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  1. スーパーウィーブーマフィア (Signups)

    No cause no one cares about anime
  2. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    Hello, is this the Salty Spittoon? No this is posi vibes so I ain't even mad
  3. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    I die the way I lived
  4. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    I saw Once Upon a Time in Hollywood today. Good film, but I swear Tarrantino is fucking with us about the feet thing at this point.
  5. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    "Whether you want to suspect them for it is up to you" <no own read on the matter>
  6. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    Vote JC I want it so bad
  7. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    I mean half the game has said they want to lynch me so might as well find some scum while I wait for my death to come Francis, I don't expect ppl to figure out the Malcolm play on their own so I don't agree it's a scumtell.
  8. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    What's the vote count at? I'm going to sleep
  9. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    Kill JC after I flip, then it's probably auri based on Faint's lack of interaction with him. Possibly Antag but less inclined
  10. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    This is terrible grounds to crucify me on. 1) Self admittedly not a real argument 2) Changing your opinion on someone as time passes is not a scum tell, especially not on day 1 of all times. 3) This is not true. I did not say they were playing well, I said they were actually playing, which is actually different compared to most of their D1s in the past. You don't need to look for the reason Solstice was targeted as a NK, Occam's razor: it was because they were pseudo-confirmed after Tyranno flipped. 4) Eh, that's helpful townie reach. Activity looked pretty dire, I had to vent. 5) Not a scumtell, anytime you ask 'why X and not Y' you're indirectly going to offer a defence of the other. 6) Fair enough, I didn't provide reasoning, but softing like that is anti-town behaviour at face value. Note that others took exactly this line on Malcolm's D2 action too, which is why I didn't bother explaining. 7) This is a lie or at the very least extremely misleading. I did not have 'one more post later on' townreading Malcolm, there was a flip and multiple claims inbetween these posts that explained Malcolm's soft at the start of D2. 8) This one actually makes sense but involves ots of speculation. 9) I actually missed the line about Walia being bulletproof but under that reasoning you should be pointing out to us that BB is not at all confirmed town either. Outing power roles is a real concern as long as we don't know everyone has that role.
  11. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    Note the sidestep/joke on a relatively straightforward question. JC/Faint is probably one of the remaining two. Of the remaining suspects in my book, auri has barely communicated with him. Antag is a worse fit imo
  12. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    People are skipping over JC/Faint for no reason btw? Remember that he was basically ignored/townread based off of his vote for Tyranno D1, but that faction is now eliminated.
  13. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    If you think BB is town though, you should townread Malcolm even stronger. His softclaim was with 90% certainty motivated by attracting a NK to take advantage of the bulletproof on the 2nd night. And that before the role had even flipped.
  14. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    Scum could've just been given the bulletproof role as a safe claim, meaning they wouldn't know it was everywhere. and yeah BB if you've got a better succinct way to describe the role I'm all ears