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  1. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    This is something I've been working on and it does pretty well, the otks come easy and in theory has good match-ups with the meta(Kaijus are problem solvers). Still feel like the deck can still use some tweaking but its ok for now. Still debating the usefulness of Allure, the drawing is great but sometimes discarding is something I don't want to do, Dark Eruption is fantastic and acts as a Monster Rebron for all intensive purposes or food for Virgil/Beatrice/Pilgrim.
  2. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    First time poster here, i have a regional coming up this Saturday and i'm trying to find the most potent build. I took Monohan's trap-less build to YCS and really enjoyed the sheer power it could produce and just-out-right muscle an OTK. With simple modifications, the same concept is presented in this build, obviously it wont be as powerful but the concept still reigns true, slow them down enough to OTK or close to it.   Seeing as we are going for the quick OTK or leaving them in Barbar+Shark range i've added Spell Shattering arrow to the main; it acts as our Wavering Eyes with the added benefit of doing a potential 1500LP (2 scales+sky iris). With the new Pendulum structure deck dropping this Thursday, this will most likely be the build that I will take, I'm expecting heavy pendulum play.   The Arrow does leave it self open to a Juggler negation, but leaves the opponent with that one less use juggler enables (pend summon+ banish search), having our opponent negate it also means that is less likely for them to have one next turn to prevent Barbar+Shark. While the card does seem useless in other match-ups it can saves from sacky kaiser coliseums from the Kozmo/anti-meta decks which just kills the trap-less version.    Mistaken arrest is the nuts if used early on or chained to either Slayer pop/Pendulum Call/Wavering eyes, also is a floodgate that you cant respond to, mike explains this in the original build and it just works wonders!   Effect Veiler is iffy at the moment, it doesn't do much outside of stopping Dweller/Castel but i feel is a necessity if we want the board to survive if the 1st push isn't enough; Ignister and cards alike spin our field into next week. Maxx C is wonderful. I have considered switching out 1 Veiler + 1 Maxx "C" for duo Yuki Usagi seeing as it removes the monster and could potentially leave a clear field, but that is still to be tested.   Side/Extra is still a work in progress, any suggestions are welcome for the build, thanks.       http://i.imgur.com/FTvHGtj.png