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  1. The format is actually really good imo. Zoo mirrrors are really grindy and ressource management is a huge factor. The slumber otk only works very rarely and all other games are normally really intense and in favor for the better player. Metalfoes also isnt a bad deck for the format and infernoid 40 also not. The only bad deck for the format imo is infernoid 60, just because variance is a hige factor in games involving this deck.
  2. I think the change is good, because variance isnt a factor any more and really good players get rewarded for their play and understanding of the game and cant be sacked by an opponent in the top 8. But I think its a bad that you can get more points by topping a national, then by topping a ycs, because its just much more harder to top a ycs then nationals. And I speak from the perspective of a european player, in america its another thing.
  3. 6 mf spells/traps are definetly too much. Imo 4 is the optimal number. I also wouldnt play the searchable lv 7 scale, because you play 3 more high then low scales, so most of the time you search the low scale with broadbull. Also its another brick card.
  4. Cat shark + Toad/Rank 2 + Strike is also an out. But yea dark lord, bewd and kozmo are all not good match ups, because the Deck can struggle to get over big monsters.
  5. I mean Michael State only lost because he banished all Dupes and Joshua lost to Emptiness and Denko, so it isnt the deck.
  6. Missed the first rounds, what deck does he play?
  7. Why do you think so? The 2 biggest weaknesses of the deck are to get into the game without having hangar and the 2nd turn. Brilliant Fusion solves both problems and thrasher dont. Also outside of these 2 facts brilliant is a really good card, because it raises the ceiling of the deck and makes it more consistent. And like I said, garnet is a deathdraw, but the deck only needs 2 cards to get into the game, wich means that garnet isnt that bad like in other decks where you need 4 or even all 5 cards.
  8. Could you post a decklist? Because I dont see a chance to run the thrasher engine additional to the gadgets. I think this is standard: 9 abc 6 gadgets 6 hangar 3 desires 3 bf 2 garnet 1 trick 3 twin 3 barrier 1 emptiness Also imo you should run handtraps in the deck to make the 2nd turn better, then Im on 39-40 cards.
  9. The thing is you dont have the room for thrasher if you play brilliant fusion, because playing 5-6 gadgets is important in that version, because brilliant + gadget + a/b/c gives you buster and therefore you need the gadget, so the combo doesnt work with thrasher. Also brilliant makes you also less prone to disruption. I think if you play this engine you should run 2 dragodies becausw of desires. But I dont really see the reason why you should run this engine, if you only have 1 terra you want to search hangar all the time. If you have 2 terraforming then you can go for empiwement but you need thasher + gadget + hangar to extend your plays with empowement, so imo I dont think this enginr is good.
  10. I also think that playing Brilliant Fusion (bf) is correct. Its just the engine that the deck needs, because it enables you to go into buster without having hangar, wich is one of the biggest weaknesses of the deck. Furthermore it also raises the ceiling of the deck because it makes you 2nd turn better and it gives you more plays going 1st. Also in this deck drawing Garnet is not that worse compared to other decks, because abc only needs 2 cards to get into the game. In your build I would cut the thrashers and play 2 gadgets instead, because bf + gadget + a/b/c is instant buster and with thrasher you cant do that. Also I would cut the strikes for the third dimension barrier, because its a floodgate for one thrn and your opp cant do anything against that. Imo playing 3 desires is in this deck 100% correct, you want to see it in every hand and even if you open 2 its not a minus, cause one of the desires makes a +1. And you can play it instead of one of the strikes.
  11. The thing with those cards is, that they arent an out to asf if the opponent has beatrice on board or a buster dragon and he doesnt tag it out. For now I tagging out buster is correct, but if ba doesnt open with beatrice, then they open dante asf + trap and in this case those cards also arent an out.
  12. Hoban and Frazier also joined PPG.
  13. Are the top 16 lists up?
  14. I also think that Galaxy Soldiers are not good in this Deck, because you summon the CDI for minus and 1 negation is just not good enough to justify loosing 4 cards. Other then that I also think that BF is not needed in this deck, because if you have BF you need 2 other cards to xyz, if you play Gadgets instead, you only need 1 other Card (the same with Thrasher).
  15. Yes I agree, I think pot is good in this deck because you can just set your important ressources and activate it then. For your non engine cards you have enoug, so it isnt that hard if some of them get banished I think. I also agree that the engine is bad, the only reason why this deck could be good is, that it is the best pendulum engine if pepe get hit and due to to good scales and the ability to abuse cards like gofu and kirin in the deck. But because of that you also need some engine cards, to make the non engine cards good, but like you said I think a number of 14 metalfoes is also good. What are your thoughts about the trap ratio and what do you think are the best non engine cards that you would play in this deck?