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  1. Trailer in Transformers

    There will be no middle ground. This movie will be either completely awesome or 100% fail.
  2. Batman

    Batman Begins > Batman Returns > Batman 1989 The rest need not be mentioned.
  3. Transformers: Good or Bad

    Decepticons needed more screentime, and Optimus Prime vs Megatron could have been longer and more... onscreen. That is really the only BIG complaints, though. Everything else about it was just great.
  4. Hot Fuzz

    Hot Fuzz is the best comedy released this year. Easy. Nicholas Angel is my hero. I loved that he arrested like 10 people before he even actually started his job.
  5. Live Free or Die Hard

    It was awesome. That is all.
  6. Favorite Disney Movie

    When it comes to the classic Disney animation and whatnot I'd have to go with Aladdin. But honestly the best are Pirates of the Caribbean (1 & 3) or The Incredibles. Of course, we all know that Disney's best effort is, in fact, not a movie but a TV series in Gargoyles.
  7. What song are you listening to now?

    Symphony X - Revelation (Divus Pennae ex Tragoedia)
  8. Dane Cook

    I personally love the guy. He's not the best comedian, no, but he's up there. Vicious Circle was a hilarious special, and the story in the first post had an amazing punchline.
  9. Sevendust Dead Set Denial Alpha Clueless Gone Disturbed Mistress Overburdened Remember Sons of Plunder Stricken Fear Factory Corporate Cloning Edgecrusher Linchpin Slave Labor Shock Godsmack Vampires Running Blind Greed Immune Straight Out Of Line Shinedown No More Love Heroes Lady So Divine Better Version Burning Bright
  10. Hostel II

    I thought it was pretty good. Though not in a "this is a wonderfully written movie" kinda way so much as a "so bad it's fucking awesome" way. Everything was just so obvious I couldn't help but love it, I laughed through the whole movie and genuinely enjoyed it for that. And yeah, the bloodbath scene didn't hurt. uNF.
  11. thread where we argue about radiohead

    They do try to be different, and they succeed at it. I don't deny that at all. I just find what they do boring, the music just fails to hold my interest, or excite me, or anything like that. I mean, I can't really EXPLAIN why I find it boring, I just do. Though a part of it is Thom's voice, which admittedly I cannot stand.
  12. thread where we argue about radiohead

    You can always check the favorite artists thread where I totally just posted my favorite bands like... two days ago. And I can be bored by Radiohead by having different taste in music than you.
  13. Rehab - Amy Winehouse

    It's a fucking annoying song and I have no idea why it gets played on local rock stations, but it pisses me off that it does. Either way I can't stand it.
  14. The Addiction Thread.

    Current addictions include: 12 Stones - Lie To Me Tool - Vicarious Kuda - To Another World Within Temptation - Angels Shinedown - Heroes
  15. How much do you have?

    16,808 And no I don't care to go through that and find out how many of them are instrumental or remixes.