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  1. Paleozoic

    I have heard the card questioned before. I didn't run it in a 40 card list because I didn't think it was the best 40 cards. In my 60 card list I included it because: -normal trap card -get deck count to 60 -in non mirror matches the card seems to be a win condition. It helps you make opabenia/anomalocorus and the extra cards drawn with the pluses from your xyzs make the lost draws irrelevant. Also makes dinomiscos discard effect less severe. In theory control decks want to draw cards so seems to make sense from that perspective. I assume it can backfire if you can't capitalise (typical in a slow mirror I presume). I don't think the reasoning that you can use the draws with opabenia is particularly relevant in a 60 card deck but including your draw phase the chances of getting an additional paleo trap is probably still note worthy
  2. Ignoring the cost of desires, you would have to draw all 3 desires for it to be worse than upstart. I'd say play all 4 if you are limited to those 37+3 or 4 cards since upstart can help mitigate the cost of desires. So it comes down to whether cost of desires can hurt the decks consistency or not. Eg exodia deck vs beatdown deck
  3. ABC - Discussion

    Thrasher shouldn't be able to play around alkahest if your opp has a decent opening
  4. WATER - Discussion

    Nb96 - I tried frog engine but I feel it burns thru your resources/NS. It's like your choosing toad over summoning prince/meggalo. And I think meggalo/dragoons(via prince) is stronger