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  1. Game info: Rules: Standard # of players: 13 Set-up: Friends and Enemies, an open set-up comprised of 3 Mafia Goons, 3 Masons, and 7 VT Claiming: Full claiming allowed, as always no PM quoting etc. Phases: 24/24 Quota: 4 Scum and Masons cannot communicate posthumously.
  2. yeah haha he's such a wiseass you should sign up so you can call him out when he does it in the game
  3. Aaaah here I go debating theory
  4. Confirmed town are not nearly as powerful if you're not in the endgame. If two masons are forced to claim D2 the game becomes scum favored.
  5. Kind of a nightmare to enforce because you can leave breadcrumbs about your own identity, what if someone asked you how you read Nelrick? Sounds good in theory but I don't like scenarios where it's likely I end up modkilling people.
  6. And what if a mason is about to get lynched?
  7. Yeah I was about to say, on Mafiascum this set-up has 7 town wins to 11 scum wins. It can't possibly be that bad. We could have a theoretical discussion about it for a week and no one will change your mind or we can just play the game and learn. :^)
  8. What do you need? The game might be a little swingy depending on how many masons make it to the endgame, otherwise it's nbd. If I make it no claim the game is just scum-favored in more or less the same degree I feel.
  9. im gonna see radiohead in 4 days, ama
  10. I'm thinking Psych Ward Mafia for flavor
  11. Player List 1. Jazzzzz 2. Wunterbum 3. Francis 'screw this set-up' Underwood 4. Slickz 5. Malcolm 6. Silver banging Jazz 7. The Possible Antagonist 8. Rogue One 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Subs: Tyranno
  12. jus stick with me kid and ull lern a thign or 2
  13. The problem didn't lie with your activity at all, it was the substance why you got lynched
  14. Right, forgot about that. Oh well Can we please never allow silencer in a game where there's not something like that in it and just keep them rare in general
  15. I'm not talking from a balance perspective btw, that was whatever the way it worked. I mean not letting people play for a day is an anti-fun mechanic.
  16. ESPECIALLY if they're not with limited charges
  17. Oh that reminds me: Fuck silencers. Anti-fun mechanic
  18. If tyranno wont i will
  19. If tyranno wont i will
  20. Re: Lying about roles: I lied about mine, I was just a regular doc and couldn't self-heal, rephrased role to make it look like I could. Unfortunately scum had a roleblock so even if they believed it to some extent they just blocked and killed me. I checked the QT to see if you believed that claim, saw a lot of talk that regular healers aren't able to spam heals on the same person: that's not really a safe assumption if you have a RB. The reason docs cant repeat heal (from a design PoV) is it stops cop claiming and getiing infinitelty healed til the game is solved. If you have a RB scum has an out to that. So doc could be able to spam heals. (Imo that's how you should design the game too. If scum has a RB or there's no ability for a follow the cop scenario, let docs repeat heal, it makes the role more interesting)
  21. The DVD Extras on the LotR trilogy are amazing, they talk about a lot of the camaraderie that developed between the cast. But if you're watching the Extended Edition you're probably going to be done with them at the end lol
  22. The comics are a lot better both in terms of joke delivery and narrative. (E.g. The random 'nega-Scott' bit at the end is a reference to an actually interesting passage in the comics) As a coming of age story the comics are rly good
  23. @Wunterslaus you're a bum
  24. Idk about that but Crei deserves an Unlucky Ursula Award for fakescanning Faint. lmao