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  1. Me (Goat Control) 2 > Mark (Goat Control) 0
  2. No Tristan (Pure Zoo) 2-1 > samoopusteno (Pure Zoo)
  3. YCS Toronto 2017

    Damn unlucky, I lost on the bubble @ Euros and still topped with good tie breakers so I hope the same happens for you
  4. Trickstar OTK

    You can just play around it by setting your hand and then searching/drawing etc, although you can't really play around 2 Reincarnations or Disturbance Strategy+Reincarnation etc. If only there was a Level 1 Trickstar, Where Arf Thou would be so much better, I hadn't though of using it with Gofu though, Eater of Millions is another Level 1 that OCG have been using, albeit not for Where Arf Thou, but it gives us more viable reasons to play it.
  5. April 2014 Format - The End of the Era

    koa'ki meirus https://gyazo.com/49fc86e01937cdc112ee867cfb953101 so far 6-0 in games (1 match vs cameron's gb thing, 2 vs silver's drulers) forgot vanity's emptiness was a card so that should probably be in there somewhere i guess. threw it together kinda quick so the side is a mess, wanted cards to go 2nd vs infernity, maybe 3 maxx c 3 d.d. crow is enough idk, doesn't hurt to have veilers too. might be worth playing more soul charge too for power plays, was pretty good making 2 101 and a dweller vs silver in g2 vs his star eater after he veiler'd my 1st 101
  6. Invoked Good cards.dek

    "brilliant, aleister make mech summon second copy of aleister search another invo for discard for mech " how are you doing that play in link format? seraphinite is earth, and that requires brilliant fusion + 2 aleister
  7. Invoked Good cards.dek

    Using Raidjin for Instant Fusion to fuel a 2nd Raidjin with Invocation sounds good, so playing a 2nd Raidjin would justify not playing other Winds I guess. Although Windwitches do it better, Spellcasters, Wind, make Crystal Wing, good standalone card that does something without using your normal summon. Better synergy than whatever the plants have imo.
  8. Invoked Good cards.dek

    Wouldn't Windwitches be a better engine for Crystal Wing than the whole brickfest of Brilliant Fusions and Cobras with bad Link monsters? They're also Spellcasters for the spellbook draw engine, normal Aleister, use spellbook draw card drawing into the windwitch terrortop is pretty insane, and outting indestructable Crystal Wing is almost impossible for Draco. Plus it frees up a lot of space for other staples like Cosmic Cyclone (which helps deal with Draco traps which you said you struggled with). Maxxing out on Ogre/Ash/Maxx is the best way you can deal with Dinos when going 2nd really, if VFD is that much of a problem you can Ogre the Denglong instead of earlier in the combo to ensure they can't end with VFD. Could also play Chalice, which helps in the mirror match and outs VFD. Playing 2 Spellbook Magician of Prophecy was pretty standard in OCG, since it just deck thins even more, and your only other normal summon is usually Aleister or at worst the Stratos Windwitch.
  9. Invoked Good cards.dek

    it's the instant fusion target, and he has the Wind Kaiju in the side
  10. fucking hell n3sh i love you
  11. Top 4 Play-Offs: Detox vs Team Beer

    Me (Zoo) 2-0 Loli (Draco Zoo)
  12. Top 4 Play-Offs: Detox vs Team Beer

    I agree lmao
  13. Top 4 Play-Offs: Detox vs Team Beer

    so ye that's a win for me over loli (pure zoo mirror) if some1 could update the op thanks
  14. Top 4 Play-Offs: Detox vs Team Beer

    some1 give me editing permission for the love of god