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  1. I meant the convo on the last page where faint called you out and markus replied "you can't prove anything, everybody does it anyway"
  2. can we take a moment to appreciate that markus basically admitted to talking with sayaka outside of the game thread?
  3. I like how ACP doesnt realize that all his users are me on different accounts. Dont believe me? watch me post this on my other accounts
  4. yes
  5. Just kidding you're still banned you toxic fuck LOL
  6. "But Jazz, you're already unbanned" "Look!"
  7. Top 5 floaters 1. Gemstone Mine 2. Top_Ladd 3. Wunterslaus 4. Zeropassion 5. Solstice
  8. Off with his head
  9. Didn't mark go to greece and fuck crei's girlfriend? There's an easy way to settle this, @confuse rei ask your gf how big mark's dick was
  10. Weak this is why you're not in the top 5 player list
  11. D-did you guys not read OP?
  12. in do you really need help on how to pirate movies?
  13. didn't Jazz and Malcolm successfully do that a few games ago? You need to have faith man, cmon...
  14. if that's true then last night your mom told me I'm too good at mafia
  15. It's infinite omguus poists and sometimes you can help solve the gam
  16. Treestump is underrated
  17. D-do i have a wincon?
  18. Other crazy fun setups with vigs; - 4 scum, 5 VT, 1 3-shot vig, 2 2-shot vigs, 3 1-shot vigs - 3 scum, 5 VT, 3 1-shot vigs that are also masons
  19. In an open setup this is auto for town since they get a bunch of extra lynches basically and theyll hit scum very soon in a closed no claim set up its madness. Imo town-favoured still is nothing too damaging happens before people figure out there's a bunch of vigs. fair game to run but needs a disclaimer like some of the more powerful role games we've had that it's wacky, unbalanced and its supposed to be good fun.
  20. This post was made in jest i didnt even notice anything untoward from faint so it cant have been bad, he just made a referenxe to it
  21. You can play but only after your 3 game ban, for you horrid toxicity this game
  22. Yeah thats why we picked it...did you read the setup? And i had to convince my scummates to go with, vig, hah, theyre blind as a bat
  23. Faint yer drunk