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  1. The Next Season of Warring

    Just keep the current system and introduce a few rules to minimize dodging, targeting and inactivity: - Each player only has 1 heart. - Each player can only take 2 hearts. - Players who don't play in one war must play in the next one unless the latter ends prematurely. - Players who don't play a single match in 3 wars are automatically cut.
  2. Round 8: Detox vs Actual Literal Nuts

    Ynusgridorh (Chaos Control) 2-1 Brandis (Goat Control). GG
  3. Cut the second Breaker for legality.

    Ynusgridorh (TD Chaos) 2 - 0 MMF (Chaos Recruiter)

    Ynusgridorh (TD Chaos) 2 - 1 TheGoldenTyranno (Beastdown)
  6. There's no reason to use Riryoku Field when Spell Shield Type-8 is a card and even Spell Shield is too situational.
  7. WEEK 1 - Pacific State vs Detox

    Ynusgridorh (Goat Control) 2-1 Sharpman (Chaos Recruiter)
  8. Credentials: took part in one of the greatest DN convos ever http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?/topic/133991-dueling-network/&do=findComment&comment=3220430
  9. DG: Ynusgridorh Discord: Ynusgridorh Format: Goat Activity: high Want to be with: off the top of my head, @OD Superman, @Skully, @Evolution`
  10. Duelingbook

  11. Yeah, too bad Reaper can't be snatched like Don Zaloog.
  12. itt good/bad/ugly pick-up lines

  13. Skilled Dark Magician is the closest thing you can find to Exarion: it's a dark monster than can answer Airknight, run over any set, inflict huge amounts of damage on an open field and have enough defense to wall an Asura. Dekoichi can do none of these things and would constantly put you behind on summon if you don't go first. No card can truly replace Exarion but Skilled Dark is the second best option out there.
  14. Very true. Most people I see on Dueling Book have never played pre-Exarion before. Some of them don't even know a format without Exarion even existed. Those people would never give the format a try if they didn't have any incentive to do so. That alone is a good enough reason to exclude Exarion from the cardpool in my opinion. People who want to keep playing Exarion Goat or even CRV Goat can still do so in unlimited so it's not like anybody's getting screwed.