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  1. Have A Question? Ask it here.

    http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Card_Rulings:Odd-Eyes_Rebellion_Dragon At the start of the Duel, "Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon" is placed face-down in your Extra Deck like any other Xyz Monster. A face-down "Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon" in your Extra Deck cannot be Pendulum Summoned, but it can be Xyz Summoned using 2 Level 7 Dragon-Type monsters as Xyz Materials. After being Xyz Summoned, if it is destroyed on the field and added face-up to your Extra Deck, it cannot be Xyz Summoned, but if you can Pendulum Summon Level 7, you can Pendulum Summon "Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon".
  2. New Years Mafia Aftergame

    Regarding the Vanilla Town thing: It is generally anti-town to role hunt or speculate on roles (because it gives scum information to go off in NKing power roles) and it doesn't help people solve the game. Scum does want to know who's VT and power roles so when you list someone as possible VT it's a huge red flag. Scum tell eachother 'I think Jazz is VT' in the QT, town should never say that. There's exceptions, e.g. 'Oh Jazz always plays like this when he's VT, I think he's town' but not when you just casually put it in a reads list. That read as a huge scumslip. Even if it wasn't and you feel you would've noted that if you rolled town: don't do that when you're town lol.
  3. New Years Mafia Aftergame

    I'm guessing you mean this post by Jazz: Ironically that's him voicing doubts about your lynch (because scum wants to survive so would therefore try extra hard not to get lynched) so it only benefited you in Jazz's case (Btw get wrecked, Jazz, Re: the italicized bit) Then in this post he goes on to say your shortage in activity is not alignment indicative. I think you're just projecting a feeling of frustration on other people's posts, as far as I saw there was no conscious decision to lynch you over activity
  4. New Years Mafia Aftergame

    Then how do u explain that I gutread you as a bad player? qed
  5. arcade fire is the best band of the 21st century

    didnt even make it to the battle of the bands semis :')
  6. New Years Mafia Aftergame

    When we played the MU Hydra game we also failed to really engage with people and drive the conversation. Part of that was timezone differences with most other players but it's also how you approach the game and how you post - making observations about players and posts doesn't mean people will respond to you; unless they're controversial, suspicious, or good analysis. (And part of it was also that the amount of time ppl invest in those games is a lot higher than on DGZ) It's not even purely a skill thing, how comfortable/experienced you are with the community/meta plays role in this too I checked the times on the D1 posts and it looked you always missed other posters by like an hour or two but that happens to everyone now and then and is kind of the nature of forum mafia compared to live games. It might've saved your neck if you'd had more opportunity to defend yourself but at the core you were suspected because of the posts you made, not because of your activity. @ニック
  7. New Years Mafia Aftergame

    I checked the game thread and I literally saw no one vote Nick for being inactive, or even mention his activity level at all for that matter
  8. New Years Mafia Aftergame

    I don't do it that consistently, i just have good games where I succeed in pointing out some good stuff and can act constructively off that if i dont find anything i just drool on myself D1 also it's easy to appear town when you're actually right about your scumreads ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ best tip i have that i executed well this game is if you're town, don't be afraid to make gut reads early and act transparently upon them - e.g. I townread faint, said so, and engaged with him constructively and argued against his lynch. (Which =/= posting a reads list because that's relatively nocommittal) Scum has to take care not to be too transparent because it might lead to ppl figuring out their true agenda. Just be ready to revise those reads based on good arguments and analysis, bc I also townread you D1 haha
  9. Mafia New Games Hosting Queue

    yikes, im not available!!!
  10. New Years Mafia Aftergame

    Walia's a meme btw Vote Solstice 'Kill wunter' Peace
  11. New Years Mafia Aftergame

    I said this in the discord but Jap Nick's analysis post was pretty bad and he definitely deserved to get lynched for it. Sucks to die D1 but people get lynched D1 for less. That said I'm sorry you had a bad time m8
  12. New Years Mafia Aftergame

    @Solstice yeah you get scumread every game for 'infrequent posting' but that's what you do every game regardless of alignment, idgi. I sympathize.
  13. New Years Mafia

    Technical victories are the best victories
  14. New Years Mafia

    Ayyy first nightkill of 2018 peace!