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  1. AUS Nats + OC WCQ

    The man is going to worlds bodan John temnyk aka bohdan temnyk aka Bordem Teneck is going to the world championships of 2016 #bodansyear
  2. AUS Nats + OC WCQ

    Bodan won game 1 the hype is real it may just be on lock
  3. AUS Nats + OC WCQ

    Surely not again
  4. AUS Nats + OC WCQ

    Bodan in top 4 !!!!
  5. AUS Nats + OC WCQ

    Bodan and yaowei in game 3 of top 8 issac stott and Chris mattiske also in game 3 of top 8 callum Scott vs Mathew casserio monarch mirror in top 4 (other half of the bracket)
  6. AUS Nats + OC WCQ

    Bodan also got 16th yaowei (blacklisted on here also topped along with Nathan kosc and newsun zing
  7. AUS Nats + OC WCQ

    what about peter (Cheater no one likes/undeserving ycs champ) mitro issac (Phonebooth stotty no life spends all his time on dn ) stott James the faggot mccavit and yaowei and the other boys from team shock
  8. AUS Nats + OC WCQ

    updates on bodan and jono ?
  9. Will be uploading live deck profiles later
  10. Barret is in top 32 now
  11. Marcus wheeler lost in top 32 Jackson also lost
  12. Newsun zing into top 16
  13. Shaddoll - Discussion

    Exactly a card like sinister doesn't do enough this format IMO I rather main 2 bts to deal with trish and unicore or even dark hole