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  1. Zoodiac - Discussion

    In my testing, D.D. Crow has been the better of the hand traps (besides Maxx "C" ofc) to stop the Fusion Substitute combo. At what point would be the best time to use Crow when they're doing the Fusion Substitute combo though? You could do it on the first Emeral's effect but they can still play Fusion Substitute to make a second Emeral and get 2 draws from that (1 from Emeral and 1 from the Sub's effect to draw). You could also do it when they use Norden's effect to summon back the Rat. That would leave them with only a Norden face-up on the field (unless they had Barrage) at the end phase. The downside to that is that they still got the initial draw off the Emeral, and they will get a second draw from the Fusion Substitute when Norden inevitably ends up in the graveyard. Obviously the best time to do it is if they go down the path of making Broadbull as the second xyz and then have to later reattach the Ratpier using Tigermortar. The problem with that though is that they can play around it by making Tigermortar as the second xyz instead of bull. Making the Broadbull as the second xyz seems like the way most people are doing the combo at the moment though. Going down that path means you get to put back bull with the first Emeral which is a big deal considering that going down the other path (making tiger as the second xyz) means you run the risk of losing both bulls if your Emeral doesn't survive the turn (assuming you didn't get to put Combo into the grave of course) I guess the positive of each of these is that they can no longer do the rat combo at any stage of the game, which is very good for us. If they have real backrow though there's a good chance you're still losing that game anyway unfortunately. On a side note, good luck to all the duelists playing at the 3 events happening this weekend (Prague, Guatemala and UDS Vegas). Hopefully you can find a way to deal with the Lunalight combo so that us in the third-world countries don't have to ^^
  2. Duelingbook

    I also managed to get on for a while today. Everything seems fairly basic to use and it's working well for the most part. I used the 'Import Deck' function to import my deck from YGOPro and that worked perfectly. Same with the 'Export Deck' function. It created a fully typed Konami deck list with no errors that I could see from the small glance I had at it. The only problem I've had so far is that in game three of my first match my extra deck vanished. It was only an issue on my end though apparently because my opponent could still see it on his screen. It was probably just a small server issue since I got disconnected about 20 seconds after I noticed that my extra deck was gone. http://imgur.com/a/RjKj5
  3. Zoodiac - Discussion

    I'm playing around with the idea of Fire Formation - Tensu in the deck and it's working really well. It essentially turns any Zoodiac monster you draw into Ratpier but that's not the only thing. It also makes the Bearman combo slightly better too since you could use the additional summon from Tensu to summon Bearman even after normal summoning Ratpier. One of the main reasons that Japan cut that combo initially was because it was a far superior play to summon Emeral instead of Giantrainer since it let you recycle resources and continue playing through the remainder of the game. It's definitely true (that Emeral is the better play) however I think it doesn't matter as much in the TCG as it did in the OCG. We have Elder Entity Norden in our current format while they did not. When you are doing the bearman combo if you draw Instant Fusion it would be essentially the same outcome if you had made the emeral play except you have drawn 4 cards in the process, getting you closer to your defensive cards such as Barrier and Maxx "C" This is a list I've been playing around with. I'm not 100% sure that it needs both Thoroughblade or Tensu at 3 honestly. Instant Fusion is almost certainly a three-of in this build though, compared to other lists I've seen that usually only play 2. Instant Fusion is a key card to help recycle resources for the reason I mentioned above. One problem I've found with something like this though is that the cards like Tensu and the addition Thoroughblade take up a lot of room. I wasn't able to fit any protective cards within the 40 cards I wanted to play. That meant that even though I was drawing 4 cards when I did the combo I could still easily lose out to board wipes and then being OTKd, which is a big problem in the mirror match. It's possible that the third Tensu and Thoroughblade could be cut to add cards like that but I'd have to test them before giving a realistic conclusion.
  4. Duelingbook

    Alex opt in
  5. You need a 3000atk or higher kaiju to do the Gagaga Samurai otk. Gameciel is the best one to give your opponent off Slumber. The attack of the Kaiju you give your opponent never really matters though since you're destroying it with Drancia anyway.
  6. Zoodiac - Discussion

    This deck is pretty interesting from a TCG standpoint. Having access to a card like Norden makes the deck a lot stronger. One particular thing you can do is use Norden to bring back rat, overlay the two into the bull and search another beast-warrior, then using rat's effect to get another rat from the deck. I was thinking one way of playing the deck could be with a small Yosenju engine (three Kama 1, two Kama 3) since Rat + any yosenju or instant fusion lets you put at least two yosenjus on the board as well as the other monsters you get off the standard combo. The yosenjus also have synergy with Kaijus by being able to use Kama 1 to return a Kaiju to the hand. They also play through Barrier and Vanity's nicely. The Yosenjus returning to hand makes the deck somewhat more resilient to board wipes as well since you're not really losing all your resources to something like a Slumber as long as they're not OTKing you. It probably isn't the best way of playing the deck but I thought it paired fairly well with Bull and Tenki being able to get either Yosenju or Zoodiac monsters. Here's what I was thinking of, none the less. I can post explanations for choices if people want it but I'll do it at a later date when it isn't Christmas, haha. Are there any XYZ we could use to make the deck stronger against board wipes? If not, would it be worth playing something like Starlight Road either in the main or side? Since making a board then resolving Starlight Road when your opponent tries to break it would be a blowout.
  7. ABC - Discussion

    Before anything I should mention that my YGOPro glitched. The glitchy card that looks like Union Hangar is Silver Gadget as seen in the photo I've posted. I was reading what Squiddy posted a few posts above and it made me want to post my list since it is quite deviated from the normal builds that I've seen (granted the only thing I've really seen are the lists here as well as the ones that have topped the regionals this past weekend.) I think the deck is far stronger (going first as well as second) if we go down the Galaxy Soldier route. I've already seen so many people saying that they struggle to go second in the rank 4 build since a single Solemn card can end the whole turn. Galaxy Soldier fixes this problem since it baits Solemns before the normal summon has to be contributed. If you draw Galaxy Soldier together with Instant Fusion you can even put a rank 4 as well as a rank 5 on the board before even normal summoning for the turn. Soldier is also a lot stronger going first as well. Most lists are playing Twin Twister which is pretty average at best going first, whereas Galaxy Soldier unhindered puts another card on the board that your opponent has to deal with. It also deals with monster clogged hands which is something I found hindering in testing. As mentioned in previous posts above it's also an extender, meaning you have less of a reliance on Tsukuyomi resolving to start making the ABC fusion if you're playing through traps. Transmodify may not even be needed in the engine but it is pretty much a fourth Soldier as well as an extender with Hangar. One copy has been fine for me. I don't think any more than one is needed though since there isn't a reliance on drawing it and you don't ever want to draw multiples of it. Something that also came up was that Infinity lets you play through Cherries in the mirror. If the have Cherries against you while you're playing the rank 4 variant then you're really only left with 'average at best' rank 4 monsters whereas the rank 5 variant can at least put an Infinity on the board to hinder the opponent if they can't stop it immediately. Based on statistics from the most recent regionals this weekend people are main decking more Twin Twisters than Kaijus so it's arguably better to have Infinity rather than additional trap cards. Instant Fusion is a really strong card in this deck as well but it's hard to justify playing three copies with only one Norden. I included Panzer Dragon here since it's a strong second monster to summon off Instant Fusion. There have been times when I've used Tsukuyomi to discard my hand and I've drawn a Galaxy Soldier as well as a light monster. If you have Instant Fusion set you can make the Infinity with Panzer and Soldier since you won't have another light to discard for the second copy. It's also relevant to make a second rank 5 XYZ play later in the game. I'm not currently playing a second rank 5 monster though since extra deck space is fairly tight in this variant but you can use Emeral to put back Nova and Infinity. I think Oasis is by far the most underrated card in the deck (and the reason Squiddy's list made me want to post mine.) It's even better in the rank 5 build too. Being able to play through Kaijus game one, as well as System Down in games 2 and 3, is so strong. You can use it to bring back Norden (to make a rank 4 play), Infinity (to answer monsters) and Gadgets (to grind and extend if they had an answer to your first one) in addition to the ABC Dragon. You could also bring back a used Panzer Dragon to punish a blind Twin Twisters. Not having to tag out in the standby phase is just so strong since it forces them to have a Kaiju to answer ABC Dragon the first time and if they don't have it then you get to banish two cards on the field. It's almost exactly the same as having a card like Strike in the mirror. Oasis is far stronger than a card like Magnet Reverse or Scramble Union simply because of it's versatility as well as not needing as much set up as the aforementioned cards. Soul Charge is also in the same boat as Oasis. I don't think I've seen any lists with it included and I'm not really sure why. The logic is pretty much the same as oasis. It's nice to be able to throw a Diamond Dire Wolf into backrow then Soul Charge the pieces back to make additional plays. Bringing back an Infinity to take an opponents monster was a blow out in testing as well since breaking their board and having Infinity to negate something afterwards was just too much for most decks to handle. F0 is a card I don't see many people playing and it's probably not correct to play it, honestly. I've found myself wanting to have it though since making room on the board for ABC Dragon to tag out is crucial. If you're playing correctly you probably don't need to make room for it though. Perhaps it's more of a fail safe option at the moment while I'm still learning the deck. I've definitely found myself making it fairly often though and it's been really good each time I've made it too so perhaps it is worthy of the slot.
  8. ABC - Discussion

    I was thinking about this deck today, trying to justify playing a 1-of Cycle Reader in the main deck. It's strong in the mirror as well as versus Blue-Eyes, and it's not the worst card game 1 against BA (it can remove a Cir-targeted Dante at the very least) I thought of this play that could come up in the mirror. It starts with any Gadget, any ABC monster and Instant Fusion. You could summon the Gadget and use it's effect to summon the ABC monster. Overlay those two monsters to make Gear Gigant X. Detach the ABC monster and search Cycle Reader. Use Reader to remove one of their monsters (hopefully a crucial ABC monster). Then you can Instant Fusion for Norden and bring back the Cycle Reader, synchroing into Ancient Fairy Dragon. Ancient Fairy can destroy your opponent's Hangar and let's you search your own. Hangar gets either of the ABC monsters you didn't get. Then you can use AFD to special the ABC from the hand use Hangar to attach the final ABC monster to it from the deck. After that banish the 3 ABC monsters to summon the fusion. So your end board is GGX, AFD and the ABC Fusion and you destroyed your opponent's field spell as well as removing potentially crucial cards from their grave. It seemed like an unlikely play but I thought I'd comment it anyway since I havent heard anyone talk about it before.
  9. double post sorry, how do i delete my posts lmao
  10. Not sure if anyone said it yet but Black Garden with Armageddon Knight can bring back a Summoner Monk to let you start combos. Chicken Game seems very solid.
  11. Keen on town tbh Let's get fucked up
  12. unnecessary drama

    Congrats :) Nice to see that Masked Chameleon is catching on. I've seen some people play Psyframe Omega with it for the crazy Damage Juggler shenanigans. Any thoughts on that? 
  13. Reasoning Kozmo

    Hey, sorry for the pointless bump but I'm genuinely looking for criticism regarding this build of Kozmo. On a side note, I'm looking to include a third Sliprider and potentially a Gold Sarcophagus but I'm unsure what I could cut. Thank you :) 
  14. Reasoning Kozmo

    Before I start, I'm new here so if this post breaks any of the rules or regulations then I apologise and I'll make sure to correct them as soon as possible.    So this is an idea that a friend and I were playing around with after Erik Christensen won YCS Dallas with Infernoid. The hype for Infernoid after that event was unreal. We speculated that if your opponent doesn't have any idea what deck you are playing, and you activate a Reasoning on the very first turn of the game, it is very likely that they will call 1 in hopes of hitting an Infernoid Decatron. The thing is, though, you aren't actually playing Infernoid. You're playing Kozmo. This means that if they call 1 then you are guaranteed the summon that Reasoning provides. In testing this proved to be a valid hypothesis. Kozmo, however, at the time, was a fairly underwhelming deck so we decided to scrap the idea and the deck in general until a later point in time.    Fast forward to the present day. Dimensions of Chaos has just been released. Kozmo, as an archetype, has been given 4 brand new monsters and 1 spell card. While the spell card is fairly underwhelming, the monsters that the archetype was given are solid. The most important thing to notice about them, though, is that they are all different levels from the existing Kozmo monsters (with the exception of Goodwitch and Wickedwitch.) This meant that now, even if the opponent knew what we were using it was fairly unlikely that they would be able to correctly call the level of the monster that would be excavated by Reasoning. Is our original idea of playing Reasoning in Kozmo to establish a field presence potentially viable again?    I've been reading around on the Kozmo discussion forum and it seems like a few other people have had the same idea which has gotten my hopes up. I constructed this list with very little theory in terms of probabilities and such but I thought I'd post it anyway because I wanted to get some opinions on what could be changed to make the list more optimal. I'll explain some of my card choices below that I feel need to be explained.   ---------------------------------------------   Reasoning Kozmo   Monsters (16)   3 Kozmo Dark Destroyer 2 Kozmo Forerunner 1 Kozmo DOG Fighter 2 Kozmo Sliprider 3 Kozmo FarmGirl 2 Kozmoll WickedWitch 1 Kozmo GoodWitch 2 Kozmo Strawman   --   Spells (16)   3 Reasoning 3 Emergency Teleport 3 Upstart Goblin 3 Kozmotown 2 Terraforming 1 Chicken Game 1 Allure of Darkness   --   Traps (8)   3 Storming Mirror Force 2 Time-Space Trap Hole 1 Solemn Warning 1 Bottomless Trap Hole 1 Vanity's Emptiness   --   Extra Deck (15) *note I threw this extra deck together very quickly. I'm probably missing a card or two here.   1 Scrap Dragon 1 Black Rose Dragon 1 Ancient Fairy Dragon 1 Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand 1 Number 11: Big Eye 1 Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack 1 Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon 1 Constellar Pleiades 1 Artifact Durendal 1 Number 61: Volcasaurus 1 Stellarknight Constellar Diamond 1 Tellarknight Ptolemaeus 1 Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer 1 Steelswarm Roach 1 Abyss Dweller   ---------------------------------------------   Card explanations:   Kozmo DOG Fighter: When I first saw this card I thought it was quite underwhelming. It didn't really feel like it was going to add to the deck very much. I still partially believe that. Now I feel like the card is a staple one-of because it gives you an additional rung of the ladder which can be crucial in certain matchups like the mirror. It's effect isn't all that bad either. It can snowball out of control if it isn't answered immediately which is a benefit for sure. I don't think I'd ever play more than 1 of this card, however.    Kozmo Strawman: This card doesn't really require explanation but I would like to point out that I'm considering cutting the card to 1. It is by far the worst card to hit off Reasoning (in the early game, at least) and having multiple copies of it just makes it feel like you'll see it off the Reasoning more often that you want to. I don't know how to work out the mathematics around Reasoning though so I could just be wrong, but it's a consideration.    No Honest in the main: I felt like Honest isn't really needed anymore after the addition of Dark Destroyer. While Farmgirl is still great it seems like the deck is moving away from actually needed to resolve her effect to win the game. It's also a poor hit off of Reasoning but I don't want to use that as the sole explanation of cutting the card. I think once the format truly defines itself we'll know if we need to continue to play this card or not. For now though, It's just going to be in my side board for the mirror (and other match-ups)   2 Terraforming and 1 Chicken Game: I found that a lot of the games I was losing were because I didn't see Kozmotown early enough. I like this ratio because it gives me a greater probability of seeing Kozmotown (61%,) but the Chicken Game means that it's not too bad if I draw a combination of Terraforming and Kozmotown. It also allows for a greater chance of opening the most optimal combination of cards (which is arguably a pilot, a ship, and a Kozmotown. In my list I have a 90% chance to draw a pilot, a 80% chance to draw a ship and a 61% chance to draw a Kozmotown on the first turn of the game. This means that I have 44% chance of opening all three, which isn't bad for a optimal hand in my opinion)   I'm not too sure if there's anything else that needs explaining. Perhaps the trap line-up but to be honest, those cards will probably change once the format defines itself. My choice of traps at the moment is in expectation of the mirror match and Majespecters.    Thanks for reading. Feel free to ask any questions and I'll be happy to answer them. ^^    
  15. Majestic Cuteness - Majespecters

    Not bad but I feel like some quantities of cards are incorrect. The field spell is a great engine card, however if you draw multiples of it in your opening hand, or draw a copy in the later game, it can be devastating. In my build I like to play 2 field spell with 1 Terraforming. It essentially lets me have 3 copies of the field spell that I can draw, however, if I draw the Terraforming then I get to thin my deck by 1 card and removing a potential dead draw in the later game. If you want to keep your ratios, however, I might suggest adding a 1-of Chicken Game. It's another card you can access with Terraforming if you draw a copy of Terraforming and you already have the Majestic Pegasus in your opening hand.    I also feel like playing 3 Cat can be unoptimal as well. It's not really a card you want as a three-of in your deck. It doesn't advance your gamestate in an accessible way during your turn (until the end phase, I guess) and it's not a card you would ever really want to draw multiples of in your opening hand, even though it has access to every Majespecter card. 2 Cat seems a lot better to me and gives you more room for other trap cards that it feels like the deck is missing.  3 Archfiend Eccentrick seems excessive when you're only playing 1 Unicorn. It could be worth putting one of those in the side board in favour of another card.   It seems to me like you would draw Pot of Riches and wish that it was any other card. I could be wrong though. I haven't tested it so I don't know it's merits first hand. I know, for sure, that in my build I would much rather draw a trap card, or perhaps a Majespecter monster, than a Pot of Riches at almost any point in the game.   On a side note, I'd also put in the third Maxx "C" in the main but that's up to you. I'd at least put it into the side board if you don't want to main the third one.