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  1. I saw him live <1 month ago, rip
  2. Also the only reason francis wants to lynch me is because I want to kill him, it's not out of any reason to hunt scum. He's not town-aligned so he has no business being allowed to vote, either today or on any day past this
  3. Vote Francis even harder
  4. Wait so we're not killing francis, and Solstice is asking Francis to eat him, admitting there's no way francis will be scanned? And tomorrow we're counting on Slickz to confirm this power, while it's perfectly possible for him to die, or that he's been converted to Francis' alignment, or that all he can tell us is 'yeah francis took my power', as if that's going to tell us anything about whether or not he's scum. You guys are morons, we're going to end up lynching Francis either way, there's 0 reason not to right now instead of risking lynching a town when a Francis and Tyranno flip will give us more info, as well as time for scanners to work. I'm going to bed soon so: Claim: I am town backup. I can take any dead town's power once per game. If I die, kill tyranno tomorrow, then francis. If Francis flips scum, kill faint. Nelrick, heal solstice tonight
  5. Theres no way he's a neutral who wins with town, as it says in the wincon he posted he (supposedly) wins if he's in the final 2 people alive. Ignoring the fact that he's probably scum anyway and with his supposed bulletproof he has an excuse to not get shot.
  6. I've been told by a trans person that's kind of a shitty joke to make because some bigoted people use it a lot to mock them fun fact of the day!
  7. Still absolutely think Francis should be the lynch today because he's 75% scum and instead of wasting scans on him we could get info on other suspects, and spare ourselves a potential mislynch. Wunterslaus leans town more imo, just because he's active. Faint I'm scumreading based on who's he's defending today but there's little chance in convincing ppl before francis flips scum since cunning chose to not play. Zeropassion is completely ignoring the issues at hand and keeps dipping in and out, also a decent lynch.
  8. Faint, you told me to 'contribute more' in your trust list and now you're voting me. I'm literally the single most active player over the past 2 days. Why exactly do you want me lynched?
  9. Wait, I read that claimed wincon (which he retracted btw so idk how much to believe of that) as he could win with any other faction, not a (specific) other faction.
  10. huh, I was sure it was the other way around
  11. is when he claimed, start of day 2
  12. go for it, not at all scared of any of your threats of what'll happen if we lynch you DO NOT tell him this Presumably he can only eat innocent towns succesfully. Of note: Tyranno was the first to bring up the Innocent Town faction Francis also has a link to the town/innocent town divide, and his links to Tyranno have already been established. Either it's a situational scum ability or it's a conversion mechanic imo
  13. And we know this game isn't bastard
  14. Ok Antag PM'd I'm allowed to say this: Slickz dieing if Francis dies would be extremely bastard