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  1. Well there are some promising alternatives cropping up. If you're a part of the Goat Format Discord server that @Ynusgridorh setup you can see some of the progress that's been made in adding Goat Format and manual play to YGOPro Salvation. Dueling Book is also supposedly coming out soon but Ynus knows more about that than I do. Regardless, there's still a community of people who play. Once we have a good alternative to DN I think the format will kick back up. Right now it's tough to discuss Goat Format considering no one is really playing it outside of a casual setting or local tourneys that often have vastly different metagames to what we see online.
  2. That's dope. I went to a tournament this past Saturday in Salem, OR. Eight people, three rounds, top 4 cut. I went 2-1 and won $12.50 credit. Made a couple of key mistakes in my second match but they were procedural (for some reason my side deck and my main got shuffled together between Rounds 1 and 2 and I didn't catch it til the match started so I took a G1 loss, and my opponent had Jinzo then flipped Dustshoot and I didn't catch it til my hand was face-up on the table). Considering I had zero preparation for it I thought I did well. If you go, good luck. We don't ban Empty Jar but I kind of wish we did lol.
  3. This was exactly my thinking too. With just 1400 ATK he's not running over much. If he had piercing he'd be solid because of his effect, but his stats make him subpar. Though I will say it's hilarious setting Don and then watching them swing with Exarion and drop to 1400. That's a lot of fun. But that's one of the only scenarios where you'll be getting damage in - if you're attacking thru an open field with a Don, you'll likely win the game if you had another monster in its place.
  4. How is no one using it right? Not trying to be combative, just curious as to your thoughts on it. I personally love Don Zaloog but often find him underwhelming in Standard Goat.
  5. I think an option for all three is the best way to go, even if people don't play much CRV. Who knows, down the line we may end up deciding that we like CRV and that it's a better format (I don't know how likely this is, but when you look at theory from 2005...well...anything can happen, eh? Lol). Also, options are just good in general. I know a few people who like CRV goats not as a main format but as a break from standard (be that -Exarion or not). If something is decided I hope that it will be the option to include the three main variants of the format.
  6. So I have a question. Why Dekoichi over Dark Mimic LV1 in Standard Goat sides? Against any deck that you side in Dekoichi you don't side out Meta, so it seems to me the Level 1 aspect would synergize well with the rest of the deck. It's also a DARK, like Dekoichi. The only difference I can see is the fact that Dekoichi has 1400 ATK, which isn't all that useful against anything you side him in against. I feel like in any situation where you'd have Dekoichi, Dark Mimic would be strictly better as he makes Meta live. If you're in a situation where you're setting against beaters, the 1000 DEF is the same. If you're in a situation where you can flip it, though, access to TER I feel is strictly better than 1400 LP damage. I'm just wondering what the theory is on Dekoichi over Dark Mimic, mostly.
  7. So if you're playing Dust Tornado in the main you basically just don't side against it at all, eh?
  8. Kris Perovic has an interesting take on Morphing Jar in his duel against ACP, which is on YouTube.
  9. Here's a question: how would someone go about siding against a Gravekeeper deck? Like, what standard cards that are in most side decks would be beneficial against it?
  10. It was hilarious, he's like "activate Dustshoot," so I lay my hand down. He's looking at my hand, praising the hell out of it, ultimately says "I'll discard Duo." I'm like...dafuq? No, you can't do that, gotta pick a monster and it doesn't discard it shuffles it into the deck. So he hems and haws and ultimately picks Faith, then a couple of turns later he tries to Dustshoot after playing his own Duo and getting me down under four cards. I was like you've gotta be kidding me dude. Smh.
  11. So I went to another IRL goat tourney this past weekend. 8 players, 3 rounds, top 4. Went 3-0 in swiss and everyone wanted to split top 4 so we all got $12.50 credit. Spy is freaking everywhere in my area holy lord. Lots of different tech in everyone's deck. Played a guy afterward that played Dustshoot and thought you could hit any card and you could do it any time regardless of hand size. Smh. But it was good nonetheless, lots of relatively skilled players in the area.
  12. I suppose all this is true. And yes I agree with cutting the level 7's on the whole though I like having one in case I snatch an opponent's level 7. This is usually why I cut Gatling and a Darkfire to one each (based off the list you posted earlier). I just feel that if we're sticking with 15 having those options in terms of various levels is going to be helpful across more games than a second copy of a 4 and 7.
  13. See I usually just swap it back to my opponent for a stealth bird or maybe a koala depending. I mean I guess in game one it's nice being able to meta into a second gatling dragon but if you're to a point you can do that and blow up their stall you should be able to take control of the game from there.
  14. I don't personally think Gilitia is needed if you're sticking with a 15-card extra. I also don't think a second Gatling Dragon is really necessary, at least in standard Goats. I mean I guess it'd be nice to have but honestly if you're morphing into Gatling you're tributing BLS which means either you snatched your opponent's or you tributed your own. Either is an end-game scenario. I mean sure if you miss on all your tosses you could theoretically morph into another one but at that point it's it worth it? If you're morphing BLS into Gatling you should have the game well in hand even if you miss.
  15. Didn't want you to double Darkfire Dragon him apparently.