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  1. *if you're scum and were part of the sage lynch? idk english, you catch the drift. Hey look my rep = my post count. Im never gonna post again unless you pos this post, bye
  2. Oops i meant to say "if you were scum and part of the sage lynch", to everyone in general
  3. Yeah tough luck bud ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. rei got called on his bet lol u n l u c k y
  5. Vote kahu if you were part of the sage lynch yesterday congrats excellent bus you deserve the win
  6. hey guys stop posting I think we hit majority
  7. that's 5 votes on Sage I think day over? @mmf
  8. Also "oh I'm new and not that good i dont really understand what people are doing, no opinions from me" is smth at least 3-4 new players who were scum in their first game(s) have pulled - me included. I was willing to wait it out til day 2, to give him a chance to pick it up and trying to get him killed d1 twice in a row is kind of douchey buuuuut if he's the alternative to ppl im reading town i'm not an asshole, right? vote Sage
  9. why are you set on killing Jazz, rei
  10. You definitely deserved some tough love but people were kinda mean to you too. Welcome back.
  11. could ya stop pooping the bed Jazz
  12. Oh and I don't think mark, jazz, or rei are scum soooo fuck those trains