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  1. Sky Striker - Deck Discussion

    I think Hexstia is the better cherries target. It not only protects floodgates, but it’s also the way the deck usually wins with its attack boosting effect. It’s hard for Altergeist to close out games without it and you will outresource them in the long run.
  2. Sky Striker - Deck Discussion

    I’ve been reading a lot of articles this past week as I’ve been traveling for work. One article in particular stood out to me to be increasingly relevant in this format. The article: While I do highly recommend reading the article and the additional materials the author suggests to fully understand my point, a TLDR would be: in each game of a match there exists two roles: beatdown and control. In matchups such as gouki vs brandish or, to reference a matchup in the past, Spellbook vs Geargia, it is very easy to understand which deck plays what role(Brandish and Spellbook as control). However in a mirror match it can be more complex. One clear example of how to determine what general strategy to take in the brandish mirror match is to analyze which fringe cards each player is running or has access to. Generally, the player who is playing Skybase(the Daigusto Emeral) will have more longevity and be more suited to playing control with afterburners/skilljammers than to search for and make damage pushes with Diabolos. Whereas on the other side of the game if my opponent starts engage multiroll, I should focus my strategies at finishing the game as fast as possible. It is obvious that sky base is a terrible card in the gouki matchup, but what about an increasingly popular card that on the surface looks good against brandish and gouki. This leads us to card choices such as droll and lock bird. Skipping a Gouki players turn with a droll is extremely valuable as prolonging the game as much as possible is in your best interest as the control in the matchup. On the other hand, the inherent neg 1 that droll can be in the brandish mirror match can lead to a loss in card advantage that could cost you the game if you are in the position of control. To conclude, the success of particular card choices in the main and side such as droll and lock bird can be game-winning or a straight up neg 1 in certain situations. Know whether you are the beat-down or control before siding or maining cards for a particular matchup. also this was posted from my phone so apologies if the formatting is bad
  3. Sky Striker - Deck Discussion

    Welp, guess I'm going to Meadowlands this banlist is so sweet. I can play gouki if anyone wants to test the matchup let me know.
  4. DuelistGroundz username: !christianmeyerDiscord username: cmeyer109Formats: current format onlyExpected level of activity: 0-2 matches a day depending on school
  5. only current !christianmeyer/cmeyer109
  6. School Tournament Series

    As a High School kid there is no way I would do this unless the school/konami paid for travel.