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  1. I wouldn't mind a tie 'cause it'd confirm me. :^) Unfortunately in case of a tie I kill the person I have my vote on so I can't really force it by voting myself.
  2. The cavalry has arrived! Thanks friends. Oh come on mark you're selectively reading even the selection you quoted, lots of those posts are also calling me scum/scummy or calling Sage or both of us possible town in the same post. You're reaching. You can say you're not defending Sage but a few posts back you said Sage was not a good lynch today and it should be between me and Markus. Whatever your intention, that's defending someone.
  3. I'm judge btw so even if we tie Sage'll die.
  4. you're supposed to bold it
  5. Word to the wise: Just standing by and never picking a side is considered scummy here too, so either help me out or put the nail in my coffin. Play the game instead of being scared of being labeled scum for a bad decision.
  6. Hey @danraven94 I think you're still one post under quota, you should vote Sage with it or switch your dog's vote to sage
  7. Seems prettttty comparable. You've tunneled me based on my page 1 posts and I'm not upset about that, but let's not act it's wholly stooped in reason, so you can't go "Nah Sophocles was acting scummy" when I flip town. Man it must suck to be wrong this often. I actually went back to page 1 and encourage anyone else to count how many people actually thought Sage was scum and then didn't vote him. I found Digbick, and that's it? Mayyyybe you can count Fruit punch samurai pressuring him, but that debatable? Can we please kill Sage and then if it turns out he has a powerful scum role, kill mark after?
  8. Malcolm calling Faint scum for voting me but not voting for Sage to save my ass hmmmmm
  9. It's also not even a contradiction, because my reasoning vis-a-vis voting Sagerhapsody initially was based on numbers ('he's not a stark kid', so statistically more likely to be neutral/scum than the average person) and then got compaunded by how he reacted to the vote. I know I'm town so whether or not I'm more likely to be scum or not doesn't come into it. You only get to call people out on 'contradiction'/'hypcorisy' when it's about acting scummy. E.g. What you just did with not immediately giving reasoning, because you're saying I'm scummy for something you're doing as well, and you're (obviously) claiming you're town.
  10. Exceptttt Sage totally spazzed out and omgus voted me sooooo My reasoning, as you notice, is not 100% solid but how he responded to the vote is all the more telling. I'm actually offended you'd think I'd be that obvious d1. Oh hellloooooo
  11. I'm not arguing with mark 'cause whatever but ppl really shouldn't be voting me, literally the only reason I'm close to getting lynched is because I took initiative to vote someone first on day 1. I don't particularily care because it'll be funny when I flip and I can just go play in frogman's game but come on, guys. This habit of always setting up a dichotomy between the person who does the first serious push D1 and the person he votes is really detrimental to actually getting the game going D1. I get there's some wine involved in this but how often does the person who leads the first attempt to a lynch on D1 turn out to be scum? I bet the number on that is pretty low.
  12. Yeah damn me for actually initiating something instead of 2-3 pages of 'hurrdurr hello there' I was half right, I assume ppl who have a wolf can choose to place their vote through their main account or the wolf. It was a purely informational statement, the difference is I'm not fishing for info but pointing out something interesting. (23 player, majority is 9) The fact I was wrong doesn't change that since it was perfectly reasonable to assume they don't have a vote. How on earth you saw that as fishing for info is a mystery to me. It's a 48h day, there's no reason whatsoever to rush things, it's not 'pro-scum' at all. Seeing how people react to something gives us info too. Or - Or - it was just a shitty joke like literally happens on every page 1.
  13. why do I have 4 votes on me again?
  14. Malcolm's pretty active for D1, I must say
  15. Last time I played was Goat mafia, when I also found scum on D1, and I got nightkilled for it. How about this time you guys follow my lead? :^)
  16. It's really lonely in here guys
  17. Markus' posts were pretty bad now that I read them over again, and he's had interesting interactions with ppl that would tell us more than if we lynched sage buuuuut it'd feel really good if Sage flips scum and I nailed him after one post torn
  18. What do this game and Trump's inauguration have in common?
  19. If Markus is scum, do you think he'd stop my push onto Sage if he's town?
  20. Let's find out together baby
  21. Now you can call my reasoning shitty.