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  1. Me. (zoo) 2 > 0 Beast (ghostrick)
  2. In the TCG, we play cards as they read UNLESS instructed otherwise by a higher authority. In this case, we are instructed otherwise by a higher authority and thus don't play them as written.
  3. That's why you normal summon maiden against drident.
  4. Oh shut up, you could easily have avoided most of the shit talking by just not humoring it.
  5. There's one big mystery in all of this that can't seem to figure out. Why the fuck did kira sign up to war in the first place? What was his goal in all of this? I think it's a big problem that he didn't talk to his team before playing. You could say that it doesn't matter because we wouldn't be telling him to dodge, but that's the wrong way to look at it. A team war isn't a bunch of individuals playing their own race, it's about teams working together. If you're just here to get a few games in when you feel like it, get the fuck out of my team and go play duelingbook rated. The purpose of warring is ultimately to help people improve and that's why we discourage dodging. However, we're supposed to improve as a team, cooperate, learn from each other and work towards winning. If you just ignore this part and play your own race, you're not seeing any of the benefits of being part of the war and just ruining the experience for whatever team you happened to be a part of. We're working hard towards our goal, towards winning. Together, as a team. We're learning and improving. We're seeing results, we're winning. And then some fucking idiot decides to just play his own 1-man team under our name with our heart and ruin what we've been working towards. Fuck that! If you just signed up to warring because you wanted an outlet to play a few games, there are better places for this goal. And not even that, you signed up to warring to play a few games against an irl friend? Why not just fucking ask him and get the games in without the detour through dgz warring? The fuck are you doing here? You literally said you don't need practice, so you're not here to improve. You're not here to learn. You're here to play around, so get out. Dgz warring isn't for you.
  6. Almost every match I play on duelingbook, one player eventually experiences the bug that hovering the mouse over a card doesn't make the menu over it appear. The card just gets stuck where it was and it becomes impossible to interact with it. Not to mention that duelingbook is still flash based and the flash plugin just loves to crash.
  7. As if DuelingBook is bug-free, I just see hypocrisy here.
  8. Requesting DuelingBook to be removed from the list of approved dueling simulators due to general instability.
  9. Can I schedule a current game with any of you during a reasonable hour?
  10. I'm only finding a 7 page preview (, but the abstract and introduction are interesting and makes the reader interested in learning more on the subject.
  11. Yo, why isn't it on google yet?
  12. Who lives in Lodon and have a couch or two free?
  13. Date: 28/10/2017 29/10/2017 Address: MCM Comic Con London ExCel, London 1 Western Gateway, Royal Victoria Dock London, E16 1XL