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  1. Sky Strikers vs Raigeki

    Raye must be in the graveyard when the "Sky Striker Ace" monster leaves the field. Astrograph only works how it does because the hand is not public knowledge. This is most likely because it prevents ruling issues about whether or not Astro was in your hand when the card was destroyed or not. Trigger effects in the hand work differently than trigger effects that activate in public knowledge locations (grave, field, etc.).
  2. YCS Secaucus Tournament Report

    Nice report. You did well dude, but it sucks you didn't top. And wtf is wrong with those judges. The rulebook has a whole page with an actual flowchart for the steps of the battle phase.
  3. Didn't see anyone else post this, but this list is hilarious. It's like Konami just doesn't give a shit anymore. http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/limited/ Forbidden: Dinomight Knight Grandsoil Lithosagym Denglong Emeral Broadbull Drident Limited: Ignis Miscellaneousaurus Ratpier Dark Hole Gateway of the Six Kaiju Slumber True King's Return Semi-Limited: BLS-EOTB Luster Pendulum Mathematician Brionac Hyper Librarian Brain Control Burial From a Different Dimension El Shaddoll Fusion Preparation of Rites No Longer on the List: Debris Dragon Honest Rescue Cat Rescue Rabbit Summoner Monk Witch of the Black Forest Charge of the Light Brigade Dragon Ravine Wavering Eyes If anyone has already posted this, then my bad, but this is a hilariously bad list (though all of them are tbh). El Shaddoll Fusion going to 2 is just salt in the wound to people who want to play Shaddolls, and the Grandsoil limit when the obvious problem is Firewall Dragon.
  4. Goat Format Semi-Staples: This vs. That (Which was better?)

    ^ In addition to what he said, Monarchs in general weren't that great because they need to be tribute summoned to activate their effects. Without cards like the Gadgets or Treeborn which helped make Monarchs more popular in future formats, tribute summoning wasn't usually very optimal. Airknight and Jinzo, however, are very strong when paired with Premature/CoTH. Ditching an Airknight for Graceful and then later reviving it with Premature Burial is a very rewarding play. Other than that, a lot of the backrow in the format is chainable, and most players don't set too many backrow for fear of Heavy Storm. Jinzo still isn't that great either though because it doesn't generate any actual advantage, unlike Airknight.
  5. If you're going first with Duo, there's almost no reason not to use it. The chance of the opponent having Serpent is very low. A lot of people tend to hold their Graceful much longer than they should. If you're in a pretty poor position, and your best move without using Charity is subpar, then there's no point in the game going even more downhill just so you might be able to get a single +1 later on. If your opponent went first and all they have is a t-set with no trinity in grave, then I would just hold the NoC and attack the set. If they waste resources protecting the set (like using BoM on a monster that's not a threat or using ring on something like sangan), then obviously you use NoC. If the opponent goes first and uses trinity or sets multiple backrow, then obviously you use NoC for the Faith or Jar. You use it to pressure the opponent or out a problematic monster. Very rarely, if ever, would you ever want to set Tsuku. Only maybe in situations where both of you are just setting and passing, and you don't want to discard anything for the hand size limit. When you guys are facing HAM or whatever the reasoning/gate turbo deck is called, what exactly do you side in and out when playing a typical Goat deck? The deck is still very rare and in all honesty isn't that good outside of lucky wins when they open the nuts, so I don't know if siding things specifically for it is worth it, but losing to stuff like Reasoning+Gate+Chaos stuff is stupid.
  6. Have you ever read the rulebook before? Regardless of whether a card says to tribute a monster you "control" or not is irrelevant considering to tribute, by definition, is to send a monster you control to the graveyard, unless explicitly stated otherwise on the card. You can also tribute set cards, by definition, unless the card explicitly states otherwise. Furthermore, to control a card is simply to have it in your Monster Zone, Spell & Trap Zone, Field Zone, or Pendulum Zone. Whether a card is face-down or not is irrelevant; if it is on your side of the field, you control it. Before posting idiotic answers, read the rulebook. You can find it here: http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/rulebook/EN_SDSE_Rulebook.pdf Page 49 defines "Control" and "Possess." "Cards you “control” are the cards in your Monster Zone, Spell & Trap Zone, Field Zone, and Pendulum Zone. Cards in your “possession” include all cards you control, plus the cards in your hand, Deck, Extra Deck, Graveyard, your banished cards, cards in the middle of being Summoned to your side of the field, and Xyz Materials attached to monsters you control. If a player takes control of a card from their opponent, move it to the new controller’s side of the field. If sent to the Graveyard, or returned to the hand or Deck, it is always returned to the Graveyard / hand / Deck of the original owner." Page 51 defines "Tribute." "Tributing is sending a monster you control to the Graveyard. You can Tribute a face-up or face-down monster, unless otherwise specified. Tributing a monster is one possible cost for Summoning a monster or activating an effect. A monster sent to the Graveyard by Tributing is not treated as “destroyed.”"
  7. Set Rotation

    2014, a bit after the wcq season iirc. Same time they changed the first turn draw rule.
  8. Duelingbook

    Opt in. Same username as on here.
  9. Duelingbook

    It's up pretty much 24/7 now, but disconnecting is still a real issue.
  10. Individual players' playstyles do not exist. Different decks may behave differently, but there are always good plays and bad plays, depending on the situation, and good players will be able to determine which play is the best to make in most situations. Both formats have their obvious pros and cons, but trying to change Exarion Goats into a completely different format with changed effects seems stupid and pointless. All it would do is cause unnecessary confusion between players. First, you'll start with changing Exarion's effect, then you'll change Ring, then BLS, etc., etc. If you want to play with Exarion, then play Exarion Goats. If you don't, then don't. It's that simple.
  11. I know more about numbers than all of you, AMA

    This is where you're wrong.
  12. Growing up in the Sacramento, California area, I never heard anyone thank the bus driver, but that's probably because a large majority of the people who rode the bus were high school students. Now that I'm attending school in Central Cali, it's hit or miss. Most people don't, but whenever I do take the bus, there are at least a few people who do thank the driver before getting off.
  13. YCS Anahiem Nov 26

    This alone makes the stream worth watching, even in a shitty format like this one.
  14. According to Problem-Solving Card Text, the "then" conjunction means that when resolving the effect, if the attack is not negated, the rest of the effect will not be applied. You can refer to the Konami article regarding PSCT conjunctions, here, to learn more.