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  1. I'll keep a mental note of it if you flip town, if that makes you feel better.
  2. I guess tyranno getting a little crabby is his equivalent of a scum meltdown.
  3. Why did you wanna kill malcolm again?
  4. Solstice is next
  5. I'm townreading his supposed scumread and being dodgy/adverserial, Tyranno's response is to act confused and not pressure me for it. Sounds like he's more interested in keeping me on his side so I dont vote for him as opposed to actually finding scum. (Ie self-preservation over scumhunting)
  6. Unvote vote tyranno
  7. Nope, figure it out yourself. anyone can lead a mislynch, that doesn't mean much.
  8. Do you think im scum?
  9. Difference being Malcolm isnt on the chopping block today
  10. (Nm it wasnt that counterproductive but it was still transparent)
  11. Vote solstice I'll go back and look at his posts later to see who else is scum Mascis' fakeclaim was counterproductive and super transparent if you actually read the table but I guess we can discuss that in the aftergame.
  12. null he hasn't really shown up but lynching him over that is just a policy lynch which isn't good. lynching you is better because it gives info at least, though I'm not wholly convinced by the arguments presented early on either. I'm not sure you're scum at all, but I'd say you lean more scum than the rest + lynching you = info short because I have dinner, bbl
  13. That said even if it's not a policy lynch I still think Jazz is the best lynch atm
  14. sure, no problem my vote on you was pretty much a dartboard + I didn't like how you were posting for reasons similar to what Jazz did. I wanted to see if/how you and others would react I don't think I need to elaborate too much on why lynching malcolm D1 is not a good idea - in ~90% of games we have the problem resolves itself. but that doesn't mean you need to treat him as town, if you're suspicious of him Jazz always posts his d1 trust list, so I was curious to hear from him honestly must've missed crei's post, but I literally provided him with some opinions of my own in the two posts before that so I don't see the problem. Mascis vote was right after he claimed and I didn't like him at all for that, changed my mind after thinking about it. Not going to elaborate too much unless I really think he should/shouldn't be lynched because PR speculation does not favor town Jazz's behaviour was appalling and if he hadn't pulled himself together he would actually be deserving of a policy lynch.
  15. student life represent
  16. idk why Slickz flaming you was the trigger 乁| ・ 〰 ・ |ㄏ
  17. unvote vote Jazz policy lynch
  18. @Mascis are you glad mark quit so you dont need to ban either him or jazz from your games?
  19. Voting malcolm is dumb, but we dont need to consider his word as gospel either @Jazz hit us with those crisp reads just pls no bully
  20. i've had both and I like dogs far better but I get why some ppl would prefer cats