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  1. The Next Season of Warring

    Just keep the current system and introduce a few rules to minimize dodging, targeting and inactivity: - Each player only has 1 heart. - Each player can only take 2 hearts. - Players who don't play in one war must play in the next one unless the latter ends prematurely. - Players who don't play a single match in 3 wars are automatically cut.
  2. Round 8: Detox vs Actual Literal Nuts

    Ynusgridorh (Chaos Control) 2-1 Brandis (Goat Control). GG
  3. Cut the second Breaker for legality.

    Ynusgridorh (TD Chaos) 2 - 0 MMF (Chaos Recruiter)
  5. Wintergate

    I don't know if Winter has been reading this thread but he just changed his username again:

    Ynusgridorh (TD Chaos) 2 - 1 TheGoldenTyranno (Beastdown)
  7. There's no reason to use Riryoku Field when Spell Shield Type-8 is a card and even Spell Shield is too situational.
  8. Wintergate

    I thought Winter wasn't mentally ill, or a pathological liar, or a pedophile. I was wrong. Most of you know Winter as the guy who got banned 6 times from DG. His last multi was lordTyranus. Winter used to have many DN accounts, among which were lordTyranus and Dank Law. The reason being he often got banned. His most famous account on DN was Catmaster0, which he used to admin the site. He wasn't very good at the job and was demodded. Catmaster0 is also his Pojo account. People from Pojo still remember him as both DN's Catmaster0 and Dank Law. Though Winter publicly denies being Catmaster0, he admitted it to me in private. He claims to have only one DB account, which is Dank Law. As he was playing me on DB as Dank Law, Winter logged on his multi and tried to convince me he was someone else. Since I saw right through his game, he called me out on Pojo then joined my Discord server as Sries Mslaiks to throw a fit. To make it look like he wasn't Winter, Sries Mslaiks acted like he'd never been on Discord before and started asking questions about everything. I grew tired of arguing with him and decided to just roll with it for a while but dumb questions kept on coming. Despite his new multi being officially Catmaster0, Winter still refused to recognize his fellow DN admin. I finally got enough and banned the multi. It still didn't shut him up. This is not the first time he's tried to pull something like this. Some people think Winter is also Alex, a dangerous pedophile with a ton of multis. Though both of them display the same sociopathic behavior, I don't have enough evidence to come to this conclusion/ What's certain is that Winter is a pedophile in his 20's who hits on 14-year-old boys. Just like Alex, Winter is an internet cockroach; you can ban him but you can't get rid of him. However, deep down, he knows he's not fooling anyone. P.S.: @Winter Multi is actually not a Winter multi.
  9. WEEK 1 - Pacific State vs Detox

    Ynusgridorh (Goat Control) 2-1 Sharpman (Chaos Recruiter)
  10. Credentials: took part in one of the greatest DN convos ever http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?/topic/133991-dueling-network/&do=findComment&comment=3220430
  11. DG: Ynusgridorh Discord: Ynusgridorh Format: Goat Activity: high Want to be with: off the top of my head, @OD Superman, @Skully, @Evolution`
  12. Duelingbook

  13. Yeah, too bad Reaper can't be snatched like Don Zaloog.
  14. itt good/bad/ugly pick-up lines