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  1. YCS Berlin, February 22/23 2014

    Damn bringing this old thread back to the front page... I almost had a heart attack
  2. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    In deck with limited Extra deck space the Zoo engine suffers a huge loss of utility after the first usage. Shuffling them back turn 1 to reuse them next turn is not worth it, because it assumes you have another Zoo card to put Tiger on top and enough Extra deck monster to summon another 2 copies of Rat. I stopped recycling Rat, Emeral is used to dig further into your deck and find cards like Maxx C and Barrier. You can shuffle back 3 Extra Deck monsters on the very first turn. Using the Zoos as a one-time-engine also changes which tutors you run. Tour Guide as a Rank 3 enabler is bad. OCG used her because grabbing Sangan was a legit countermeasure to Maxx C. You dont want youe tutors to be dead after you've already zoo'd around and you don't want them to be singular. It also competes with other normal summons. Rescue Rabbit seems to be the best tutor to summon Invoker with. It does the usual Metalfoes things if you already have access to Rat or draw it later on. Barrage loses to both Ghost Ogre and Maxx C and is dead later on. You should also setup your first turn boards to not die to a Slumber OTK. Mithril, Kirin and Counter let you survive mass removals. This alone makes this deck better than many other decks. But that's also why you shouldn't be fancy and play multiple Fullmetal or Combination: Counter is vital to even see your next turn if things go wrong. Dropping Maxx C and Barrier for higher density of combo cards is also foolish. Every time your opponent uses one of these all your conbo cards become obsolete. This deck sets up its defense by playing offensively (Pendulum summoning, Zoo combos). If you can't Pendulum summon due to a Barrier, you are also not gonna survive the next Battle Phase. Your hand of 5 or 6 combo pieces turns into worthless shit. You don't have any sacky autowins to draw into with Emeral and Fusion (drawing 2 after all the deck thinning is huge).
  3. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    Instant Fusion is a pretty good one. Summons Panzer, which can be popped to set Combi. Then Panzer destroys Combi. As you see you dont need an outside card to pop in order to get to your Combi.
  4. YCS Bochum 2016

    I will be there. Aiming for the second Prize Card in the second YCS.
  5. Paleozoic - Discussion

    It's not really that great in Metalfoes. It doesnt deal with sided Anti-Spells, and it doesnt allow you to use any of your scale effects. You are basically putting your money on Volflame Beatdown.
  6. Lightsworn - Discussion

    This just seems like a better version of the same idea.
  7. ABC - Discussion

    The award for the lowest probability of Turn 1 Buster goes to.... You realize that you reduced the chance of opening the standard Tsukuyomi combo from 8-10 pieces of Light Rank 4 Enablers in a standard list to 3. You are better off cutting single A/B/C pieces before cutting Gadgets/Thrasher if you want to play something else, because those do not contribute to your 2 card combo.
  8. ABC - Discussion

    I dont see Trapless ABC beating better engines like Pendulum or Metalfoes. We have a good comparison from last format: PK Fire without additional traps like Solemns and Anti-Spell had no ways to beat Odd-Eyes Pendulum. Beatrice provided the same amount of disruption on her own by either banishing with Farfa or Shaddoll Dragon a scale.
  9. ABC - Discussion

    Purple Cards make Tsukuyomi from a stepstone to make ABC to the main way of defense. I see Buster Dragon Turn 1 more like a Soul Charge: You fill up your grave to draw into Traps (or Quickplays: Twisters and Chalice/Book serve 2 roles) and tag out into all smart parts immediately.
  10. ABC - Discussion

    Do you usually tag out your Buster? I dont think Buster Turn 1 is a win con without any traps or Union Hangar to put you further ahead with an equip. Especiall if you play it safe and tag out, because at that point your opp can do whatevee the fuck he wants to prevent a Buster from coming out next turn.
  11. ABC - Discussion

    I pity everyone going to Liverpool. Regionals yesterday had 5 ABC in Top 8, 11 in Top 16. It's one thing if a Tier 0 deck (at least for the time being, until INOV) is complex and has multiple lines of play, but notliketthis.
  12. Majespecter Discussion

    A big apparant weakness vs ABC is the reduced viability of Pegasus. You can't use Pegasus while Dragon Buster is on the field, so the play you use to out most problematic fields (Pegasus into Crow) isn't an option. It also reduces the consistency, Pegasus into Bunbuku is what makes this deck more consistent than any other deck this format, you are playing more copies of your stratos than any other deck. One might think that you simply shouldn't use Pegasus while Dragon Buster is on the field and just build 2 scales to bait its effect, but even in that scenerio you need to have 2 matching scales without the Pegasus->Bunbuku play and you are losing 1 card either way. Lets say you can still Pendulum summon after that (you also removed the backrow, your Pendulum summon is accordingly rather weak) and pass with 3 Majespecters and 2 backrow, while your opponent brought his 3 Unions back. Next turn he can attack over all your specter before going into Buster or bait your backrow with Dire Wolf and still finish you off with Double Buster. It seems kinda hard to beat that deck, but like someone mentioned before, every deck struggles against ABC. Regarding Kirin for the Mirror: I don't think Tribute summoning Kirin will win you the game. You can only Tribute summon it in attack position and if he also plays Kirin, he can crash both. That assumes he is able to Pendulum summon Kirin in the first place, but in that scenerio Tempest is what wins you the game, not Kirin. I also don't think Unwavering Bond is a good side deck card for the mirror. You should be at an extreme advantage if you go first and set up double Tempest or Tempest and Kirin in defense. Your opponent is most likely siding backrow removal, so you are playing into their side deck strategy if you are siding more cards that are weak to backrow removal. It would be far better to side a monster because they are unlikely to play any kind of removal against a big body like Rai-oh. You made a good point with siding out Tornados and possibly Cyclone and assuming your opponent does the same, you could just next-level them by bringing in something big like Thunder King Rai-oh, if you feel like you need any side-decked cards at all if you are going first. Going second Pendulum Storm still seems like the best card, it's very unlikely they are able to recover from that. If you are playing it on top of MST/Cyclones/Brethren, you should have an easy time to get some bodies on board through a Tempest (<--most important card in the mirror).