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  1. I asked people in the Goat thread what they wanted before making the cardpool and there was no consensus so I just went with whatever I felt like, which is an authentic and more diverse format.
  2. This is Winter talking via me (don't ask me what's going on). 1) Proof for 1 2) It was a stupid chaos dragon deck, idk where it would be now. But you're in a better position to find that than me 3) name history on YCM, has nothing to do with "Wytner" 4) cover in 1)'s emails 5) covered in 3's pic 6) I'm aware Claire, which is why I said it was poor evidence
  3. Winter said this never happened. He also asked me to relay this message: By the way, I can send him all your questions and comments (for only 97$).
  4. I used to side Zaborg until I realized how bad it was. Tribute monsters that only get their effects when tribute summoned are not worth playing unless you're using a deck that can tribute your opponent's monsters such as Monarch (note that Zaborg isn't even good in Monarch). The best thing about a tribute is that you can discard and revive it with Premature or Call to avoid going -1. Airknight is actually one of the best cards to discard for Duo, Graceful and Tribe since it turns Premature and Call into win conditions. Zaborg, on the other hand, doesn't just make Premature and Call bad, it forces you to run these cards in order to keep it live. That's a double liability. Zaborg's drawbacks outweigh its benefits. Being able to summon it means you're already ahead on summon and are already in a good spot. Even when Zaborg is successfully summoned, it doesn't stay long enough on the field to apply any pressure and get walled by everything. It pays for itself on summon but so does Airknight most of the time, and Airknight doesn't even need to pay for itself when summoned from the grave.
  5. The other sections aren't?
  6. Once you get used to it, this will be the only forum you're on.
  7. The only way there isn't infinite number of things that don't exist is if everything exists. If nothing can travel faster than the speed of light then I can imagine an infinite number of things that travel faster than the speed of light and none of those things will exist. I can't prove to you they don't exist, I can't take a picture of their nonexistence or catch it on tape but I'll have to postulate it. Existence is similar to time in the sense that we all know what it is but struggle to define it. I can't give you a satisfactory definition but if you come up with one, I'm sure I'll agree with it. Parallel universes are mathematically possible but still unproven. We can acknowledge their possibility but not their existence so I won't base my reasoning on them. In any case, it's up to those who affirm the existence of God to prove that God exists. It's not up to those who deny it to prove God doesn't exist.
  8. My conclusion that the number of nonexisting things is infinite is actually based on reasoning. For each thing that exists, an infinite number of variations can be imagined. For instance, you can take any animal with a defined number of legs and picture a version of the same animal with 1, 2, 3 or 100 additional legs. The possibilities are limitless because there's always an infinite amount of numbers greater than any given number. The second part of my reasoning is that the number of existing things is finite. This could very well be false as Gojira pointed out and I encourage anybody with a science background to correct me if I'm wrong. I'm aware this is more of an assumption than a deduction. 1) The universe could be finite and if it was, the number of existing things would also be finite. 2) Even if the universe was infinite, the amount of matter it contains could be finite. 3) Even if the amount of matter was infinite, the fact the universe has unchanging laws could limit the variety of things that exist within it. Since objects can't exceed a certain size without collapsing, the number of combinations of elementary particles could be limited. While this is an interesting paradox, I don't think talking about of objects whose nonexistence has been proven makes sense to begin with. You can prove that something exists but you can never prove something doesn't exist. There could be no evidence of nonexistence as something that doesn't exist doesn't leave any mark in the world. That's why the burden of proof is on those who assert the existence of something rather than those who contest it. That's also why you shouldn't ask somebody to prove he's not guilty of a crime as it would require that person to prove the nonexistence of his crime.
  9. I'd suck my own cock is I was a contortionist.
  10. I would certainly never let a friend who can't swim jump into a canal and would be more than willing to smack some sense into him if needed. But they were all 13-year-olds and probably didn't know about his phobia or weren't fully aware of the risk. If they were older, I would think they're some of those so-called friends who encourage people to do dangerous stuff by telling them how cool it is.
  11. I thought the story would be about some guy fucking his girlfriend's sister in the stall next to yours. Cool story but I'm disappointed.
  12. I'm an atheist looking for proof of the existence of God(s). The number of existing things is finite, the number of nonexisting things is infinite. There are bipeds, quadrupeds and octopeds, but there are no animals with 1, 2, 3, 4 billion legs and so on. Non-existence is the rule, existence is the exception. If something's existence isn't proven, its non-existence must be postulated. It goes like this: - Irrebuttable evidence = existence - Indication of existence = possibility of existence - Nothing = non-existence Now, not all religious are blind believers. Some of them base their beliefs on facts and rational reasoning. Most Jewish rabbis would be able to tell you why their believe in the Bible, notably by pointing out the concordance between the prophecies and historical events. Whether their arguments are compelling or not, their way of thinking isn't irrational. Jews for Judaism have just released the first of a 7-part video series called The Logical Foundation of Judaism. The first video is an introduction which deals exclusively with philosophical matters but the next parts should be more interesting. Judaism is a very rational religion as well as a complete law system. The study of the Talmud is a great way to develop and sharpen one's ability to think logically, hence why Jews are generally smart. Have you ever wondered why Jews don't accept Jesus as the Messiah? Here are the logical explanations: The Real Messiah - Part 1 The Real Messiah - Part 2
  13. I thought the same thing at first but the manga definitely gets more interesting as it goes on. Chapter 7 is a real turning point.