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  1. I got this link on the "Elephant Method" of deck construction for MtG from a fellow DGZer, don't remember who : It's an article by Zvi Mowshowitz that describes a strategy of deckbuilding in MtG, which is useful for Yu-Gi-Oh! This quote summarizes: "Writing out ideal realistic lists for all matchups and then trying to make the unique cards in those lists add up to 75 cards before deciding on the specific 60 for the maindeck and the specific fifteen for the sideboard". Since most games will be post-sideboard, it makes sense to build the side and maindeck simultaneously with the same level of focus applied to each. Skilled YGO players will note which cards do and not "make [their] 55" in their builds. If you find 40 too restrictive at first in terms of thinking of all the stuff you need to deal with, expanding the list to "what makes my 55" may help. @mark 's explanation above of how to evaluate cards individually with the big picture in mind is great. If you know the metagame lists, half your work is already done for you. I also have this excellent screenshot from a post by @OD Superman in Discord in which he explained why a list I posted was inadequate along similar lines to what mark said. [the deck being referred to was an attempt to make a Guardian Sphinx-centric Monarch type build]. It's a great example of bad deckbuilding and good advice. Don't get disheartened if what you make sucks; it's an opportunity to learn and make something better anyway. I now have a more mathematical understanding of how much of X type of card or Y mitigation is needed to handle the common threats of the metagame, right here in this picture.
  2. If you like FPS you need to be playing Titanfall 2. The devs that got fucked over from Infinity Ward after Modern Warfare 2 went on to found Respawn. Respawn was acquired by EA, but because the first game didn't do as well as they hoped, Respawn was pretty much free to do what it wanted with the sequel with little executive meddling. What has resulted has been my favorite shooter of the generation so far, better than Doom due to its awesome multi, and much deeper and faster than its Call of Duty pedigree would imply. The people who knew what they were doing a decade ago at the apex of that shooter zeitgeist all seem to have gone here. Hitscan and projectile weapons with comparable effiicacy, an extremely fluid movement system, grappling hooks, giant robots--what more can man ask for besides marijuana, blowjobs and Mexican beer? It's the closest thing to an arena shooter a stop-and-pop descendant has gotten to, and it's done it far better than Blops 3 or Advanced Warfare. If you're waiting for the new Quake and are playing UT in alpha/beta/whatever it may not be so impressive, but many standard weapons and movement principles from those lineages appear in the game. I will say it's not Tribes. The campaign is also short and sweet, if that matters to you. The cash shop is purely for cosmetics, and one only "prestiges" for cosmetics. A day of online multi or less if you're decent or playing on a 2XP weekend will get you everything. All DLC has been free including new weapons , maps, and modes. A horde mode that was in the first game is soon to be released for this one. The devs actually give a shit about balance and give regular updates. It's as benign as any tumor generated by EA in a long time. I've also been playing Parasite Eve II on Nightmare Mode because of course I am.
  3. Danke, PM'd EDIT: order went through, should all be good. EDIT2: just tried logging in for shits and gigs and it gave me the same 'no user found' message. My order seems to have gone through though so it's not pertinent atm.
  4. TGA is giving me registration issues. First it gave me an "incorrect field entry" error without telling me what it was. Following errors were "email already taken". Figuring that this meant the account actually took, I tried to log in only to find that the site said it could not find a user with that email address. Help? I really want to give you $7.99 If I just need to use the TGA email to request tech help I will, but I'm dumb so I'll gripe here first and ask if someone is willing to buy me a Loyalist account on my behalf via Paypal using their TGA account. Of course, I would send the money first to anyone willing to play escrow for me.
  5. DuelistGroundz username: Human Tetherball Discord username: Human Tetherball Formats: Goats only Expected level of activity: can commit to 4-5 matches per week minimum throughout the 2 month season. On my off days I will have entire days to pour into practice/training/theory. I work second shift 3-5 days per week. Want to be on a team with (list any DGZ users that apply): free agent; prefer to be with a stronger player(s) I can learn from. (Optional) Credentials/why you would be a good team member: I was a judge during the time of goat format and can recall obscure rulings offhand. I'm easygoing, creative, and highly trainable. Have a STEM background [Biology B.A.] and writing background [B.A.<---]. I will learn to play any deck you put in front of me. I will chase the "optimal play" dragon. I will defer to my betters (of which there are many) but am unafraid to share my own thoughts; I know I have little clout here and will try to listen moreso than speak. I do have the common flaw of new Goats players of thinking *I* can add something revolutionary or special to a 12-year old format but at least I am aware of it. My goals are to become a better player and to form better relationships with fellow DGZers. I also feel bad if I don't follow up on commitments so getting me back in line if I slack takes little nudging. Example of my mentality: I still feel bad I haven't gotten into Windows Movie Maker to upload the Goats duels I told Kris I would upload in the Goats thread back in like January, but on the plus side I have also stopped believing in the course of recording clips over multiple sessions to avoid embarrassing myself that anything can be done to improve Perovic.dek.
  6. I don't want to say too much about it, but go see it. It's a smartly executed horror movie that keeps the tension going like few films in the genre have and god damn does it have layers.
  7. I wasn't really curious about Mafia until this clusterfuck. This is pretty good advertisement.
  8. GOAT VIDEO UPDATE: Got together with my testing partner last night. None of the footage we generated was good/usable, for a few reasons (one match might be useful later as a how not to play Goats, I played so bad) (we figured out how to tilt our hands so the GoPro could see them and then promptly stopped doing it after turn 2 in all our matches) so we'll be making another go of it within the next two weeks. We'll use some cardboard or something so our hands can go flat on the mat w/o the opponent being able to see them since we don't have the muscle memory to keep our hands tilted properly.
  9. ^ lol nay @Goins we have to order the ones with moonspeak written on them if we want the cool art.
  10. Spiritualism allows you to bounce an active Decree, and unlike Trunade won't slow you down by resetting the timers on your traps so you can set up for a kill shot or Solemn it the next time they activate it.
  11. Continuous anything and Equips have a lot to prove in a Breaker/MST/Heavy/Dust x2 world, don't they? Premature, Snatch, and Call are the only three that are mained without controversy. I played in a goat tourney where the T.O. ruled Oppression to work the current way [I dissented but dropped it and figured I'd get proof later] in which case it'd be wayyy better than Bottomless, so I wanted to make sure that wasn't the case. Thanks @ACP
  12. Royal Oppression is bad in 2005, yes? I recall it working like described below by Jason Grabher-Meyer in the first paragraph from this 2008 article, but the 2007 citation makes me wonder if it was actually different in 2005 and was changed later, and then was changed again to the second paragraph's usage in 2008? Or if it's just part of his writing style, where one would want to reach back to something relevant to provide context for the change [and Oppression wasn't relevant pre-Gadgets]. Ever since the debut of Gadgets at 2007’s Shonen Jump Championship Orlando, there’s been a consistent ruling about continuous traps with activated effects: in order to activate the effect of a continuous trap like Ultimate Offering or Royal Oppression, it must be face up on the field first. That’s why a duelist that wanted to play carefully always flipped Royal Oppression in the opponent’s standby phase when he or she expected the opponent to attempt a special summon that turn. Doing so made Oppression a live play in response to future special summons. But just this past week a pair of new rulings on Royal Oppression overturned previous statements. It is now legal to respond to an inherent special summon, contact Fusion, or an effect that special summons a monster by flipping Royal Oppression and then immediately activating its effect.
  13. I like how Pokemon Showdown! does their stuff, re: ranking and random matchmaking, and they use an ELO system. After you ladder a little while the really scrubbish stuff stops showing up. I also agree with what ACP said about dgz, that usefulness of that sim for the players who really want to git gud exists on the backs of the active Smogon community whose forums contain the userbase with the knowledge to shape the meta and induct competitive players. Even if you don't participate in Smogon you read them or derivatives of them if you want to do well on Showdown!