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  1. [Regular - Goat] Seraphim vs FuZe Gang [TST W]

    Won 2-1 vs lorl

    Beat MMF twice.

    won 2-1 vs 2k17!
  4. [Goat] ESPN vs All the Outs **THE RUNBACK** [ESPN W]

    TheAntiAntimetaAzn > Haruki
  5. TheAntiAntiMetaAzn > Zepharos 2-0
  6. Free Agent Recruitment Thread

    DuelistGroundz username: TheAntiAntimetaAzn (hoping to change it soon)Discord Account Name: G-SopFormats (Goat/Current/Both): GoatExpected level of activity: High(Optional) Blurb: Currently have no credentials, a mod in Nostalgic Duelist. I play goats often and practice frequently in hopes of improving my pre-Exarion game. I'd like to think that I'm getting there.
  7. lol I talked with some friends about making Exarion's 400 ATK decrease permanent, that way it's actually kind of a cost. It would also reset back to 1800 with Tsukuyomi, however, which could be problematic (since he can pierce for 1400 again) but it's still kind of a cool interaction. I think it'd be a fun idea to test regardless.
  8. i've played a couple of goat duels (with Discord call to clarify priority and other stuff) with friends and I find that holding the "A' key will let you "respond" to anything that isn't an open game state. As mmf said, a screen that says "No cards can be activated. Do you want to check the field?" will pop up if you can't legally do anything. However, I found this really tedious and mildly frustrating since DN's been spoiling us all these years.
  9. Was the card sent to the bottom by Diamond Dude supposed to go to the bottom after shuffling? This is under the assumption that the shuffle was legal. Asking because some Goat Format Empty Jar decks do play Thunder Dragon and A Feather of the Phoenix, and if we do decide to be super-authentic about how we play goats, I'd like to have a consensus on this.
  10. I've never liked the argument that Don Zaloog can punish a piercing Exarion, since without drawing protection, Exarion can just run it over next turn. Thus IMO it's not that viable in Exarion goats. In Exarionless, I like to set Don and leave it set as long as possible to convince my opponent that it's a Sinister.
  11. How to Side in Goat Format

    I agree with NoC and Smashing being completely different function-wise, and tbh I should've worded it better to not make it seem like "all NoC does is eliminate Normal Summon." However, there just really isn't much complexity in the Goat v. Zoo matchup as there is with the Goat mirror. I found that once I sided out Airknights and NoCs Zoo had a hard time winning, so the only thing I felt was necessary was to side in anti-Zoo versions of NoC and Airknight.
  12. How to Side in Goat Format

    @Human Tetherball I'm re-trying Smashing Ground vs. Zoo. I find that being a Spell Card makes it really good. Unlike monsters, it won't be spun away by Dustshoot and unlike Traps, it's not super slow and has to be set first. Furthermore, unlike Bottomless, it's good when your opponent already has a board. Also unlike Bottomless, you can grab it off of Merchant and use it immediately or recycle it off of Faith. To summarize, it basically does the same thing NoC is supposed to do in the Goat mirror, which is essentially eliminating their Normal Summon. It's still only good in 1 matchup, but TBH I think Zoo is popular enough to have specific counters for, so I think it's worth revisiting.