I think storming might be pretty good. Plays around MBAAS. Also it saves you from otking. It also lets you mind game if you mill one.
  6. So 2 versions of this Deck topped Seattle. I'm a bigger fan of grants bc the added Lightsworn package fixes consistency for the most part. I have a Minerva tournament this weekend, and I'm pretty much going into it without even knowing most of Invokeds plays. I'm not trying to change my main deck a lot, but in terms of siding would 3 BTS suffice? The deck pretty much just puts up a bunch of trap monsters, right?
  7. Yeah. After testing that is the vibe I got as well.
  8. Probably just another bad idea, but could D.D.R. have some synergy in here? With 3 allure and slimes you tend to have a sort of toolbox in your banished pile. Also could be a psuedo-way to play around D.D. crow. Just trying to spark this back up honestly. Thoughts?
  9. Just throwing something out there without testing, but could hieratics mesh well here? By playing labordite dragon you can make Ultimaya.
  10. Am I the only person who thinks this deck is overhyped?The presence of Kozmo and Kaijus seems to stop any lock that this deck can make barring Spark+Emptiness. Obviously a banlist would help, but as of right now the other Meta decks seems to have higher ceilings. They also all have pretty reliable ways of absorbing Combat Dmg. I want to pick these cards up before the list, but want to hear opinions! Thank you.
  11. My friend Austin Neumeier AKA shaggypatriot12 just topped nats for the third consecutive year!
  12. It won't really help you out blossom, but it gives you a plan B that just so happens to wreck kozmo. Tributing with no BA effect seems pretty costly when they can just search mojo, though.
  13. So I'm going to have a few hours today to read this before locals starts and I am trying to read the most helpful parts of the book. I'm starting with the deck building sections. Anybody have any other sections of the book that they found insightful?
  14. Make sure to max out on the Kaiju as they'll be the cards you want to see multiples of. Keep the BA count low like maybe 6 max.
  15. Make sure to max out on the Kaiju as they'll be the cards you want to see multiples of. Keep the BA count low like maybe 6 max.