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  1. D/D/D - - Deck Discussion

    If Dragon Buster is tagging out to avoid Kaijus the deck can answer everything else decently at this point. Backrow isn't that much of an issue because searching Orthros will take care of it. If it is the Soldier->Infinity build you still have that Kaiju in that hand to turn it into a threatless 2800 beater. If they Maxx "C" you, just jump into an OTK and be done with it. Nobody runs hand traps like Veiler in the Main Deck. Trying to think that you cannot setup a decent field/OTK them is pretty much irrelevant because you would have lost in the first place. The problem is that ABC can answer even the best hands which is the grand issue here. The fact that a Kaijus forces ABC to think before tagging out makes it pretty much the only real answer against Dragon Buster. Saying it's bad against them is quite wrong if nothing else can answer them better. Against everything else they just chain the tag-out and gain free advantage of it.
  2. I found a new love in those Flower Cardians.

    Proxy playing with them and Goko+Ameshiko is inducing so much rage, it's satisfying.

  3. D/D/D - - Deck Discussion

    While it will take time to discuss this deck properly, we can at least pinpoint the biggest threats to this deck. In general everything that can chain to something and bounce/negate/destroy is a big problem for this deck because it will interrupt from going off. I'm stating the obvious here but you really need to keep in mind that this deck has zero protection against these things. You need to get rid of them asap. Just a small overview what can be a problem in each meta deck: ABC: Dragon Buster, enough said. If they play Rank 5s, Infinity and Pleiades are annoyances that need to be addressed. Doesn't make it better that the TCG still has Instant Fusion for Norden for more Rank 4 plays and it leaves the option open to use Panzer Dragon as more efficient Rank 5 fodder. Metalfoes: Alkahest, Kirin Blue-Eyes: Spirit Dragon, Spirit Dragon into Moonlight Rose Dragon Kozmo: Dark Witch, any Kozmo into Dark Destroyer In general: Solemn Traps. Treatoad for WATER & HERO Kaijus can solve the majority of problems here. Your opponent can't chain to them and getting over a big body is hardly the problem with this deck. NB96 mentioned it, Radian is the natural choice due to being a Dark for Allure. If one wants to go even further a small engine with the Level 8 Kaijus + Trade-In can provide even further digging power but it comes at the prize of cutting space. Making that space is quite hard because I don't see anything to cut in this deck so it is probably better to stick with just Radian.
  4. The New Ancient Gears

    Just by basing it on Devil's Level and Catapult's effect, including an Ancient Gear Golem will give you easy Rank 8 access like 38 or Cipher Dragon (+ Full Armor Photon vs XYZs) through Catapult since it bypasses the non-SS condition. Is Reactor Dragon really all that necessary? It strikes me as a bit of lackluster because it only gets the effects if Tribute Summoned which is inherently slow and it is just a light version of Chaos Giant.
  5. D/D/D - - Deck Discussion

    Thing is, ABC is the toughest match-up because Dragon Buster messes up everything. Aside from Kaijus you really don't have answers against it because otherwise it floats back into its pieces and you miss your OTK. They might be dead against those SS locks but the deck itself is screwed if these pop-up in the first place. Radian also has miniscule advantages over them for being Allure fodder and having that body for OTKs. Level 7 could have its uses for a Level 8 Synchro as well though that would require Lamia. One thing this deck could try to go for is to make its Pendulum mechanic more useable. Summoning back Ragnarok or Thomas will give you free revival and Rank 8s which works pretty well after you baited stuff like ABC, Toad/Infinity or Alkahest. You only need a reliable Scale 10 to make this work which this deck has in Newton. Kepler itself is way too risky because if you don't finish the game you just lose everything from the backlash. Newton isn't that bad because it can exchange itself with Gate or Swamp King if required. It doesn't fix the deck's problem with SS locks but that's an issue that I would relegate to the Side Deck. This deck has far more problems with disruption because a single negation can break everything apart.
  6. Dark Hero Synchro

    Nightmare deals with almost everything the meta can throw at you, something that most of your current spots can't speak of. It is still decently available with Monk/Grepher + any Level 4 Dark and most definetly better than Daigusto which is just an expensive Avarice lite that is hardly needed. What kind of potential has Arma to offer by itself though? It is doomed eat the NS (unless Monk) and gets you a lone Malicous/PSZ/Bubbleman. Unless you have other cards to combine this with you aren't going to do much which is something Grepher will do better most times. You could get a Rank 4 without a discard but that's hardly impressive nowadays. It will contribute to stronger boards while Arma will only be 'cheaper' but offers less most times. Cheap isn't even that correct or good because the Dark monsters you will discard are either one of the 3 or something you couldn't have used in the first place (aka other NS). Even if you happen to draw the sole Arma that means you could just fetch Grepher and discard it for the mill, ending up in the same result with virtually nothing lost in terms of plays. If anything some cards are able to work through that (aside from Bubbleman you also play Void Ogre which requires an empty hand).
  7. Dark Hero Synchro

    What's the reasoning behind 2:2 Arma:Grepher? Grepher is better in many scenarios because it empties your hand for Bubbleman and can be SS'd. Celestial likes the guy too since it can both discard it or mill it from the deck. You even have Dasher in your build which speaks more for the 3rd copy than the 2nd Arma. Also, Dasher and Celestial aren't mutually exclusive. Dasher being a Level 6 gives Grepher more fodder while it has a decent grave effect for Shadow Mist. Celestial in the other hand is just another 4 (an awesome 4 mind you) which doesn't really contribute to some kind of Dark Law field. Both of them are delayed effects which work well in combination. Summoner Monk is probably better than Red. It is the only card that can grab Shadow Mist from the deck (well, with AHL) and contributes to Rank 4 plays by ditching redundant Spells. Red Resonator is a nice Tuner for Coral and can trigger Mist but it suffers the same problems for commiting a NS. So I would keep Monk and play the 3rd Instant before adding Red Resonator in any form. Where are Dweller and Nightmare in your Extra Deck? Nightmare especially because that is one of the advantages playing Level 4 Darks. You should also play Anki for the sole reason of being more flexible. Anki is a 2800 beater which can search Mask Change in rare cases but more importantly can end games swiftly. If Celestial is played Beatrice is something to consider because you can send it during your opponent's turn for the draws next turn.
  8. D/D/D - - Deck Discussion

    As NB96 said, Traps aren't beneficial for the deck unless they are creating a win-condition by their own (which Vanity certainly does). If Witch wouldn't be a Contract it wouldn't be good but since it is one it has its applications. This deck lacks any kind of protection and trying to fix that isn't a good approach because only Traps are able to do that. Traps are slow and always reactive which means you aren't making progress with them and they conflict with combos. This would be my planned list for next year if you want a sample. I focused heavily on getting to the combos and play minimal Traps (Maxx "C", Vanity and Witch). You really should priotize on maximizing your draw power after putting in all of your important pieces. The only card that sticks out in this build is Newton because I personally think it has merits for being both a Scale, that allows you to PS Ragnarok and Thomas, and able to recover Contracts if they got popped or needed to be discarded for Lamia. You can easily replace it with a 2nd Orthros (if you are that paranoid of Desires' risk) or something else.
  9. D/D/D - - Deck Discussion

    The Main Deck is pretty much the same in most builds though. You only have some differences in terms of cards that aren't part of the actual combos. The OCG fills the empty spaces with Hand Traps or actual Traps though the latter is questionable. Only the Extra Deck differs mostly from what you're aiming for. e.g. if you choose Librarian you will probably want to have Formula as well just to draw more cards.
  10. D/D/D - - Deck Discussion

    Just saying but Lamia doesn't eat up a NS with its effect. It can also be SS from the hand as well. You could just toss something for Lamia, use Where Arf Thou? to fetch Kepler and NS it for Gate into any of your D/Ds. Especially in this case you do not get the 2000 points of damage which makes it a decent way to get to the more elaborate combos with practically no drawback. Only if you ever have Necro Slime or no Level 1 means that you cannot do anything with it (or it's redundant) but that probably means you have a playable hand with Swirl + Ragnarok/Thomas/Copernicus. Considering that this deck really needs a lot of combo pieces for its best boards, having more searchers can be appealing to reduce bad hands. 2000 burn doesn't mean anything if they can't OTK through your field.
  11. D/D/D - - Deck Discussion

    Is there a reason to play any of the older D/Ds anymore that impose a Fiend-restriction? Stuff like Night Howling or Berfomet come in mind. Night Howling is probably redundant because it is a NS and can't really do anything anymore. You don't play the Level 4s to make use of it and it is only ever useful for Alexander which is underwhelming. Berfomet is something that is at least interesting in theory because it gives Caesar access for a Contract search. However, it is a one-trick pony by restricting yourself to either Siegfried with Lamia or Caesar and it just adds a combo that probably isn't necessary.
  12. D/D/D - - Deck Discussion

    ABC are available next month, too, so naturally this deck gets forgotten quickly. On top of that it's very likely that there is going to be another list around that time which means you don't know against which decks it has to go against (especially in which state). At least the current banlist gave the deck a slight push in form of the 3rd Allure (like the OCG) and 1 less copy of Maxx "C". Especially latter is quite pleasing because this deck needs to go through multiple summons for a sizeable field. Guess I should re-vamp the OP at some point because it's obviously pretty wrong in some cases.
  13. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    I would say no. The hits from the banlist took away quite a bit of good things, this deck had going for. To top it all off this was the only meta deck that couldn't utilize Desires without noticeable risks which was a relevant disadvantage compared to other decks. The deck feels pretty sluggish now. Obviously having only 1 Pantheism is a noticable slow-down but the other problem is Ehther. With only 1 you won't be able to keep searching for another one with each Tribute Summon, making it much more difficult to keep playing during both turns. You are now forced to keep recycling it with Erebus which costs more. 1 TMSF isn't helping either in that regard. There is still the option of focusing on Escalation to compensate that but the fact remains it hasn't a comfortable way to play going 2nd for now. With 3 Domain it could to be a decent stun deck with Majesty's Fiend but Blue-Eyes doesn't care about these builds. Focusing on some kind of Brilliant XYZ build will just end up being so much more slower than the other meta decks, making them rather irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.
  14. Maybe it's gimmicky but you could include Herald of Orange Light to get Ultimaya access which equals Crystal Wing or Stardust Spark. Since Ritual Sanctuary's 2nd effect is dirt cheap to activate, it's easy to get the setup for Coral Dragon which in turn gives you Ultimaya with any of the Rituals (+ a free draw).
  15. Well, RIP Monarchs. Should have moved the expensive stuffs sooner. I'm a bit suprised that many people weren't that disappointed with the BA hit. I thought that people really don't like it if a deck stays meta for such a long time (which is very much true for BA with its 2 years long presence as one of the best decks). Was there another deck that breaks this record? They hit Dark Destroyer and Kirin which was well done. Those are the best cards in their respective decks and having them as a limited resource takes away a bit of their edge but doesn't kill the decks entirely. Though Metalfoes are going to have a tough time now till they get the rest of their cards in INOV. Kaiser Colosseum seems to be either really lazy (rulings) or a case of weird paranoia (Dark Angel lock). The card is a nightmare in many aspects and nobody will miss it, though it is one of the more obscure hits in this list (especially since it's a 3->0 case). Notable cards for me that didn't get hit are Norden, Brilliant Fusion and Card of Demise. Especially the latter surprised me considering Demise decks are doing quite well. Even Kozmo use it. Brilliant Fusion is a card that I wanted to see obliterated since it's a bomb that keeps exploding and will expand to the size of a nuke. Yes, the engine is inconsistent and can screw you over but it still makes plays possible which makes you want to jump from the window. Norden ... meh. Treatoad may cause its ban but it needs to be seen during the INOV format. I honestly don't think that Heroes will do that much and the TCG exclusives are a factor to consider. Overall, solid list for quite a while. Shiranui Zombies should be pretty happy with this list.