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  1. Thingyman's Mafia Universe Championship Season 5 Candidates Nominations

    I can tell you one person who isn't a mafia champion. ........Me lol Jazz is good at mafia tbh I'd nominate Jazz ez
  2. Mini Mafia

    I was Vanilla town. rip game I guess and no I wasn't blending it was I saw only Tyranno post before me and didn't know what to say to spark one so I went to bed.
  3. Mini Mafia

  4. Mini Mafia Signups

    Hi I'll join I guess.
  5. Ed Edd and Eddy Matrix6 Mafia Aftergame

    man I hate being in those situations, fuck you guys for getting modkilled or being impossible to read ugh.
  6. Ed Edd and Eddy Matrix6 Mafia[Day 3 Scum Wins]

    Vote: Buildthewalia I don't see Solstice as mafia and if they are, well played tbh had me fooled. Build floated and only appeared to seal wunter's fate.
  7. Ed Edd and Eddy Matrix6 Mafia[Day 3 Scum Wins]

    so from reading the OP and from my understanding of how this game works. all the power roles are revealed at this point so the remaining mafia is a vanilla mafia. I'm still trying to look over the thread and see who could be what and 3 is majority. the mod kills hurt town quite a bit though it speed the game up rei is VT and silver was VT and confuse Ray was tracker. (stating the obvious) A. Wunter is vanilla mafia B. Wunter is bad town. @Solstice @BuildTheWalia @Wunterslaus Read what I said and give thoughts. unless it's just the 4 of us.
  8. Ed Edd and Eddy Matrix6 Mafia[Day 3 Scum Wins]

    ok thanks.
  9. Ed Edd and Eddy Matrix6 Mafia[Day 3 Scum Wins]

    Spreading this into a second post cause it came to mind. I didn't claim right away so that I could possibly bait an attempt at a NK on me. Reads so far. Soph leaning townish Solstice has big posts and I get where they're coming from with what they say. Seems solid whatever their angle I'm leaning town. Wunter is all over the place and it's annoying yesterday wunter seemed ok till that vote on me which is just bad playing really. Not because of any theory or preference but lack of aggro or attempting to interact with me at all. BB was a Solid lynch for the fact his posts were shit 1, 2, 3, Vote death Sentence. not sure where wunter got off trying to say oh death sentence is a better lynch. Build seems floating and trying to stay far below the radar so possible scum? leaning scum.
  10. Ed Edd and Eddy Matrix6 Mafia[Day 3 Scum Wins]

    Alright so I can answer a question or 2 Im claiming 1 shot bullet proof. I am not sure why @Wunterslaus did that vote on me near EOD it definitely raised a red flag as scummy in my book. Hasn't explained shit as to why however I am NOT voting just yet. @TheGoldenTyranno I forgot but if majority is reached does that end day?
  11. Max Suffridge Memorial Tournament

    We can duel either tonight or tomorrow.
  12. Max Suffridge Memorial Tournament

    2-0'd Audioslayne sending replay to MMF via discord
  13. Ed Edd and Eddy Matrix6 Mafia[Day 3 Scum Wins]

    Unvote: confuse ray Vote Broken Brilliance His posts are awful and he topped my list as least helpful player also doing it as an attempt to not die by RNG tied vote shit cause confuse ray and BB want to tunnel me and not aggro for reads so quite scummy. @Sophocles what are your thoughts on if BB flips?
  14. Ed Edd and Eddy Matrix6 Mafia[Day 3 Scum Wins]

    Wunter and Soph interaction though minimal I was fairly intrigued by the question of Wunter so not sure if just trying to spark conversation or be trying to figure out the PRs. Most people are probably busy with thanksgiving and getting ready for black Friday and Christmas gift buying so this game is quite dead. Confuse ray I'm Null on though noting the counter vote as whatever could be defensive or just retaliating because it was RNG vote on him. Broken hasn't said a thing so got nothing there. Soph seems to be biding his time at the moment. I'm leaning a lil scummy on this man. Solstice's essay like post I agree with most except on the point of wunter I think he's just trying to get a responses out of people cause no one is really talking bout the game more of just quota meeting. rei is very scummy who hates Ed edd and eddy tbh.