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  1. vote malcolm
  2. It's JC, I'm sure he does it manually.
  3. 6. Don't complain about receiving neg rep. Rep is just a number. Also, don't go through someone's post history and neg all of their posts because they pissed you off. doesn't really apply when you neg everyone equally
  4. Jazz was given a neutral role that wins by the thread having a net plus of 5000 rep.
  5. @ACP I need to neg-rep the entire thread so that Jazz won't win the game. Can you remove the 100 rep per day limit for me?
  6. I think that ultimately, the decision falls on the players if they are willing to boycott all tournaments with said head judge. And that's not realistic.
  7. You can rule it differently at your events.
  8. I would guess that the last card is the gemini field spell from the latest set.
  9. gemstone probably also re-routed the block.
  10. As with most rulings in ygo, you're not just going to find official online sources. Everything is the way it is because someone said it is that way, and you just go by what whoever has the most influence said (at a specific event, it's the head judge). If you can find a source of "it was ruled this way at this event with this head judge" and said head judge has high enough status, then that should (emphasis on should, doesn't necessarily mean it will) persuade the other judges.
  11. Discarding to summon swap frog is a cost, even though it's not an activating effect.
  12. can we lynch antag for encouraging tyranno to post?