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  1. Uplay = Sophockles, add me friends My emblem
  2. Imo a lot of the problem is the way fatigue works, you lose a lot more fatigue if you get blocked/dodged, which is reasonable but is a bit too punishing atm since it's so easy to block/parry. Edit: https://www.reddit.com/r/forhonor/comments/5uihyo/upcoming_gameplay_improvements/ I like the change to berzerker because I main it. It doesn't address some of the big issues yet but it's promising to see them patch so soon after release, i guess?
  3. My only peeve so far is that defensive play is a bit too rewarding The only issue i've had so far with the P2P connection is some weird things happening in lobbies, not a big problem Oh, and it takes pretty long to start a game. It gets a lot beter if you play as a group
  4. Oh I thought Mascis meant invites to WCQs. Yeah you're correct Mascis. The X players from country Y with the most points get an invite.
  5. Canada has 1/10th the population...seems p fair The european countries that don't get spots actually have a higher population combined than the total population of the ones that do. Get fucked europe
  6. You need permission to view it so we can manage players in active games, just give a shout if you're on and someone will get you in
  7. Good game guys. I'm astounded town managed to pull it back together
  8. ok but maybe people who don't post when they get VT just shouldn't play in those games. :^) If Malcolm is done with his i wouldn't mind if he ran it first. I'm feeling a little burned out atm. But I guess I could manage if we start the games later in the week @JC. @Malcolm
  9. If he'd locked it or something I'd agree it's crossing a line, but people call majority and even EoD when time runs out all the time. He might not be 'officially' ending the day but he's totally justified pointing out majority was hit and asking people not to post in the spirit of the game. Making sure the game is played correctly is everyone's responsibility. (Admittedly there could be a power that fucks with the day ending due to majority, but I don't think that should really be in the game because it's going to cause a lot of confusion regardless of scum hammers themselves or not)
  10. Literally didnt get to post the last two day phases cause I did a weekend getaway lol Thoughts: - I'm not sure if this solution with 'Creature' was the best idea. I thought it was a fine approach at first and had fun with it, but it felt at least a little bit unfair because I know some players habits and get easier reads while others don't know who's behind the multi / if it's a multi. Moreover if multis happen regularily we're going to get overly paranoid of new players and that's not a good thing. (Exception for when they're actually part of the game) In the future I think we should just accept there'll be modkills for inactivity, improvising with sub-ins for scum and not for town is a little unfair too, I think. Tbh I was expecting to get killed for being an obvious multi lol. I figured getting lynched immediately was better for the game than a scum modkilled. - Powers that guarantee ppl will die publically are not a great idea lol. Wp PSK - Janitors are significantly more powerful in no-claim games. Compare this game to D&D Mafia where janitor didn't really matter because everybody figured out the game by D4. 3 charges was maybe a little too many, not because it's OP (Town won anyway) but it's a little obnoxious not to get flips 50% of the game. I don't know, Janitors are weird I think. Jazz did a great job hosting and these are just thoughts I'm having to maybe refine future games and the community as a whole - feel free to give me shit if you think i suck
  11. I-Is competitive NBA 2K a thing?
  12. This is a lot of fun :^)
  13. Not really but I get why other people like it. I just prefer flip games.
  14. Tbh I'm kinda sick of the role madness games, we should do more regular games with a bunch of vanilla, that way scum can just blend in. I don't mind a game with a bunch of powers but it's inevitably harder to balance because unfortunate lynches / clumsy use of powerful powers / people getting modkilled can make those games really lopsided. I'd personally like it if we cut back to 50% relatively standard games in terms of mechanics, then you can apply whatever flavor you want to it.